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Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 702 Can’t People… At least Shouldn’t Be So Arrogant

Nick Fury really hoped that he could have a superhero team.

Because Nick Fury met a woman named Carol Danvers when he was young and ignorant, he has become obsessed with people with superpowers that can solve any abnormal troubles from then on.

Of course.

This superhero team must be under control.

And these superheroes with extraordinary strength must be full of personality.

If you want to control the direction of this superhero team, you could only use guidance, and that was to mix some sand from S.H.I.E.L.D. in this team…

This way, you can monitor the movements of this team at all times.

The most troublesome problem was to let the superhero with a strong personality recognize the sand that S.H.I.E.L.D. had mixed in, instead of hating the ident.i.ty of these monitors.

Nick Fury thought highly of Uehara Naraku.

Nick Fury thought that Uehara Naraku was the most likely to join the superhero team. This guy who was a little lazy might be more suitable than Natasha Romanoff and Clint Borton.

This was a good opportunity.

Nick Fury sat on his desk and slowly snapped his fingers. He asked the agents below to break their hands and help Uehara Naraku build a new ident.i.ty within an hour.

The ident.i.ty of an agent.

A new story was born.

In Nick Fury’s mouth, Uehara Naraku was a secret agent who used to serve in the FBI. In order to save an innocent citizen, he arbitrarily killed a terrorist group during his mission, which almost delayed his mission.

At the end of the story, Uehara Naraku was removed by the mentally ill FBI director for ignoring the regulations.

Of course.

The incident really happened.

Uehara Naraku really rescued people and also solved a terrorist group. The only problem was that Uehara Naraku accepted the a.s.signment from S.H.I.E.L.D.

“I understand everything…”

Uehara Naraku looked at his new information and touched his chin, “Why is it that the FBI director has a brain problem and not the CIA director?”

“Because the FBI director wants to rob our funds this year…”

“Did you get it?”

“Of course not.”

Nick Fury looked at the story written by his subordinate, satisfied. He slowly continued, “But that guy actually wanted to steal S.H.I.E.L.D.’s funds this year. There must be something wrong with his brain.”

“You’re right.”

Uehara Naraku was obedient and watched as his new story was quietly placed on the Internet database, “Oh, I hope Mr. Tony, Stark, will like this story.”

To be honest, this story was a little vulgar.

Compared to Uehara Naraku’s past story, it was a little monotonous and simple.

Forget it.

Anyway, more exciting stories are always at Uehara Naraku’s fingertips, and this fictional story can be arranged by Nick Fury at will!


Tony Stark also had a mansion here.

Just as Uehara Naraku had guessed, Tony Stark was very curious about his information. When he arrived at his home, he immediately asked the artificial intelligence Jarvis to search for all the information about Uehara Naraku.

This information was very fragmented.

For example, Uehara Naraku will occasionally appear in the news section about state dignitaries visiting other countries to maintain public security;

For example, Uehara Naraku would occasionally appear in the news section where a group of terrorists or gangsters were destroyed.


Tony Stark sneaked into the FBI’s internal network for 15 seconds and stole Uehara Naraku’s information. He thought he had found out about Uehara Naraku’s life.

Tony Stark barely pieced together Uehara Naraku’s information, “Hmm… an agent who was dismissed by the FBI director for saving people?”

This ident.i.ty was a little subtle.

Tony Stark is quite indifferent to FBI agents, but he was a little bit interested in the expelled agent, especially the ident.i.ty of this agent.


Uehara Naraku was indeed a good person.

At least, Tony Stark believed that people like Uehara Naraku should not be expelled, but should be promoted in protecting the ordinary people.

“‘Is there something wrong with the FBI director’s brain…”

Tony Stark did not doubt it anymore.

Because he already knows what he wants to know.

Tony Stark’s fingers slightly move on the virtual screen. He connected to Uehara Naraku’s phone, took a sip of vegetable juice, and slowly said, “h.e.l.lo, Uehara, can you tell who I am?”


There was a strange silence on the other side of the line for a second, then a man’s calm voice came over, “If it’s money, just transfer it to my payroll card.”

“… Puff!”

Tony Stark could not help but spit out a mouthful of vegetable juice. Why did his interaction with Uehara Naraku always make him feel a little stifled?

This guy…

Can’t they have a proper chat?

Tony Stark could not help but rub his eyebrows, “Don’t make it seem like we are doing some shady business. I’m not talking about money…”

“You want to go back on your word?”

“You can’t live your life just for money!”

