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Chapter 1083: The Big Boss Appears

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Early in the morning, Su Xiaoxiao was woken up by three furry heads.

Su Xiaoxiao’s lips curled up subconsciously as she raised her hand to touch them.

The three little ones lay in her arms and breathed her breath.

They already knew that their mother was pregnant and were very careful not to touch their mother’s belly.

Su Xiaoxiao’s heart was about to melt. She asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Did Mother wake up late again?”

Dahu said, “No, it’s still early. Xiaohu wet the bed again and woke Erhu and me up.”

Xiaohu argued, “I… I didn’t wet the bed!”

Erhu testified. “You peed.”

“Hmph! No! Just no!”

Xiaohu refused to admit it.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at him in anger and amus.e.m.e.nt. “Did you secretly drink green bean soup again last night?”

Xiaohu blinked guiltily. “Uncle gave it to me to drink.”

He was so tired from playing during the day. If he didn’t pee on the bed, who would?

Su Xiaoxiao said seriously to the little fellow, “You’re not allowed to secretly drink green bean soup in the future.”

Xiaohu said, “Okay.”

Wei Ting walked in with a food box. “Grandpa is awake.”




The three little ones quickly jumped out of bed and went to look for Su Cheng.

After successfully luring the three brats away, Wei Ting placed the food box on the table. “Eat it while it’s hot.”

“I’ll wash up first.” Su Xiaoxiao got out of bed and opened the food box to take a look. “Eh? Did you buy the osmanthus buns from the new bun shop on Jade

Water Street?”

Wei Ting nodded indifferently.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “I heard that business is very good at that shop. You’ll have to queue in the middle of the night because they sell out at dawn.”

Wei Ting sat there seriously, his expression unchanged.

Su Xiaoxiao tilted her head and smiled. “Thank you, husband.”

Wei Ting picked up a book and read it coldly.

After Su Xiaoxiao washed up, she tidied her clothes and sat down to eat with him.

“I’ve eaten,” Wei Ting said.

Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao had only touched the upper tier, he said, “I bought it for Grandmother too. I’ve already taken it over.”

“My husband is so considerate!” Su Xiaoxiao praised.

There had been a lot of flattery recently.

When Su Xiaoxiao pa.s.sed by the bun shop yesterday, she looked in a few times. Today, Wei Ting really bought the buns back, but she only ate one before stopping.

She had never been so picky with her food in the past. After she got pregnant, her taste was a little out of control.

Wei Ting put away the food box and took out the powder wrapped in a handkerchief last night to show her.

Su Xiaoxiao sniffed. “Thunderbolt Bead?”

Wei Ting said, “It’s not the Thunderbolt Bead you gave me. It’s the Thunderbolt

Bead used by the I fought last night.”

The main ingredient of the Thunderbolt Bead was black gunpowder. Black gunpowder was mostly used as fireworks in the Imperial Court and by the common folk, but it had not been used in large quant.i.ties in the military. This was still an era of cold weapons.

However, some sects in the pugilistic world would use black gunpowder to make hidden weapons. Due to the limitation of the materials, their power was not great.

The Thunderbolt Bead made by Su Xiaoxiao was already the most powerful.

“It’s similar to mine. How’s the power?”

Su Xiaoxiao said.

“It’s similar,” Wei Ting replied.

“Oh.” Su Xiaoxiao touched her chin and looked thoughtful. A moment later, the couple went to Zongzheng Wei.

Su Cheng was also there.

He handed the medicinal pills he had stolen from the Daoist temple in the palace last night to Zongzheng Wei.

After Zongzheng Wei observed one carefully, he said, “It’s the kind of medicinal pill Zongzheng Ming used to take. Xiaoxiao, come and take a look.”

Su Xiaoxiao walked over and sat down.

“Put this on.” Su Cheng handed her the silver silk gloves.

His daughter was pregnant, so it was best for her not to come into contact with some herbs directly.

Su Xiaoxiao put on the gloves, spread out a clean handkerchief, and crushed the pill.

“There’s Yang Locking, Dodder, and Yellow Essence. These are all herbs to used for aphrodisiac. In addition, there’s the Datura. Datura can expel rheumatism and can also be used for anesthesia. However, it’s mixed with poison. If you take it in large quant.i.ties for a long time, it will cause your emotions to be unstable and excited.”

Wei Ting asked, “Is this the source of Emperor Jing Xuan’s change in temperament?”

