The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1675: The Nearly 100% Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole (1)

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Chapter 1675: The Nearly 100% Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations      Editor: Henyee Translations

On December 16, 2141, Asteroid 392.

Mu Sheng, the 13th Main Seat Elder of the Spiritual Race, finally could not suppress the anxiety in his heart. He took the initiative to contact the commander of the Western Star Field Military District, Feng Qihan.

The influence of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force was increasing.

A day ago, the Sanctuary’s Great Elder, Xu Yi, had specially called for a meeting of the main elders to mention this matter.

Although Mu Sheng wasn’t there, he also partic.i.p.ated in the meeting through the long-range communication disk. During the meeting, he was cursed by the Great Elder. It was only because he was not at the scene. If he was at the scene, he would probably have died on the spot from embarra.s.sment.

It was no wonder that the Great Elder was harsh. It was mainly because from the information listed, the current situation of the battle was really embarra.s.sing.

After so many battles on so many planets and so many troops, no matter how

slow the Spiritual Race was, they were like a jigsaw puzzle that pieced together the information of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force.

According to the current intelligence, the number of people in this Blue Star Expeditionary Force would not be less than 27. It might be more than 30 people. It was a multi-ethnic alliance.

There was the Great Xi Clan and the Mechanical Spirit Race in this Blue Star Expeditionary Force. However, they were mainly led by the Blue Star humans. Currently, there might be traitors from the Spiritual Race.

In terms of strength, the strongest person in this Blue Star Expeditionary

Force was only at the Seven Satellites Planetary realm. There were four or five Six Satellites and Five Satellites. The cultivation of the other members was between One and Four Satellites. There were even quasi-planetary realms.

The only abnormality was that someone in the Blue Star Expeditionary Force had a powerful ability. This ability could kill a Nine Satellites Planetary realm cultivator.

Even so, the strength of this Blue Star Expeditionary Force was not worth mentioning when compared to the Spiritual Race.

The comparison of strength was like an ant and an elephant.

However, such an extremely weak enemy had ignited layers of flames of war in the Northern and Western Star Fields of the Spiritual Race. Three Nine Satellites Planetary realm experts and more than a hundred Planetary realm experts had already died in battle.

The most serious thing was destructive. Currently, four known habitable planets were severely damaged and their ecology was rapidly deteriorating.

It had to be known that the Spiritual Race’s Star Field was extremely vast. There were millions of stars in its territory, but among these countless stars, there were only a thousand planets that could allow the Spiritual Race to survive and reproduce.

Therefore, the Great Elder of the Sanctuary, Xu Yi, was extremely angry and had already given a strict order. He ordered the main elder, Mu Sheng, to resolve this matter within three months and give the Sanctuary an explanation.

Otherwise, they would be charged.

He had already decided on his crimes. There were two things. The first was that he had failed to exterminate the enemy, causing the Northern and Western Star Fields to start a fire everywhere and suffer heavy losses. The second was that he had made a major mistake during his s.h.i.+ft, causing the intergalactic quantum teleportation channel and backup channel to be destroyed, causing the expeditionary army of the solar system to lose contact and the Holy Ancestor’s plan to be spoilt.

To be honest, Mu Sheng would have to bear a heavy responsibility for either of these two crimes.

The consequence of bearing a heavy responsibility might be being removed from the main seat.

In the Spiritual Race’s Sanctuary, there were many elders like him who had already broken through to the Nine Satellites Planetary realm but had not formed a Small Universe. These people widened their eyes every day and could not wait for something to happen to the main elder so that they would have a chance to replace him.

Therefore, the greatest possibility was that he, the main elder, would be demoted or even removed.

No matter what, it was not something he was willing to accept. After all, only by becoming the main elder could he personally listen to the Holy Ancestor’s lecture and break through to create a Small Universe.

Therefore, under the pressure of the Sanctuary, Mu Sheng became very anxious. If not for the fact that he was holding back that secret, Mu Sheng would have fallen into despair. Only that secret could allow him to turn the tables.

He would capture a portion of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force alive, obtain this secret, and report it to the Sanctuary. Then, he would use this as a contribution. Perhaps his ranking as the main elder would rise.

Therefore, Mu Sheng was very anxious.

“Commander Feng, IS tnere no news yet”‘ IVIu sneng asked atter connecting with Feng Qihan.

“Lord Elder, everything is normal on the nearest Asteroid 391 around Asteroid 392. We were not attacked by the enemy,” Qihan Feng said.

In the end, Feng Qihan added, “If Asteroid 391 is not attacked by the enemy a

day later, the enemy’s target will be the other three planets. I suggest that the Nine Satellites of Asteroid 391 be transferred to other planets.”

Mu Sheng pondered for a moment and immediately rejected Feng Qihan’s suggestion. “The Blue Star Rats are very cunning. They might be setting up a trap. We can’t let the Nine Satellites on Asteroid 391 retreat from there.” “Alright.”

“Inform me immediately if anything happens. The temporary quantum teleportation channel between Asteroid 392 and the nearby planets has been set up. I can rush over immediately if any nearby planet is attacked.” Mu Sheng’s voice was a little anxious.

“Don’t worry, Elder.”

“By the way, continue to order military control of the newly built emergency quantum teleportation channel on Asteroid 433. I want to gather more elites over,” Mu Sheng said.

Hearing this, Feng Qihan raised his eyebrows. “Elder, there are enough people transferred over, right?”

“Will you help me take the blame for the Sanctuary three months later?”

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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1675: The Nearly 100% Longevity Emperor Seal of the South Pole (1) summary

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