The Transmigrator's Cultivation Chapter 211 - Arc 13: Wild Beast Plains | Chapter 211: Hu Xueer

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Chapter 211 - Arc 13: Wild Beast Plains | Chapter 211: Hu Xueer

Translator: Lynn

The flames wielded by the young cultivator were so potent that the fox girl cowered in fear. She gazed at the young cultivator, whimpering and pleading for mercy, “If the immortal leader spares my child, I am willing to offer my fur and core. I implore the immortal leader to be merciful! Please show mercy!” However, the young man remained indifferent to the fox girl’s pleas.

Observing this, Xu Ziqing descended from the boulder and addressed the young cultivator, saying, “This is our first meeting; may I inquire about your name, fellow Daoist?”

Raising his eyebrows, the young cultivator replied, “I’m Nan Zhengya, and who might you be?”

Noticing the lack of hostility, Xu Ziqing smiled and said, “I’m Xu Ziqing.”

Nan Zhengya inquired further, “Which sect?”

Honest about his affiliation, Xu Ziqing replied, “Wuling Immortal Sect,

“A disciple of a renowned sect.”

Despite finding Nan Zhengya’s demeanor peculiar, Xu Ziqing sensed no malice. He gestured towards the fox girl and asked, “What shall we do about this, Brother Nan Zheng?”

Only then did the fox girl realize there were other cultivators present, and upon inspection, she perceived a peaceful aura from this person. Yet, desiring to subst.i.tute someone to plead for mercy, she sensed an impending danger, a feeling that prevented her from approaching. Instinctively, she observed a section of vines on the waist of the young man in green robes slowly rising and then gradually descending.

Nan Zhengya glanced casually at the fox girl and declared, “Since it’s of no use to me, do as you wish. I have other matters to attend to; there is no need for a send-off.” With that, he waved his hand and departed.

Although Xu Ziqing wasn’t acquainted with him, he felt a tinge of regret but chose not to pursue it. However, when he glanced down and saw the forlorn fox girl, a slight headache ensued. While he deemed the fox girl’s demise inconsequential, he couldn’t ignore the plight of the cubs if she were to die.

After contemplation, Xu Ziqing decided to leave her fate in her own hands. Whether the cub lived or died, it would follow the natural order. With this in mind, he prepared to depart.

Yet, as he took a few steps, a gust of wind struck from behind. Xu Ziqing swiftly maneuvered, floating three to five feet backward.

It was the green fox poking its head out, attempting to bite.

Xu Ziqing’s eyes turned cold, “I spared your life, and you still seek to devour my flesh and blood?” If so, he would end her life with his own hands.

The green fox, enduring the pain, raised its head and said, “I am like a candle in the wind, about to perish. How dare I harbor thoughts about the celestial leader? It was merely a moment of impatience, a feeble attempt to seek the celestial leader’s attention.” It clarified that the intent was not to bite but to catch the hem of the young man in green robes, ensuring he would listen.

Softening slightly, Xu Ziqing responded, “We are not of the same kind, and I have nothing more to say.”

The fox girl gritted her teeth and reverted to her womanly form. Though appearing timid and fragile, her instability made her seem more pitiful. She pleaded, “In my past, I committed numerous wrongs. I am willing to die at the hands of the elder. I offer all my core and fur. However, I am concerned about this child, so I beseech the elder to accept it as a beast pet to serve the elder.” With these words, she attempted to lift the white ball with both hands.

The white ball was a young white fox, akin to pure snow—cute, well-behaved, and tender. It chirped and whispered, with clear eyes and an innocence suggesting it was new to the world.

Observing this, Xu Ziqing felt a twinge in his heart. Creatures are inherently pure at birth, and this young fox displayed promising potential. If abandoned, it could either die or survive, turning as ruthless as many monsters on the plain. Its blood could easily be spilled.

Now that it could be trained and guided on the right path, did he truly want to disregard it?

“This child of mine is a celestial fox, and it will be of great use in the future.” Seeing Xu Ziqing’s apparent hesitation, the fox girl wept profusely, her sorrowful eyes pleading for mercy. “Please have mercy on my child!” She deeply understood that if she failed to sway this young cultivator, her child would meet a similar fate upon her demise. To ensure its survival, she reluctantly divulged the child’s potential.

Upon hearing this, Xu Ziqing was somewhat surprised.

The demon fox belongs to the category of demon beasts, but the celestial fox is cla.s.sified as a spirit beast. While the fox girl originally took the form of a blue demon fox, it seemed improbable that the child she bore would be a celestial fox. If her claim held true, the celestial fox must not be abandoned.

Throughout history, celestial foxes have been revered as spiritual beings. If properly guided, they could even attain immortality. It would be a waste for such a creature to merely serve as a beast pet. However, if left in the company of monsters, it might degenerate into a man-eating demon fox, posing a significant threat to the cultivator.

Realizing this, Xu Ziqing began to grasp the situation. The reason the triangular beast relentlessly pursued this pair of foxes, even if it might not comprehend the specifics, was likely due to the potent blood of the celestial fox—a sought-after substance for healing.

With a decision in his heart, Xu Ziqing still harbored doubts. He asked, “Brother Nan Zheng was here earlier; why didn’t you inform him of this?”

