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Chapter 1255


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing that Jiang Ming did not answer for a long time, the woman became anxious, and her eyes were filled with urgency.

Jiang Ming also came back to his senses. He narrowed his eyes and looked at her warily. “I can agree, but you have to tell me the reason. Otherwise, I won’t agree to it.”

“I’m Xu Chuchu, the eldest daughter of a merchant. I’ve been enjoying delicious food for my entire life. Yesterday, you competed with the famous Qiu Zeshen. I’m very curious about how you won.”

Xu Chuchu was quite polite. She smiled and revealed a pair of dimples at the corner of her mouth.


She used a spell just because of this?

Jiang Ming rolled his eyes secretly.

Who would believe that?

A normal person would not use such a spell at this time just to make him cook a meal.

Seeing that Jiang Ming seemed to be in a daze again, Xu Chuchu could not help but feel anxious.

“I’m a little anxious. Jiu Zhu, please do it quickly. I believe that you will agree to my request. Besides, you know that you’ve already promised me. You can’t go back on your word.”

She was not bad, but Jiang Ming had to be careful.

Xu Chuchu’s motives were definitely not simple. He had to make her tell him the real reason.

She wanted to lie to him? No way!

“I understand, but I want to hear the real reason. Your excuse is too fake. It’s ridiculously fake.”

Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu Chuchu.

The most important thing now was to find a way to break this spell.

Xu Chuchu lost her patience. She crossed her arms and looked at Jiang Ming up and down. “Jiu Zhu, the spiritual energy of a person who knows the Stop Spell is not very shallow. You will only kill yourself if you keep doing this. It’s already very good that I have the patience to talk to you and negotiate with you.”

In her heart, she was extremely frustrated.

Who was Jiang Ming? How dare he treat her like this?

She was a supreme existence to others, so why did Jiang Ming not take her seriously?

Thinking of this, she could not help but feel angry. Her eyes were bloodshot, and there was a hint of burning anger in them.

Jiang Ming sensed her emotions and frowned.

Xu Chuchu was obviously coming at him menacingly. However, what use could his cooking have?

“What if I won’t do it anymore? I suddenly changed my mind. You can’t do anything about it, right?”

He might as well go all out and start acting shamelessly.

He knew that it was not good to do this in front of a woman, but she was really full of schemes, so he had to be wary.

Xu Chuchu was dumbfounded.

She did not expect Jiang Ming to give her such an answer.

Logically speaking, since she had already said so, he should be afraid or wary. However, why was he so shameless?

She even suspected that she had misheard and could not help but ask another question.

“Can you repeat what you just said?”

Jiang Ming was stunned.

Xu Chuchu’s hearing was a little bad.

Then, he said it again.

Xu Chuchu’s face immediately fell.

Jiang Ming was obviously treating her as a joke!

He actually dared to offend her dignity!

Thinking about it, she was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated. She did not want Jiang Ming’s cooking anymore. Her hand was like lightning as she grabbed Jiang Ming’s neck.

Fortunately, Jiang Ming took a step back and Xu Chuchu missed.

However, she did not give up. Instead, her actions became more and more intense as she grabbed him with her bare hands.

In her eyes, Jiang Ming was just like an ant. He would become whatever she wanted him to become.

If she wanted him dead, he would die.

Jiang Ming frowned and looked at her hand. Without hesitation, he broke it.

The sound of bones breaking was very loud, and both Xu Chuchu and Jiang Ming heard it clearly.

The pain surged. Xu Chuchu was shocked. She looked up at Jiang Ming subconsciously and asked in a daze, “How did you do that? Even an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to break a bone like this. I don’t believe that you’re so powerful.”

She suddenly felt uncomfortable. After a while, her forehead was already covered in cold sweat, and she was even on the verge of collapsing.

She tried her best to force a smile, but she could not.

Seeing Xu Chuchu’s att.i.tude, Jiang Ming could not help but feel more confident.

“You’ve already become like this. Are you sure you want to continue chasing me? When the time comes, you’ll only be the one suffering.”

Xu Chuchu was not convinced at all. Instead, she retorted, “You’re just a bit good at cooking. It’s nothing at all. Jiu Zhu, you’d better focus on cooking. Don’t be unable to return to your original world when the time comes. My spell is not something that ordinary people can crack.”

Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows. He did not expect Xu Chuchu to be so arrogant. He could not help but laugh. “If I can’t go out, then I can’t go out. At most, I’ll stay here with you. With you accompanying me, I won’t be lonely.”

After saying that, he shrugged his shoulders and laughed as if he did not care about Xu Chuchu at all.

“This is a spell that I created. I can naturally leave. You’re really funny. Jiu Zhu, you should just obediently cook.”

As she spoke, a whip appeared in Xu Chuchu’s hand. She wanted to beat Jiang Ming into confessing. Unexpectedly, this gave Jiang Ming a chance.

He s.n.a.t.c.hed the whip and tied Xu Chuchu up with lightning speed.

In order to prevent Xu Chuchu from breaking free, Jiang Ming deliberately tied her up tighter.

With such a tight grip, Xu Chuchu felt as if her entire head was filled with blood. She could not break free at all.

Not only that, but she also felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground.

She felt that it was all Jiang Ming’s doing. She could not help but glare at Jiang Ming fiercely. “I just want you to cook. Is it that difficult? What else do you think I want?”

Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows and then looked at BEAM. “This has nothing to do with me. Your old illness has come back. If you cared a little, you wouldn’t be like this.”

Xu Chuchu was stunned for a moment, and her eyes were filled with confusion. “I don’t even have any old illnesses. Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and let go of me, or I’ll die here with you. If I die, so be it. However, I will never let you live either.”

At the end of her sentence, she was already angry. She turned her head and looked elsewhere. She did not even bother to look at Jiang Ming again.

Jiang Ming was not annoyed. He smiled and said, “What good will it do you if you do this? But I’m different, I still have companions. When my companions realize that something is wrong here, they will save me.”

“Your companion?” Xu Chuchu found it ridiculous. “Do you think I didn’t investigate you? Your companions are only Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe. They have already been frozen by me.”

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