Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 743 - Earth Has a Reason to Join Akatsuki!

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Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 743 Earth Has a Reason to Join Akatsuki!

The Battle of New York ended.

After Akatsuki’s army defeated Chitauri, this huge alien army left the planet. It made people feel that this mercenary group was here to do good things without asking for anything in return.

At least that was what Tony Stark thought.

This was a mercenary group that his father, Howard Stark, had once joined. Moreover, the letter his father had left him also mentioned about Akatsuki.

Tony Stark knew a bit more. He glanced at Akatsuki Organization which had used a black hole to teleport away from Earth and then looked at Uehara Naraku, who was full of doubts.

“Uehara, you still don’t know about Akatsuki’s situation, right?”

Tony Stark patted Uehara Naraku’s shoulder. His eyes were slightly complicated, “You are really lucky… Do you need me to introduce Akatsuki to you?”

Tony Stark was really in a complicated mood.

When the members of the Akatsuki Organization came to Earth to send him a letter, Tony Stark was still a little arrogant and did not like this organization that looked down on him…

As a result, the Battle of New York happens…

Akatsuki’s army crushed Chitauri’s army.

Tony Stark wanted to have more contact with this mercenary group. The information he got from his father’s letter made him want to learn some knowledge from the Akatsuki Organization.

Especially the legendary leader of the Akatsuki Organization, even his father, Howard Stark, was full of admiration in his heart…

Now, Tony Stark saw with his own eyes that the higher-ups of the Akatsuki Organization had invited their companion Uehara Naraku to join their group before they left. Tony Stark could not help but feel a bit regretful.


A hint of doubt appeared on Uehara Naraku’s face. He looked at Tony Stark with hesitation and nodded slowly, “Well… I still don’t quite understand… What does this Akatsuki Organization do? Director Fury also asked me to join them.”

At this moment…

Uehara Naraku’s conscience was a little painful.

This Tony Stark was really deceived by him too deeply… He actually wanted to introduce information about the Akatsuki Organization to him, the leader of the Akatsuki Organization.

This was really…

So interesting.

Perhaps he could ask this playboy Tony Stark’s impression of the Akatsuki Organization. This way, he could judge whether his plan had succeeded or not.


In the future, he could also use Tony Stark’s impression to slowly decorate the Akatsuki Organization into the appearance he wanted, gaining more trust from Tony Stark, and Avengers.

Of course.

Uehara Naraku couldn’t help but think, should he hide the fact that he was the leader of the Akatsuki Organization hidden in his heart?

Before the real ending comes, he must give people the impression that he slowly became the Akatsuki’s leader, not the leader of the Akatsuki Organization in the beginning…

Otherwise, someone might die.

Moreover, when this moment has to be revealed in the future, it would best to let Pepper help Tony Stark make an appointment for a physical examination in advance, lest this guy’s heart couldn’t stand it… No, there were still bullet fragments in Tony Stark’s chest, so his heart was not very healthy!

According to Tony Stark’s pride, if he knew the truth one day, he would definitely not have the face to appear in front of Uehara Naraku…

“Alright, the war is over.”

Nick Fury’s voice came out of their communication channel. He continued softly, “I will be in New York soon. Let’s find a place to have a chat first… We must have a chat, and I happen to know some news about Akatsuki.”

“One more thing!”

Nick Fury contacted Uehara Naraku again and gave his order, “Agent Uehara, you should have taken back the Cosmic Cube, right?

Before I get to New York, don’t give it to anyone, no matter which general or secretary sent them!”


Uehara Naraku nodded slowly.

“Thank you everyone for solving this crisis.”

After Nick Fury solemnly expressed his grat.i.tude, he said, “Captain Rogers, Agent Borton, Agent Romanoff, please start to preside over the rescue. All the field agents will listen to your orders…”

The losses caused by this war were not small.

The entire Manhattan District of New York had become a battlefield. Naturally, there would inevitably be some casualties and accidents, and many people were buried in the ruins.