Tony Stark shook his head with a headache. He quickly said to the man on the other side of the line, “I will transfer the money to you soon…”

“Thank you for your patronage. See you again if we have a chance.”


When Tony Stark heard that Uehara Naraku wanted to hang up the phone, he hurriedly stopped him and continued, “Uehara, do you have time to talk about work?”

“I don’t need a job.”

On the other side of the line, Uehara Naraku smiled, “Every month, Mr. Stark will send me a hundred thousand dollars. Why do I still need to work…”

“I found it.”

Tony Stark interrupted Uehara Naraku and continued softly, “The things you did before… the Internet actually has memories… Well, it is just that the place it hides is a bit deep… Are you interested in talking about work?”

Tony Stark did not believe that Uehara Naraku, a former secret agent, would continue to be muddle-headed for a mere hundred thousand dollars!

Because Uehara Naraku’s secret ident.i.ty has not been found out, Tony takes it for granted that Uehara Naraku has given up on himself because he was dismissed from the FBI…

Come to think of it…

When this guy was expelled by the FBI director, he had really given up on himself. Why did he only play games while working at Stark Industries? Was this appropriate?

Wasn’t it a little bullying?

If he didn’t know that Uehara Naraku was a good person, Tony Stark really didn’t want to talk to Uehara Naraku anymore…

Just as Tony Stark was feeling stifled, he heard Uehara Naraku’s displeased voice. Uehara Naraku’s unhappiness made Tony Stark feel interested again!

“You investigated me?”

“A little…”

Of course, Tony Stark would not say that in order to find out about Uehara Naraku’s past and even hacked into the FBI’s internal network.

“Just a little…”

Tony Stark continued slowly, “How should I put it… The current FBI director, Robert, is an idiot… He actually dismissed you…”

“Didn’t you also fire me?”

“This is different!”

Tony Stark raised his voice a little, and when this matter was mentioned, he became very determined, “We all know the difference. If you work hard in Stark Industries…”

“It’s too late.”

Uehara Naraku’s voice was still calm, but there seemed to be a bit of exhaustion and emotion in his tone, “In short, forget what happened tonight… I am just an ordinary person.”

After he finished speaking, Uehara Naraku directly hung up the phone.

Tony Stark’s brows couldn’t help frowning, he was cut off by Uehara Naraku before he could express his thoughts just now.

Forget it.

Let’s talk about it when they have the chance in the future.

Perhaps he could leave this matter to Pepper to deal with.

Tony Stark’s palm slowly rested on the energy reactor in his chest. His expression had a faint feeling of despair. If he could not solve the palladium poisoning, he could only quietly wait for his death…

Now he hasn’t even solved his own troubles!

On the other side of the line.

Uehara Naraku slowly put down his phone.

Nick Fury nodded with satisfaction and began to educate his subordinates, “Yes, that’s it. Now is not the time for you to meet again…”


“Do you think Iron Man needs bodyguards? No, or should I say, does he need help from his companions?”

“Unless there is an emergency…”

“Not bad.”

Nick Fury slowly nodded. His fingers gently tapped on the table, “When he encounters some dangerous situations, it will be time for you to meet…”

“Will Iron Man encounter dangerous situations?”

“Iron Man might not.”

Nick Fury shook his head and his eyes darkened, “But… with Tony’s personality, he will definitely encounter danger!”

A guy with Stark’s surname…

Their bones were full of adventurous genes!

Especially when Tony Stark was facing palladium poisoning, this smart and arrogant guy who thinks he was incurable would definitely encounter dangerous situations in the future!

The truth was as Nick Fury expected.

In this month, Tony Stark did a few important things, which were to host the opening of the Stark Industries Expo, spread the seeds of technology, and also gave some of his property to some green organizations before his death.

However, Tony Stark still did not change his arrogant personality.

In a public hearing about making him hand over the steel suit, he mocked a senator until he was drenched in blood. He also slandered his business rival, Justin Hammer.

In that hearing, Tony Stark could be said to have brought out his poisonous tongue to the extreme. If not for Justin Hammer’s lack of courage, he might have hired a hitman after the end…

And the senator who was ridiculed by Tony Stark at the hearing was a senior member of Hydra. The real purpose of this hearing was that Hydra wanted to take advantage of the public opinion to seize Tony’s steel armor technology…

It was a pity that…

Tony Stark was too eloquent and his mouth was too harsh. He forcibly turned the situation around in this public hearing.

Uehara Naraku watched the entire hearing, watching Tony Stark who sprayed others to death on TV.

“Sigh… Can’t people… at least shouldn’t be so arrogant…”

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