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Chapter 859: No Video

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gong Yue bit her lower lip and endured this humiliation. She closed her eyes and slapped herself hard. Then, she opened her eyes and looked at Lin Yin with tears in her eyes. She shouted, “Are you satisfied now? Can you delete the video now?”

Lin Yin smiled. “Of course. I’ll delete it now.”

As she spoke, Lin Yin deleted the recording on her phone. Lu Yan couldn’t help but laugh.

Lu Yue looked at Lin Yin warily and said, “Lin Yin, let me see your cell phone.

Don’t tell me you tricked us into deleting it but didn’t?”

“Sure. Come and take a look.” Lin Yin generously showed her phone.

After Lu Yue saw that there was indeed no video in Lin Yin’s camera, she left angrily. The others followed closely behind and opened the locked bathroom door to leave.

However, when Mu Ning walked past Lin Yin, Lin Yin stopped her. Under Mu

Nings puzzled gaze, Lin Yin leaned close to Mu Ning’s ear and whispered, “Mu Ning, I gave you a chance last time to tell me everything you’ve done. It’s just that you don’t seem to have heard it.”

“But it doesn’t matter. I know even if you don’t say it. I advise you to stop when it’s time. Otherwise, if you continue, I can’t guarantee that my revenge on you won’t escalate. ”

When Mu Ning heard this, she immediately took two steps back warily and looked at Lin Yin in shock, her heart in turmoil.

What did Lin Yin mean? Did Lin Yin know that she was the one who plotted the attack on the Mu family’s villa, or did she know that she had gotten someone to kidnap Lin Yin at the resort to lure her to her death?

Mu Ning tried her best to stabilize her emotions. She was afraid that if Lin Yin was lying to her, it would be bad if she acted too abnormally.

“Sister, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll go out first.” Mu Ning felt a little guilty. Before Lin Yin could speak, she turned around and walked out.

Then, Lu Yan’s thunderous laughter erupted in the bathroom. After laughing for a while, Lu Yan hugged her stomach that was hurting from laughing and whispered, “Yinyin, aren’t you too cunning? You don’t even have a video. You clearly only had the sound of a call recording, but it scared them. Hahaha, it’s too funny.”

Wei Ji couldn’t help but smile.

Feng Yu looked at Lin Yin gratefully and said, “Yinyin, thank you for what happened just now.”

Lin Yin smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me. Since you work for our Mu Family, I naturally have to protect you. You’re smart and even know to contact me secretly on your phone.”

Feng Yu smiled awkwardly. If she wasn’t really afraid of being bullied by those people, she really didn’t want to contact Lin Yin. How embarra.s.sing was that?

However, she had no choice. The only person she could ask for help from was Lin Yin. That was why she had secretly called Lin Yin when she was bullied.

From the looks of it, it wasn’t just Lin Yin. There was also Wei Ji. Sigh, they were all humans. Why was their fate so different?

Lin Yin and Wei Ji were the high and mighty hosts and guests of the banquet, while she was inst a waiter who groveled to serve others for an hourly salary-

“Since you’re here, treat it as coming over to celebrate my birthday. I’ll get someone to change your clothes and get someone to cover the marks on your face. Just treat it like you’re here for my birthday. How about that?” Lin Yin said.

She did not invite her cla.s.smates to this birthday banquet. She wanted to keep a low profile, but because Mu Ning was too high-profile, so many people came today.

However, since Feng Yu was here, Lin Yin would still receive her well.

Feng Yu nodded in embarra.s.sment and followed someone Lin Yin called in.

It was not until she was dressed up that Feng Yu looked at herself in the mirror in shock. For the first time, she knew that she could become so beautiful. It turned out that she looked quite good in a n.o.ble gown.

After the makeup artist left, Feng Yu stood up and spun in front of the mirror happily. All of this seemed like a dream. It was so unreal.

Feng Yu seemed to have suddenly remembered something. She picked up her phone and turned on her cell phone. She looked at the receipt message.

150,000 yuan. It was really 150,000 yuan. This was a huge sum of money for Feng Yu.

If a slap could be exchanged for such money, it would really be worth it. Feng Yu even wanted to be slapped a few more times.

Feng Yu admitted that her current thoughts were a little dangerous, but to her, who came from a poor family, there was nothing she could do..

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