Steve Rogers took the initiative to take over the task of presiding over the rescue. Natasha Romanoff and Clint Borton naturally listened to Nick Fury’s orders.

The two ace agents had some faint guesses in their hearts…

This threat from outer s.p.a.ce was over, so S.H.I.E.L.D. would begin to face the questionable superhero Captain America Steve Rogers again…

Before S.H.I.E.L.D. could confirm Steve Rogers’ innocence, they would not let him know about some super secret information for the time being…

As for the uncontrollable Hulk, after the war, he returned to the appearance of Dr. Bruce Banner, but Dr. Bruce Banner had to temporarily leave the crowded downtown area and go back to rest.

New York.

In a closed restaurant.

Uehara Naraku and Tony Stark came here. Among them, Thor also brought his younger brother, Loki, to partic.i.p.ate in this gathering.

Originally, Loki should have been directly detained and interrogated by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s field agents, but Thor refused in the name of Asgard. He did not want to see the people on Earth interrogate a Prince of Asgard.

Moreover, Thor had another reason. Only he could prevent Loki from sneaking away through conspiracy. Only he could guarantee that Loki would not escape…

This person was really confident…

Uehara Naraku couldn’t help but glance at Thor.

This Thor was also a complete bro-con guy!

Coincidentally, what Uehara Naraku liked the most were people like this. There were fetters in them, which means that they would be easily used by others…

However, there was something different about Thor.

If Loki and the so-called justice went against each other, Thor seemed to support justice and even forced his younger brother, Loki, to support justice together…

This bro-con was still a little unqualified.

The table was quite lively.

There were only four people in this group of people, but they were discussing two topics. The two sides occasionally inserted into each other’s topics, and the chat was very lively.

“Remember to apologize to father when we go back.”

Thor held a big gla.s.s of beer and drank in big mouthfuls. From time to time, he looked back at his younger brother, “Mother is in a very low mood. Loki, remember not to make us angry and worry. I only have you as my younger brother…”

“But you still have a sister.”

Loki choked Thor to death with one sentence.

Loki, the legendary Norse evil G.o.d, could not help but smile when he saw his brother being choked by beer, “I’m so lucky. Fortunately, I don’t have only one brother…”

“That woman Hela’s ident.i.ty was still unclear!”

Thor drank up the beer in his cup and continued indifferently, “We have lived in Asgard for so long. Have you heard of the name Hela?”

“Or maybe it is because Odin hid this matter?”

Loki looked up at his brother and revealed a mocking smile, “Hmph, Odin always likes to hide the truth…”

For example, his own background.

Before the truth was revealed, Loki always thought that Odin and Queen Frigga were his biological parents, and was eager to get the recognition of his parents…

Loki had been enjoying the selfless maternal love of his foster mother, Queen Frigga, and even received Frigga’s magic inheritance. The witch really regarded him as her son.

This often makes Loki’s mentality unbalanced. On the one hand, he shows an indifferent att.i.tude toward Odin’s family, but on the other hand, he is eager to accomplish something to impress Odin and Frigga.

Perhaps it was because of habit.

Or perhaps it was because of something else.

Perhaps it was because he wanted to find the meaning of his existence.

In short, obtaining the throne was still what Loki wanted to do the most.

Originally, after Loki led the Chitauri to defeat, he placed his hope of ascending to the throne of Asgard in the future on Hela, the G.o.ddess of Death.

“I hope we have a chance to meet our sister.”

A mocking smile flashed across the corner of Loki’s mouth. He said softly, “Hehe, I hope that when we return to Asgard, Odin will no longer hide the truth…”

“We do not have a sister.”

Thor suddenly leaned over and pressed down Loki on the shoulder. He laughed and said, “I only have one younger brother. You only have one older brother…”


Loki rubbed his forehead.

Tony Stark looked at the lively conversation between Thor and Loki. He could not help but find a gap and interrupt, “Hey, Thor, you guys might really have an older sister… Loki’s scepter, wasn’t it s.n.a.t.c.hed away?”

