The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1674 Encirclement and No Failure (3)

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1674 Encirclement and No Failure (3)

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On November 22, 2141, the Worldly Expeditionary Force located on Asteroid 399 split into three teams and attacked the various cities of the Spiritual Race on Asteroid 399. In a day and a half, they looted the resource warehouses of the various cities on Asteroid 399.

The total number of Origin Crystals seized exceeded 200,000 grams. There were also a large number of pills and other valuable resources that could be taken away. Of course, they inevitably encountered resistance during the process.

A ma.s.sacre!

The Worldly Expeditionary Force did not show any mercy to the alien species.

Of course, Yanzi and Lang Biao were not allowed to partic.i.p.ate.

On November 23, 2141, five days after the Worldly Expeditionary Force entered Asteroid 399, four Aeros.p.a.ce Combat Jets left Asteroid 399 at high speed and disappeared into s.p.a.ce.

More than half an hour after they left, the civilians of the Spiritual Race who had been paralyzed by the ma.s.sacre on Asteroid 399 only dared to come out.

Some of the members wanted to contact the military district of the Western Star Field to tell them about the situation here. However, under Xu Tui and Ah Huang’s previous arrangements, Asteroid 399 had become an information island after Xu Tui and the others left.

It was impossible to send out any information in the vast s.p.a.ce gap.

On the 29th of November 2141, on the 11th day after the Worldly Expeditionary Force charged into Asteroid 399, three teams of the Spiritual Race, led by three Planetary realm Nine Satellites, charged into Asteroid 399 but missed.

After two hours of investigation, they learned that the Blue Star Rats had left Asteroid 399 six days ago. The commander of the Western Military Region, Feng Qihan, could only shout that they were cunning.

However, Feng Qihan had made two preparations before he took action. He prepared the elite attack team. Then just like Elder Mu Sheng, he organized two large encircles to surround the Blue Star Rats.

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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1674 Encirclement and No Failure (3) summary

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