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Chapter 478

On the Tower of Justice, Lin Tian took Akainu’s departure, so that the entire Judicial Island once again fell into an equal state again.

For many years, Spandam had been working hard to obtain the ancient weapon Pluton manufacturing blueprints, and that was burned by a fire in front of him, completely reduced to ashes.

Franky understands that after today’s events, the Great Influence of the entire world will know that they have the ancient weapon Pluton manufacturing blueprint.

Even if they escape today, whether it is the World Government or the rest of the forces, they will put a lot of attention on him, and face the entire world and the next forces will pay attention to themselves.

It is also inevitable that Franky will stand in front of the entire world, because of the blueprints in his hands.

At that time, he and the people he knows will be involved in this huge vortex. When the blueprint is exposed, he will no longer need to exist, because his own strength is not enough to protect himself, it fell into the eyes of a villain like Spandam.

Years of expectations have been turned into ashes today. The anger in Spandam’s heart is terrifying, and he was angry and directly pushed Franky down the terrifying abyss.

Seeing Franky is about to fall into the abyss, Luffy and the others, including the Franky family below, showed eagerness on their faces.

“Hey, pirates!”

At this moment, Den Den Mus.h.i.+ in Nami’s clothes rang, picked up the phone and heard the familiar voice inside, Nami was surprised: “Yeah, Granny Kokoro?”

The voice of Granny Kokoro came, “I heard everything you said, what are you still trying to do?”

“Took a while… but the suspension bridge is only halfway down.” Nami explained aloud.

The voice of Granny Kokoro came quickly, “What if it’s halfway down, I’ll get to you in four seconds, hurry up and jump down.”

Hearing the conversation between the two, Luffy asked puzzledly: “Is it the grandma? What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.” shook the head, Nami replied: “But she wants us to jump under the waterfall.”

Outside the court building, the sea train that was supposed to be driving on the sea is pa.s.sing through the road cut by the Franky family, pa.s.sing through the Marine blockade, and rus.h.i.+ng into the court building.


On the roof of the courthouse, the loud siren sounded, Luffy’s face showed a weird smile, in Usopp’s panicked eyes, Luffy grabbed Chopper and Nami on the side.

In the eyes of everyone losing one’s head out of fear, Luffy grabbed everyone, and all moved towards the waterfall and jumped down suddenly.

“Ah, Luffy, you idiot!”

“Everyone charge!”

Along the upturned suspension bridge, the sea train rushed up with great speed, Rocketman yelled happily, but Granny Kokoro stretched her head out of the window, her face also full of smiles.

“The Rocketman can still run, don’t underestimate the legendary Tom’s company.”

In the shocking eyes of countless people, the sea train once again leaped forward and leaped forward. Pa.s.s the deep and unmeasurable waterfall under your feet.

Luffy and the others, who jumped from the court, happened to be caught by the sea train, facing the fierce sea breeze, screaming shouts sounded.

In contrast, Franky, who had previously fallen into the abyss, was directly hit by the curved sea locomotive and rushed into the building of the Tower of Justice.

“d.a.m.n it! Get back here!” Spandam watched Luffy and the others rush into the Tower of Justice, his face immediately covered with anger.

Reaching out his hand and pulling it towards Robin’s head, he suddenly remembered the scene in the office from before, he quickly changed the direction of his grasp, grabbed the seastone cuffs at her neck, and pulled Robin towards him.

Looking towards cp9 and the others angrily shouted: “Do whatever, cp9! Clean up the guys in the Tower of Justice. If the mission fails, none of us can escape responsibility, cp9 will most likely be dissolved!” For his own safety, Spandam thought for a while and said again: “Lucci, come with me and take Nico Robin to the Gate of Justice.”

In the Tower of Justice, looking at the three others with Kokoro lying on the ground, Franky cried out with tears: “Kokoro, why? How did you come back here? And to drive out such a dangerous move! Grandma, please, wake up and don’t die.”

Just as Franky’s miserable screams resounded through the building, Granny Kokoro, who was lying on the ground, woke up, holding her head dizzy.

