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Chapter 1256


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s impossible for you to see them. You can’t do anything. You can only wait for death.”

Jiang Ming simply sat on the stool and looked at Xu Chuchu. “I think you’re trying to show off. First of all, I don’t only have these two companions. Secondly, I’m afraid you don’t know that you’re about to die from poison, right? Do you think you still have a chance to live?”

Xu Chuchu gritted her teeth.

It had to be said that what Jiang Ming said was true. She was indeed a little overwhelmed now. She almost used all her strength to stand up straight.

She exhaled and looked at Jiang Ming. “Jiu Zhu, let’s make a deal. I do need your food.”

She was deep in thought.

She did not want to die at all, but now, she had no choice but to accept reality.

She did not have anyone she could rely on, so it was impossible for anyone else to save her.

Moreover, who knew if it was someone close to her who had poisoned her?

She had already made up her mind, and her eyes were cold.

Jiang Ming would definitely agree. After all, she needed him.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ming turned around and said firmly, “No.”

He smiled and did not respect Xu Chuchu at all.

He felt that Xu Chuchu was really indulging in her wildest dreams. Did she have to cooperate with him just because he wanted to do something?

He had just been attacked by her. He could not let her have her way. At most, he would continue to waste time with her.

He did not believe that this spell would still exist if the caster was already dead.

Moreover, he could see that the poison had only taken effect for a short period of time. It had only been a day. As for Chu Wanwan, he had his own ways of dealing with her.

Xu Chuchu did not expect Jiang Ming to say that. Xu Chuchu was stunned for a moment and did not even know how to reply.

Finally, she reacted and glared at Jiang Ming fiercely. “Don’t think that I can’t find someone else to cure this poison. Are you the only one in the world who can cure it?”

“Who knows?” Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows. “Maybe I am.”

As soon as these words were said, Xu Chuchu could not help but fall silent.

She had no idea what kind of poison she had been poisoned with, so she could only guess based on her own knowledge.

If it were some rare poison, she would still be the one suffering.

Wouldn’t she die if only Jiang Ming knew the cure?

Although she was unwilling, she did not show it on her face. Instead, she said indifferently, “At most, I’ll just die. Anyway, you’re here to accompany me. If you don’t want to trade with me, then don’t trade with me. Originally, this deal was beneficial to both of us. Neither of us would gain much, but if you insist on doing this, then I have no choice. Besides, you need the Yellow Gall Gra.s.s to save someone else, right? You can disregard your own life, but can you disregard the lives of other people? That person is extremely important to you, right?”

Xu Chuchu spoke logically.

“I don’t really care about that person,” Jiang Ming said nonchalantly. “I only thought of saving her on a whim. Since you want to waste time, then waste time. By the way, your poison will take effect within a day. At that time, even the G.o.ds won’t be able to save you. It’s fine if you don’t believe me. After all, you can’t hold on anymore. If you die, so be it. It’s nothing.”


Xu Chuchu was speechless.

It had to be said that Jiang Ming was right again.

She felt her spiritual energy and life force flowing away. This would only happen when she was about to die.

Jiang Ming asked leisurely, “Are you willing to die like this? After all, you still have a lot of time left. You can do many things in the future. Look at your original spell; you probably didn’t pa.s.s it on to anyone else. You’re not willing to lose this spell just like that, right?”

These words. .h.i.t Xu Chuchu’s heart. She had no choice but to give up. “You’re right, Jiu Zhu. I’ve lost. I’ll agree to whatever you want.”

Seeing that the initiative was already in his hands, Jiang Ming began to pretend to be considerate. “To be honest, I really don’t want to die. I don’t want to be trapped here. As for the deal you mentioned, it’s not that I can’t agree to it. However, I still want to know the true reason why you want me to cook. No matter what, you have to let me know what the situation is.”

“You’re right. I can’t refute you.” Xu Chuchu did not dare to say anything else. She could only nod and then say, “I heard that your food could strengthen the body. I want to eat it to increase my spiritual energy.”

At this point, she felt helpless.

When had she ever been bullied like this? But what could she do now? She just had to give in to reality, but she really did not want it to be like this.


This time, it was Jiang Ming’s turn to be dumbfounded.

What did he just hear? Strengthening the body? Increase spiritual energy? Why didn’t he know that his cooking had such an effect?

Moreover, he used ordinary ingredients, right? What spells and body-strengthening things could these ordinary ingredients have?

This was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

He could not help but laugh again. “Come on, are you afraid that you’ve been cheated? Besides, I’ve only cooked once.”


This time, it was Xu Chuchu’s turn to be dumbfounded.

What did she just hear? Did Jiang Ming say that he had been deceived?

But how was this possible? She clearly remembered that this was what she had heard. There were even people who wanted to kidnap Jiang Ming to force him to cook for them.

She did this to prevent others from getting ahead of her. In the end, everything was fake. Then what was she doing?

“That’s impossible. You’re lying to me. Your food must have all kinds of magical effects. I don’t believe you!”

Xu Chuchu shook her head furiously. It was as if she wanted to throw everything that Jiang Ming had just said out of her head. She even turned her head away, unwilling to listen to Jiang Ming’s words at all.

Seeing her childish appearance, Jiang Ming was very helpless. He said seriously, “My food has no effect. You’ve really been deceived. Besides, if my food really had such effects, I would cook for myself very frequently. Why would I only cook once? Wouldn’t that make me lose such a benefit for no reason?”

Xu Chuchu fell silent.

It had to be said that what Jiang Ming said was true. She could not say anything else.

She was instantly disappointed.

“This is great. I used such a spell for nothing. I’m already terminally ill and about to die. What should I do now?”

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