The fox girl, sensing his wavering resolve, seized the opportunity and explained eagerly, “The esteemed immortal would regard us as mere beasts, showing no compa.s.sion. If the child follows him, the consequences could be dire. On the other hand, Xu Xianchang, being a disciple of the immortal way sect, possesses a kind temperament. Although there are concerns, if you were to accept the child, you wouldn’t treat her too harshly. This demon, being fond of daughters, I just hope the elder can show some mercy.” Her words were genuine, clearly revealing her intentions.

Hearing her plea, Xu Ziqing sighed softly. “Alright, celestial foxes are rare. I cannot let it go to waste.” With that, he reached out and took the white ball.

The fox girl, exhausted from her efforts, couldn’t maintain her human form any longer and collapsed powerlessly.

The large green fox cast a nostalgic glance at Bai Tuan’er and closed its eyes with a touch of sorrow. “Thank you, Immortal…”

In Xu Ziqing’s hands, the white fox turned to the green fox and uttered soft cries. The warmth and softness of the ball trembled slightly, evoking a deeper sense of pity in Xu Ziqing’s heart. He approached, extracted the green fox’s core, and placed it in front of the white fox.

Bai Tuan’er, seemingly recognizing the core, pouted and let out a more delicate and melancholic cry.

Sighing softly, Xu Ziqing conjured a clump of gra.s.s stalks from his fingertips and swiftly wove a gra.s.s rope. He threaded the core through it, hanging it around the white fox’s neck.

“This is your mother’s core, and it rightfully belongs to you. Today, I entrust it to you, and it will not be removed from your neck unless someone proves better than me.” He gently touched the top of the white ball’s head and said, “Though your mother is a monster, she loves you deeply. Whatever accomplishments you achieve in the future, never forget the kindness of your biological mother, who sacrificed her life to protect you.”

With that, Xu Ziqing bit his fingertips, touched the white fox’s forehead, and declared, “From now on, you will be like Chonghua and practice with me. As a female fox with snow-colored fur, you shall be called Hu Xueer.” After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he retrieved another spare animal-monitoring card and placed the young fox inside.


Where the tip is aimed, a wild beast is destined to meet its end.

These wild beasts, all adorned with a single golden horn, gathered in an unusually large group. The reason behind this congregation remained a mystery, yet in the eyes of the Golden Core Formation period cultivators, their collective strength was scarcely more formidable than that of ants.

For Xu Ziqing, however, this was a serious undertaking—a practice session aimed at refining the technique of infusing true essence into his magic weapon.

A cultivator’s reservoir of true energy is finite. Achieving optimal results with the least expenditure of true energy during continuous training not only demonstrates technical proficiency but also enables the preservation of stamina for prolonged efforts.

This method of practice was observed not only among senior brothers but also among warriors who lagged behind cultivators in terms of cultivation.

This insight led Xu Ziqing to the realization that to advance in cultivation, one must “understand one dharma and master all dharmas.”

Pondering silently, his mind clear, Xu Ziqing executed his sword maneuvers at precisely the right moments, effortlessly claiming the lives of the wild beasts. The real energy consumption per move diminished progressively, approaching the pinnacle of efficiency.

Suddenly, he raised his arms, and the sword light swept through—

“Chi Chi Chi!”

The last three golden-horned beasts succ.u.mbed to his blade, their heads rolling away, leaving only a thin line of blood at the severed neck.

Standing calmly, Xu Ziqing reminisced about Nan Zhengya’s flame manipulation three days prior, feeling a newfound comprehension of true energy application.

Putting away his long sword, he resolved to experiment with other spells. After accepting Hu Xueer, he stored only some of the wild beast core in the beast card, with no intention of deploying her in battle.

Driven by the sight of another formidable pract.i.tioner, he intensified his training, eschewing rest at night to focus on practice in the heart of the plain.

Over the ensuing days, Xu Ziqing encountered fewer one-horned and black-horned beasts. Conversely, the numbers of red-horned and golden-horned beasts surged, and even some two-horned beasts made appearances, indicating his progress into deeper territories.

Simultaneously, he witnessed more brutal skirmishes—not just between reckless beasts and cultivators or warriors but also between reckless beasts and monsters.

The depth of the plain housed more monsters than Xu Ziqing had antic.i.p.ated, seemingly holding a significant presence. This prompted him to ponder: Could the beast tide, occurring almost every three years, have ties to these monsters? Or is it solely a consequence of the beasts?

Suppressing his curiosity, he turned his attention back to the task at hand. The Wild Beast Plain had adhered to its established internal rules for many years.

So, Xu Ziqing remained within the Wild Beast Plain for another half-month before reuniting with Ganwu Xiaoling. Following this, he delved back into the plain, practicing diligently for several more tens of days. He only emerged when rest was imminent.

Unbeknownst to him, this continuous penance had spanned half a year.


“Master Tai Jun, your recent gains have been truly impressive, ama.s.sing a significant number of contribution points!”

“Oh, it’s just a stroke of luck.”

“I heard… an esteemed cultivator is placing an order with you?” The conversation unfolded with one party expressing both envy and temptation, while the other engaged with a smiling demeanor, speaking cautiously. In the past six months, the Qianwu Team’s standing in the army had elevated by a full level, drawing considerable attention.

Tai Jun had recently submitted the animal skins to the chief inspector, reaping additional contribution points. After concluding dealings with a group of people, he departed with his companions.

Unbeknownst to them, just as they left, several figures appeared quietly.

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