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Chapter 793: Good Citizen


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

One of the younger policemen said straightforwardly, “That’s right. There are many people involved in the big case. Many of them are fugitives for many years.”

“Are there people from Clear Water County?”

“Hmm… There is. It’s all thanks to our kind-hearted citizens. We managed to catch them in Clear Water County,” said the young policeman. The higher-ups were full of praise for the hero who risked his lives and a.s.sisted in the capture. He heard that there was a reward for the unnamed hero but he rejected it.

After everyone found out about this, they respected him even more.

The young policeman was not qualified to partic.i.p.ate in such a high-level arrest operation. He had heard about it from his seniors. It was said that they even used a plane for the arrest. Anyway, Clear Water County did not have the ability to invite the elites of the Capital.

Everyone was secretly guessing who was this great man in Clear Water County.

In short, there were many rumors in the police station. Everyone was curious and admired the hero. It was almost fanatical, especially for the veterans who had seen him and the elites from the Capital. Their eyes were s.h.i.+ning when they returned.

However, the little policeman did not dare to say these words.

These were all their internal rumors. He was not supposed to spread it.

“What good citizen? Hurry up and tell us, who is the one who brought so much glory to Clear Water County?” asked Old Man Sun curiously.

The team leader glared at the young policeman with a serious expression. The young policeman immediately scratched his head in embarra.s.sment and whispered, “I know the rules. Don’t worry.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I can’t say that.”

A trace of disappointment flashed through Old Man Sun’s heart, and he subconsciously thought of Zhou Hengyang.

Back then, when he fought with the people of Lesser Canter Village, he had witnessed Zhou Hengyang’s skills. He was so strong that it was shocking. Old man Sun had seen many hooligans and gangsters throughout his life.

However, those people could not be compared to Zhou Hengyang at all. If there was anyone in Clear Water County who was so capable, it would be Zhou


But could it be him?

If it was Zhou Hengyang, he would spread the news and wait for the criminals’ relatives and friends to seek revenge! However, as soon as this thought appeared, Old man Sun immediately suppressed it.

A smart person would not seek death!

If Zhou Hengyang had the ability to do so, Old man Sun would only offend Zhou Hengyang even more by exposing him.

If it wasn’t Zhou Hengyang, he could not afford to offend the relatives and friends of the criminals.

Suppressing the fire in his heart, Old man Sun asked again, “None of the people arrested are from Clear Water County, right?”

“Why not? There are more than ten of them. In fact, there are people from

Trinity Village. They will probably go to your village to inform you now…” Halfway through the young policeman’s words, the doctor pushed open the door and came out. Sun Yunyun followed behind him, looking haggard.

When Zhu Yueju saw Sun Yunyun, she immediately pounced on her and

cried, “My dear daughter… My darling! Why… How did you become like this? I don’t want to live anymore. Let me die…”

As she cried, she hugged Sun Yunyun and wanted to jump off the building. For a moment, the psychiatric department was in a mess. Fortunately, they were all professionals. Most of the patients here were mentally ill. They were very familiar with this kind of situation.

Immediately, a group of tall and burly medical staffs came forward. They were busy giving injections and physical restraints. In just a few moments, Sun Yunyun and Zhu Yueju were subdued as if they were lunatics. Zhu Yueju originally wanted to put on a show to gain sympathy..

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