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Chapter 1176: Chapter 1176


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No matter what, you have to give us eight palanquins and a basket full of golden leaves as a gift. Otherwise, I won’t let you marry my daughter!”


Tang Xiaoxiao understood what her mother meant and quickly scolded her.

She did not want to marry the man in front of her at all.

Although Jiang Ming was handsome, he had tried to kill her brother. She did not want to be married to such a man.

Her brother definitely did not want her to marry such a person either.

Sure enough, Tang Nannan understood his mother’s thoughts. He shook her head and said, “Mother, I don’t think he’s suitable to be a part of our family. He should go to h.e.l.l.”

Tang Nannan’s words were so hateful that his eyes almost pierced into Jiang Mings body.

He wanted nothing more than to tear this brat in front of him into pieces right now, let alone let him marry his sister.

Unexpectedly, the old woman shook her head. “Ah, don’t say anything. I’ll speak. ”

As she spoke, she looked at Jiang Ming, wanting to know what he had to say.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ming was still frowning.

He did not expect that the old woman wanted this. No wonder she kept looking at him with that strange gaze.

He was about to answer, but Yuan Hehe beat him to it.

“That’s impossible. Jiu Zhu is so outstanding. It’s impossible for him to marry your daughter. Moreover, I don’t know what kind of medicine she took to become like this. She clearly had no spiritual energy just now. This is so sudden. Your family is really strange. Jiu Zhu, I think we should leave, Don’t waste time with these people. We just want to rest here for a while. What can they do?”

He had other thoughts.

Since these three people were from the Red Organization, then the people from the Red Organization would definitely come here later. They had experienced so many things before, so they could not go against the people from the Red Organization. What if something happened?

Tang Xiaoxiao wanted to let them go, but she heard the voice in her heart.

“Don’t let them go. We’ll come and pick up these three people later. If you let them go, then your mission will fail.”

She was a little surprised.

She did not expect that this voice was actually from the boss of the Red Organization.

“Yes, Boss, I’ll listen to you,” she said respectfully.

At this point, her eyes were cold. Then, she walked forward with a smile and looked at Jiang Ming. “I’m sorry, Jiu Zhu. We did offend you just now. My brother also offended you, but he just wanted to protect me. Please rest here. You guys have been traveling for a long time. It’s better for you to rest here.”

Sikong Wuyuan felt strange when he saw the sudden change in her att.i.tude. He took a step back. “Miss, why did you suddenly change your att.i.tude? Do you want something from us? We won’t give you anything.”

Hearing this, Tang Nannan could not help but get angry.

He stepped forward and pulled Tang Xiaoxiao away, wanting her to hide behind him.

However, Tang Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “Nannan, don’t say anything. Let me handle this. Don’t worry. I will do what I have to do.”

Tang Nannan had a strange look in his eyes as he sized up Tang Xiaoxiao.

This was the first time he had seen his sister like this. He could not help but feel unfamiliar with her.

What happened to his sister? Was she possessed? How did she become like this?

Tang Xiaoxiao understood when she saw the look in her brother’s eyes.

However, she also knew that she could not explain anything. If she wanted to explain, she would have to wait.

She shook her head at her brother, afraid that Tang Nannan would say

something else.

Then, she looked at Jiang Ming and said, “Jiu Zhu, I hope you don’t blame my family for what happened just now. If you want to blame someone, put it all on me. This is all my fault.”

As she spoke, she deliberately wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

Under everyone’s gaze, a few tears actually flowed out of her eyes.

They did not seem fake. They seemed real.

However, Jiang Ming felt a chill run down his spine.

He did not believe that Tang Xiaoxiao was telling the truth. He was afraid that she had ill intentions.

But he really could not understand.

The three of them did not expose anything about themselves. What was Tang Xiaoxiao after?

Could it be that she was after the silver on them?

Thinking of this, he felt that this was the answer.

It should be the silver. These three people looked very poor and lacked silver. Only silver could change their minds.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe were also confused, but they soon understood. They said to Jiang Ming in their hearts, “Jiu Zhu, 1 think these three people are greedy for money. They want to kill us secretly and take the silver. If we had known earlier, we wouldn’t have given them money earlier.”

“But it’s fine. We’ll leave at night.”

The last sentence was said by Sikong Wuyuan, but Yuan Hehe was confused.

“Why do we have to leave at night? We can leave now. These three are not our opponents. We can ignore them and leave directly. After all, we don’t need their reception.”

However, Jiang Ming had an opposing opinion.

“No, we have to leave at night. Tang Xiaoxiao has a strange power, but she didn’t have any spiritual energy before. I have to find out.”

“There shouldn’t be a need to investigate,” Yuan Hehe shook his head. ‘1 1 think the boss of the Red Organization secretly gave her strength. If we continue to stay here, the boss will definitely rush over. At that time, we won’t be able to leave.’

“We haven’t had a good rest yet. We don’t know if there’s anything wrong with us. It’s better not to stay any longer.”

Sikong Wuyuan frowned.

“l forgot that there are still those people from the Red Organization. We should have taken advantage of that opportunity to wipe them out in one fell swoop. Great, we’ve left ourselves with a hidden danger. I think we should leave now, Jiu Zhu.”

“Then we have to leave at night.”

Jiang Ming did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“They know the strength of the Red Organization, which means that they can contact the people from the Red Organization. If we leave now, they will send people to track us secretly and bring us some trouble..”

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