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Chapter 1250: Chapter 1250


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Chu Xinxin also knew that Jiang Ming did not intend to continue talking, so she heaved a sigh of relief.

If this continued, she would really have a headache. She did not know when her father would hear the news.

She did not want her father to come over. If that happened, it would only add fuel to the fire.

However, if Qiu Zeshen argued fiercely, she would have no choice but to call her father.

Thinking of this, she looked at Jiang Ming again. “Jiu Zhu, do your best. I believe you can do it.”

Sikong Wuyuan looked at Chu Xinxin and did not say anything. Instead, he looked at Jiang Ming and said, “Jiu Zhu, we will not disturb you anymore. If you need anything, just tell us. We will be taking a rest.”

Jiang Ming nodded and continued to focus on cooking.

Meanwhile, Qiu Zeshen had resumed his actions.

As for Chu Xinxin, she had already asked someone to put up a notice, indicating that all the citizens should come into the restaurant to taste the delicacies made by Jiang Ming and Qiu Zeshen. Then, they would evaluate whose dishes were more delicious.

The restaurant was already very famous. Seeing this notice, the commoners began to join in the fun.

The originally lively restaurant became even more lively, and even the threshold was about to break.

Chu Xinxin did not have enough energy left, so she called Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe to help her manage the crowd.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe were actually somewhat dumbfounded.

They did not expect that the judges of this delicacy would be commoners, and there were so many of them. Was the food cooked by those two enough for them to eat?

Unexpectedly, Chu Xinxin patted her chest and said, “Although I’m not very good at spells, I know a way to replicate a dish. By then, everyone here will be able to eat that dish.”

“What spell is this?”

Yuan Hehe could not help but feel curious.

“Can you show it to me?”

He was excited.

If she could teach him, that would be the best.

However, Chu Xinxin had seen through Yuan Hehe’s thoughts. Then, she tilted her head and said, “This is my exclusive secret technique. I can’t just pa.s.s it on to outsiders. I can only pa.s.s it on to my son or daughter.”

“Alright then.”

Seeing this, Yuan Hehe did not insist. He shrugged and sighed in his heart.

What a pity. Otherwise, this kind of spell would be useful to a certain extent.

Just as he was thinking about it, he began to worry again.

He had never seen Jiang Ming cook, and he did not know if he could cook well.

He really wanted to help Jiang Ming, but he felt that this was cheating.

Sikong Wuyuan was also worried.

He felt that Jiang Ming was not good at cooking, so Qiu Zeshen was probably going to win this battle.

After a while, Qiu Zeshen and Jiang Ming brought out the dishes in their hands.

The two sides were equally matched and looked very delicious.

Chu Xinxin closed her eyes and chanted a few incantations. Then, she pointed with her finger, and the two dishes appeared on the table of all the people.

Qiu Zeshen raised his eyebrows when he saw Jiang Ming’s dish.

He did not expect the dishes cooked by this guy to look so good. He just did not know how they tasted.

In the end, he felt that Jiang Ming was just lucky.

When it came to cooking, he was still better. He would definitely win.

“Alright.” Chu Xinxin clapped her hands and said, “You can eat now.”

Since Jiang Ming’s dishes were red, Qiu Zeshen’s dishes were yellow.

Therefore, Chu Xinxin asked the servants to distribute paper slips and asked the commoners to write down whether they supported red or yellow.

After a while, the voting ended. Chu Xinxin began to count the votes under the gazes of several people.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe could not help but feel extremely nervous.

They had noticed Jiang Ming and Qiu Zeshen’s dishes.

According to what they thought, the dishes of the two people were equally good, but they felt that the dishes of Jiang Ming should not taste good.

Compared to their different styles, Jiang Ming’s would taste more home-cooked, while Qiu Zeshen’s was an exquisite private kitchen.

If it were the two of them, they would most likely choose Qiu Zeshen.

Yuan Hehe had already lost his confidence. He was dejected and did not even dare to look at the ticket that Chu Xinxin was checking.

In the end, they were still going to lose. But no matter what, if Qiu Zeshen still dared to say something to them, then he did not mind letting him have a taste of pain. He did not want him to be so smug.

Sikong Wuyuan had the same opinion.

Even if they lost, they could not be humiliated.

If it really did not work out, they would compete with each other.

They did not believe that even if Jiang Ming could not cook, his martial arts skills would be inferior!

Jiang Ming, on the other hand, did not have any emotions or thoughts. He just looked at Chu Xinxin quietly.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe were also observing Jiang Ming’s expression.

Seeing that Jiang Ming’s emotions were stable, and he did not panic at all, they could not help but feel a little more confident.

Could it be that Jiang Ming had some unique secret recipe that could make the dishes extremely delicious?

Yuan Hehe could not help but ask.

“Jiu Zhu, do you have any way to make this dish extremely delicious?”

Jiang Ming turned to look at Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe. Seeing their nervous expressions, he could not help but shake his head.” There’s nothing we can do.”

The two of them could not help but be surprised by such a certain statement.

If that was the case, how could they have any chance of winning?

However, Chu Xinxin had not finished checking her tickets yet, so they had some bad intentions.

If the tickets were gone, they could cook again, and they would have a chance to start over.

Perhaps, as long as they could injure Qiu Zeshen, the victor would naturally be them.

“Let Chu Xinxin keep counting the votes,” Jiang Ming said immediately. “I think we can win.”

Sikong Wuyuan could not understand why Jiang Ming was so confident. He said in confusion, “We don’t have any special dishes at all. We’re not famous yet. Those people will definitely choose Qiu Zeshen. We have no chance of winning like this. Jiu Zhu, why are you so sure that we will win?”

“It’s useless for you to be dejected now.” Jiang Ming shrugged.”I don’t think I will win. It doesn’t matter if I lose. It won’t affect us at all. Is Qiu Zeshen going to kill us? Even if he tries, Chu Xinxin and the village chief will not agree. Besides, we’ve been out for so long. Don’t you think the village chief will suspect us?”

“That makes sense.”

Yuan Hehe understood and clapped his hands.

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