“Trust me, Loki is best at lying.”

Thor shook his head and refilled his gla.s.s of beer.

“Loki is right.”

“You do have an elder sister.”

“And your sister is hiding somewhere on Earth, and secretly developed Hydra as her minions…”

“The information we received from the enemy who attacked the Helicarrier shows that they are Hydra members under Hela. They were also the ones who released Loki from Helicarrier.”

A man’s voice came from outside the door.

As Nick Fury slowly walked into the restaurant, he began to explain Hela’s matter, “The latest intelligence I received is that before our war is over, the Hydra under Hela has started a new move…”


The Battle of New York was not over yet.

In the whole world, many Hydra agents were secretly looking for Hela. This gave Nick Fury a headache. Was there going to be another interstellar war?

The Loki in front had not left yet…

The Hela in the back quickly replaced the position…

Can these Asgardian princes and princesses stop? Why waste their time with such a small place like Earth?

Compared to Chitauri led by Loki, once they found out about Chitauri, they were actually not that difficult to deal with…


The Hydra under Hela had infiltrated into various departments of the world. Even they, S.H.I.E.L.D., the nemesis of Hydra, still had quite a few spies…

This gave Nick Fury a headache.

This Hela was even more difficult to deal with than Loki!

Therefore, before Nick Fury discussed the intelligence of Akatsuki with Uehara Naraku and Tony Stark, they had to finalize a matter first. That was the relations.h.i.+p between Asgard and Hela!


Nick Fury wanted to know if Asgard would support Hela’s actions on Earth, as well as whether Asgard could help arrest Hela, just like arresting Loki…

Thor was still confused, but he drank another gla.s.s of beer and said, “When I go back to see my father, I will ask about Hela. Asgard and Earth have a long friends.h.i.+p…”

“But before that…”

Thor looked at Uehara Naraku and said sincerely, “We have to use the Cosmic Cube to rebuild the Bifrost to ensure the smooth pa.s.sage between Asgard and Earth… and…”

Thor slowly sighed, “The Cosmic Cube has awakened. If it continues to stay on Earth, Earth will meet an enemy that you can not face at all…”

As long as the Cosmic Cube exists on Earth, there might be people who would gather the energy gamma rays released by the Cosmic Cube to form a new wormhole at any time…


The Cosmic Cube’s safest place was in Asgard.

“Agent Uehara.”

Nick Fury took a deep look at Thor and said casually, “The Cosmic Cube should be by your side, right? Hand it over to Thor for safekeeping…”

Nick Fury did not have any reluctance to part with it.

This was because Nick Fury had also recognized the true situation. They had yet to make sufficient preparations on Earth to deal with the powerful alien invaders from the universe, so they could only hand the Cosmic Cube to Asgard, their allies, for safekeeping first.

Moreover, it seemed that they had to hand the Cosmic Cube to Asgard. Otherwise, Thor and Loki would have to stay on Earth…

“Yes, Sir.”

Uehara Naraku took out the Cosmic Cube which was significantly smaller and placed it on the table in front of them. He said softly, “There seem to be some changes. It should still be usable…”

Of course, it could still be used.

The true core of the Cosmic Cube was the s.p.a.ce stone, one of the Six Infinity Stones in the universe. It was also the stone that had the most abundant energy in the entire universe.

As for the reason why it was in the form of a Cosmic Cube, it was because the s.p.a.ce stone had been releasing too much energy for a long time, causing the s.p.a.ce stone to have a layer of protection on its body…

“Alright, then Loki and I will return to Asgard first.”

Thor nodded and took away the Cosmic Cube on the table. He looked at the few people present and said softly, “I will immediately report to Father about Hela…”

After saying that, Thor grabbed his younger brother, Loki, and used the Cosmic Cube to return to Asgard, disappearing in front of them.


After Thor and Loki disappeared, Nick Fury looked at Uehara Naraku and Tony Stark, “Let’s talk about Akatsuki… There is a reason why someone on Earth must join the Akatsuki.”

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