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Chapter 916: Little Princess Song Zishan


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

‘Yes, yes! Jianan, you’re absolutely right. I’m actually not jealous at all when I think about it.”

“Eh? I think so too.”

“Originally, no matter which one of us Zhou Hengyang married, I would be so jealous that I would go crazy. But now that he didn’t marry any of us, I’m actually relieved. What’s going on?”

“I understand now. That’s because there’s only one Zhou Hengyang, but there are so many of us and we can’t share him. So, we might as well let others take him.’

“Hahahaha…Although it’s funny, it seems to be true.”

“Anyway, everyone has fallen out of love. There’s no need to compare. No one will win in the end.”

“In that case, why don’t we celebrate!”

“Okay, okay, I second it. Waiter, change our drinks to Erguotou.”

The group of girls gathered together and chattered non-stop. The more they talked, the happier they became. Not only did they not find trouble with Su Wen as Liang Shuzhen had imagined, but they also opened a bottle of white wine to celebrate.

Liang Shuzhen was so angry that she could only secretly grit her teeth and suppress all her anger in her heart. She did not dare to show it at all. She had a good family background since young. She was confident and generous. But, she had to lower her head in front of these true rich girls.

However, Liang Shuzhen also had her own strengths. First of all, she had the honourable t.i.tle of studying abroad. Now that her career was getting better, she was working more closely with the provincial television station. She was also a well-known dancer.

Although there were many relatives of the Xu family who came this time, there were only three people that Liang Shuzhen paid attention to.

The first was Xu Xiaoxiao’s cousin, Xu Huihui. She was the youngest of the Xu family’s generation. She was said to be pampered and had a high status in the family.

The next one was Lu Jianan, and the last one was Song Zishan who was wearing a dazzling red dress.

Among them, Song Zishan had the highest status, and she was also the one with the most methods. Liang Shuzhen was afraid of her the most. Although she was full of tactics, she didn’t dare to use them on Song Zishan and offend her.

It was said that Song Zishan was known as the little princess in the Capital. The emerging fas.h.i.+on magazines praised Song Zishan as the number one socialite.

Although Liang Shuzhen was secretly unconvinced, she knew that Song Zishan had the Song family backing her. Although her father was not very powerful, she was lucky that her father was disabled. This made everyone in the Song family dote on Song Zishan.

They wished they could pamper Song Zishan to the heavens and give her the stars and the moon. In addition, Song Zishan herself was not bad. She had an elegant temperament and good manners. Her academic results were also not bad. She had brought glory to the Song family and was in the limelight.

Thinking of this, Liang Shuzhen secretly glanced in the direction where Su Wen had just left. She was a little gloating that someone could finally step on Su Wen ruthlessly.

In front of Song Zishan, Su Wen did not even have the right to lift her shoes.

Liang Shuzhen’s gaze met with Song Zishan who was sitting opposite her. She immediately revealed a bright and enthusiastic smile.

Song Zishan nodded subtly. In a fleeting moment, they got to know each other.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Jianan who was sitting beside Song Zishan, asked in a low voice.

“I’m looking at a woman with ambition written all over her face.” Song Zishan had a hidden meaning.

Lu Jianan didn’t take it to heart. She had already gotten used to it after encountering so many people. Everyone had ambition, but some hid it deeply while others couldn’t wait to show it.

“What do you think of Zhou Hengyang’s Wife?” Lu Jianan was interested in Su Wen.

“I guess she is more ambitious?” Song Zishan played with her fingers and said in boredom..

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