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Chapter 1142 Xu Qing Is Your Brother, Right?

If it was any other time, Grand Duke Holy Wave would definitely not partic.i.p.ate in such a battle for the throne.

After all, no matter what era it was, no matter in which race, a battle for the throne was a gamble with no return. Winning meant endless glory, but failure meant an irreparable catastrophe.

Hence, to the Grand Duke Holy Wave, living freely in the Holy Wave Large Region was naturally the best choice.

But now, he couldn't do it.

Fenghai County could already represent the Holy Wave Large Region. It was impossible for him to stay out of trouble at this moment. Also… the Holy Wave Large Region bordered Moon Offering…

Hence, he had no choice but to be tied to Fenghai County.

Even if King Tian Lan died here.

'This is also why Fenghai County is so brilliant… If it was any other time, if the Heavenly King died in battle, the matter would definitely be extremely huge. However, the matter of the Moon Offering now is enough to shock the surroundings, causing even the Human Emperor to not dare to act rashly.'

'In addition, framing it as part of the battle for the throne gives an explanation to the Human Emperor and the Imperial Capital. Thus, the death of the Heavenly King will take on a different significance.

'From the battle between Fenghai County and King Tian Lan to the battle between the twelfth and seventh princes… From the battle between the va.s.sals to the imperial family's matters.'

'There's an expert in Fenghai County!'

The Grand Duke took a deep breath and chose to submit.

With his partic.i.p.ation, the entire Holy Wave Large Region was completely unified!

At this moment, Fenghai County became the core of the Holy Wave Large Region. All the forces and races in the region no longer had the ability to resist, nor did they have the slightest determination to resist.

Faced against absolute strength, submitting was the only choice.

Needless to say, Fenghai County also controlled the army of ten million soldiers and the influence of the Grand Duke Holy Wave. Such power allowed Fenghai County to stand at the peak.

As for Xu Qing, his status also rose and he stood at the peak of the Holy Wave Large Region.

Immediately after, a decree spread throughout the entire region from Fenghai County.

"All races and sects, listen to the summons. The battle against Black Heaven will begin again!"

As soon as this decree was issued, the various sects and races in the large region immediately obeyed.

If it was any other time, the Grand Duke Holy Wave would definitely look down on the decree. However, he knew about the Moon Offering Region and knew that the high G.o.d Crimson G.o.ddess had actually died.

Moreover, Xu Qing was one of the partic.i.p.ants…

How could he underestimate Xu Qing after all this?

Not only did he not underestimate Xu Qing, but in his mind, Xu Qing's figure was shrouded in countless mysteries.

This was because he couldn't imagine how a Spirit Repository cultivator could reach such a level of admiration from tens of thousands of people.

"There must be a reason for this abnormality. This Xu Qing… is extraordinary!"

Hence, his response was extremely thorough. 80% of his army was mobilized to partic.i.p.ate in this battle.

Just like that, time flowed by. After the Holy Wave Large Region was unified, the cultivators of the various sects and races all headed to the frontlines. Old Master Seventh, Marquis Yao, and the others planned their deployments. When the war started again…

The news of the Moon Offering quickly spread.

The reason why this news spread so quickly after some time was partly because the disappearance of the Red Moon was gradually discovered by others, and partly because… a jade token from the Moon Offering Region spread in all directions.

The contents of the jade token was written by the heir, informing the entire w.a.n.ggu Continent.

Regardless of whether it was the human race or the other races, most of them had received the heir's jade token.

This jade token explained the situation, the death of Crimson G.o.ddess, and the revival of the Moon Offering Ruler.

This matter instantly shook all the races and the entire w.a.n.ggu Continent. Even some hidden G.o.ds stirred up after learning of it.

As for whether it was true or false, it was very easy to tell. When they thought of the fragmented-face opening Its eyes and the changes in the Moon Offering Region, they could tell that this was the truth.

The human race's Grand Imperial Capital Region naturally received the jade token and knew about this.

At that moment, in the human race's imperial palace, within a tall tower shrouded in mist, with the wind howling, the Human Emperor stood inside and gazed into the distance.

On the table behind him were two jade tokens. One was from the Moon Offering Crown Prince and the other was from the Seventh Prince.

His expression was emotionless. What he saw was a churning sea of clouds.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the location of this cloud and fog was actually an incomparably huge… gigantic star with no end in sight.

This star was formed from gas. Clouds flowed on it like an abstract painting, vast and astonis.h.i.+ng.

After a long time, a calm voice rang out from behind him.

"Your Majesty, I've finished reading both jade tokens."