Zoro got up and looked helpless, “She’s just drunk.”


The rubble was flying, and Luffy’s silhouette stood out from below, scanning the surrounding buildings, “Ah, finally here, where are you, Robin?”

As everyone rushed to the stairs and was about to rush to the Tower of Justice, f.u.kurou with both hands in the corner opened the zipper on its mouth.

Said: “Wait a minute!”

Luffy and the others discovered that besides them, a cp9 appeared here.

Pointing to f.u.kurou above, Luffy puzzled: “What is that guy!”

“She’s been taken, even if you go back, you can’t find Nico Robin. He was taken by Chief to the Gate of Justice,” f.u.kurou added above: “Yes, Chief is also there.”

Next, when Nami heard f.u.kurou’s words, she couldn’t help but stunned. Isn’t this telling the enemy the information, turning her head and turning her eyes quietly, she immediately thought of a good way.

With excitement on her face, she deliberately said: “Thank you for telling us such useful information.”

Hearing this, f.u.kurou immediately showed a cold sweat on his face, and regretted: “Ah, not good! I just said something important…”

To make up for their mistakes and let them know how good he is, f.u.kurou quickly said: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, they are already on the road. In order to prevent you from succeeding, Chief has issued an order to erase you. There is no way to save Nico Robin without knocking us down first.”

Luffy said indifferently: “I plan to do it even if you didn’t say anything, you guys will all be beaten up.”

“Come on, there is enough arrogance.” Luffy’s confident words are indeed so arrogant in the eyes of the owls, and they want to defeat their strongest cp9, “but, let me say something.”

Faced with the strange request, Luffy’s brain will not think too much, “whatever you want, just say it.”

“Ah, many thanks, then I’ll talk as much as I want.” f.u.kurou fumbled in his pocket and took out a silver white key. “This is the key to unlock Nico Robin Seastone’s handcuffs.”

Franky behind “Seastone?” heard the name for the first time and made a questioning sound.

Nami went back and explained, “That is a stone that can invalidate Devil Fruit Ability User, and it seems to have the same effect as sea water.”

f.u.kurou in the corner, unaware of himself leaking information to Luffy, since it was rare to meet a guy who is willing to listen to him.

f.u.kurou said: “Even if you rescue Nico Robin by any chance, Seastone has a hardness comparable to diamonds. Once the handcuffs are used, they cannot be unlocked. If it doesn’t matter, please save Nico Robin. Come on, go on….”

“You will hand it over to me!”

Luffy is lazy to care about so much. Since the other party has the key to unlock Robin’s hand-baked hand, he has to grab it.

He punched towards the corner where f.u.kurou was standing. f.u.kurou uses Shave to dodge.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t said this key is true or false.” f.u.kurou stood on the ground, holding both hands flat indifferently.


Everyone who turned around was immediately shocked when they heard this. What is this, the key is not real. Can the handcuffs still be opened?

Regardless of the expressions of Luffy and the others, f.u.kurou uses Moonwalk to slowly moved towards the sky, closes his eyes and spins in the air, with an intoxicating color on his face.

The people below, looked up towards f.u.kurou above, with helplessness on their faces, what is this guy doing?

“In this tower, including me, there are a total of five cp9 people. Everyone has a key. Only by knocking down all of us can you completely get the real key.”

Holding the weather stick, Nami suggested: “Robin is still important. First, we must ensure that Robin is rescued. Then we can think of the key later. Don’t worry about that stuff, let’s go.”

Hearing Nami describe him with that kind of thing, f.u.kurou was immediately annoyed. He put away the key, his silhouette flashed and disappeared into the stairs.

Seeing this, Luffy directly followed along with excitement, even if Zoro and Usopp pulled hard, it was difficult to stop Luffy.

Lifting the sword in his hand, Zoro is full of determination and said: “In any case, we can only win this battle, not lose. Failure is a waste of time. If Robin reaches that door, everything will be over.”

“In order to save time, everyone will act separately!” Nami rushed forward and suggested.

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