Su Xiaoxiao thought for a moment and said seriously, “He had those bad thoughts initially. Datura only magnified the darkness in his heart, making him unable to control himself.”

Datura had different effects on everyone.

A depressed person would become more depressed.

A timid person would become more fearful.

As suspicious as Emperor Jing Xuan was, all the evil thoughts in his heart would be triggered endlessly.

Zongzheng Wei recalled, “In the later stages, Zongzheng Ming became more and more violent.”

Wei Ting narrowed his eyes and said, “It seems that there are indeed hidden forces controlling the royal families of various countries.”

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s Uncle’s homework! You’re not allowed to take it!”

Su Ergou was about to go to school in the directorate, but the three little troublemakers dug out his homework and ran away with it. Wei Ting caught the three troublemakers back. “Give Uncle the book.” The three of them returned it to Su Ergou cutely.

Cheng Sang and Zongzheng Wei sent Su Ergou to school. Wei Ting and Su Xiaoxiao brought the three little ones back to the Wei family to visit Old Madam Wei.

As soon as the family got out of the carriage, they b.u.mped into Su Li, who was riding his horse over.

The three little ones leaned against the car window excitedly and howled.

“Fifth Uncle!”

“Fifth Uncle!”

“Fifth Uncle!”

After causing a ruckus all morning, they really had endless energy.

“Dahu, Erhu, Xiaohu.” Su Li forced a smile and greeted the three little ones. ?re?????o?el.c??

Wei Ting and Su Xiaoxiao saw that something was wrong and asked the servants to bring the three little ones into the residence first.

Su Xiaoxiao got out of the carriage and asked, “What happened?”

Su Li got off the horse and said anxiously, “Fourth Brother is missing!” He briefly explained how the Old Marquis had dealt with Su Xuan.

“Grandpa was very angry and wanted to cripple Fourth Brother’s martial arts. Otherwise, he would chase Fourth Brother out of the house. Fourth Brother chose to leave the Su family. When Eldest Brother and I chased after him, Fourth Brother was no longer on the streets.”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “With Rakshasa’s strength, no one can catch up to him if he doesn’t want it to happen.”

“Eldest Brother and I searched all the places Second Brother had been to in the past…’

The more Su Li spoke, the more anxious he became. Her eyes turned red. “Didn’t my fourth brother come to look for you?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head. “He didn’t come to the Protectorate.”

Wei Ting said, “I’ll ask Second Brother.”

Su Li nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. Your second brother is on good terms with my fourth brother. Perhaps he went to look for your second brother! ”

The three of them went to Wei Qing’s courtyard.

Unfortunately, Su Xuan did not look for Wei Qing.

It was as if he had disappeared into thin air.

Overnight, he could no longer be found in the capital.

Wei Xu brought his sons to look for Su Xuan.

After Su Xiaoxiao greeted Matriarch Wei and her sisters-in-law, she returned to the Protectorate.

She found Ling Yun. “Rakshasa is gone.”

“Oh,” Ling Yun replied calmly.

Su Xiaoxiao frowned. “You knew he would leave?”

Ling Yun sighed. “His wish has been fulfilled. He will probably find a place to wait for death quietly.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Since you know him so well, do you know where he will

“I don’t know.”

Su Xiaoxiao stared into his eyes. “Do you really not know or are you pretending not to know?”

Ling Yun sighed helplessly. “You underestimate Rakshasa. If he really wants to hide, not many people can find him.”

With that, he paused and said, “Actually, it’s useless even if you find him. From the moment he became a disciple of the Alliance, his future outcome was destined.”

Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, “I don’t care. I want him alive.”

Ling Yun reminded, “No one can undo the Heart Guide, nor can anyone stop the Rakshasa Secret Technique.”

Su Xiaoxiao said word by word, “I’ll undo it, I’ll restrain it.”

“You…” Ling Yun opened his mouth and did not say anything else.

It had rained last night, and the sky finally cleared during the day. The raindrops fell again at night.

Su Xiaoxiao put on her raincoat and left the residence to look for Su Xuan.

Just as the servant opened the door for her, she saw a tall man wearing a bamboo hat standing in the heavy rain.

This figure was inexplicably familiar.

Su Xiaoxiao walked over strangely and was dumbfounded.


The travel-worn old man turned. He raised the lighter and said bitterly, “There’s no more fire.”

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless..

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