The Human Emperor didn't retract his gaze and spoke calmly.

"So, what's your opinion?"

At some point in time, an additional person had appeared beside the table behind him.

This person had a jade-like face and long purple hair that draped over his shoulders. He wore a white robe and sat there with a calm expression. He was none other than the state preceptor.

"Actually, that day, when I sensed that my time had been borrowed, I already felt it."

The state preceptor spoke softly and picked up the teacup at the side to take a sip.

"Besides, isn't this what Your Majesty wants to see?" The state preceptor lifted his head and stared at the Human Emperor in front of him with a faint smile.

The Human Emperor fell silent. A long time later, a deep voice echoed from his back.

"How confident are you?"

"Fully, as long as His Majesty agrees to this transaction."

The state preceptor smiled and spoke.

A deep look appeared in the Human Emperor's eyes as he continued to look at the clouds in the distance.

The tower was silent. A long time later, the Human Emperor took a step forward and disappeared from the tower.

Only his cold voice echoed with the unique dignity of a superior.

"That Xu Qing is your younger brother, right?"

The state preceptor's expression was calm with no changes at all. He finished the tea in the cup and put it down. His figure smiled and disappeared.

A strong wind blew over, sweeping up the clouds and drowning the tower in the sea of clouds.

At the same time, in the Holy Wave Large Region, as the cultivators of the various sects and races gathered, the war against the Black Heaven Race erupted again.

This time, it had nothing to do with the Seventh Prince and King Tian Lan.

This time, it was Xu Qing who initiated the unfinished battle against the Black Heaven Race.

In terms of the number of cultivators, there were even more than before. The Grand Duke Holy Wave personally led the team and divided the army into three, giving the control of two armies to Old Master Seventh, Marquis Yao, and the others, stepping into the Black Spirit Region.

Although King Tian Lan had suffered a huge defeat previously, his foundation was still there. They could still unleash immortal arts, especially since the territory he had conquered was very large. He had already forced the Black Heaven Race back to a certain extent.

The war in the other directions of the Black Heaven Race also prevented the reinforcements of the Black Heaven Race from arriving. They could only defend various places and fight for themselves.

However, in reality, if the Black Heaven Race in the Black Spirit Region really resisted, this war would still be very tragic.

However, the strange thing was that… when faced with the entry of the Holy Wave Large Region, the Black Heaven Race didn't counterattack at all. This was completely different from when they were facing King Tian Lan.

As for Xu Qing, he didn't head to the battlefield. He stayed at the border between the Black Spirit Region and the Holy Wave Large Region to organize the information from all directions.

As time pa.s.sed and the army successfully moved out, Xu Qing also made a judgment about the combat strength of the entire Black Heaven Race.

The Black Heaven Race had two large regions, namely Black Spirit and Black Heaven.

The emperor of the race and some peak experts were heavily injured by the mysterious person before the battle began. This act was like beheading the leader, causing the Black Heaven Race to retreat step by step when facing the human army at the start.

It was also because they had no leader and faced the danger of extermination, the Black Heaven Race split into three parties according to different ideals.

In Black Heaven Region, the army led by the Black Heaven Imperial Family was mainly the main force fighting against the human race.

In the area between Black Heaven and Black Spirit, the influential people were the leaders. They didn't contribute much and mostly chose to hide in groups, wanting to negotiate with the human race.

In the Black Spirit Region, the army was led by the priests of the Black Heaven Race who had fought against King Tian Lan before.

The ritual of the Black Heaven Race was a divine authority. It originally surpa.s.sed the imperial authority and had a supreme status in the Black Heaven Race. However, there was the subsequent failure of the divine technique, the defeat of the race, the ignoring of the G.o.d, and the rumored slumber.

This caused the status of the ritual priests to be much lower than before. Now that it was in the war with the human race, it was even weaker and wasn't given importance by their people.

Hence, they could only choose to defend their temple in the Black Spirit Region.

Hence, this side was basically made up of priests and divine guards. They had been tirelessly calling out to their G.o.d and praying for Her to descend.

They were also the first to sense the death of Crimson G.o.ddess.

Regarding the entrance of Xu Qing's army, they also issued a decree. They didn't resist or counterattack, allowing the military to smoothly appear outside the fog where their temple was.

This place was also the place where King Tian Lan had faced a severe setback.

With the previous lesson, the people leading the team, including Old Master Seventh, Marquis Yao, and the others, didn't directly barge in. On one hand, they spread the immortal art and on the other hand, they wanted to send people in to investigate.

However, before the Holy Wave Race could make arrangements, someone from the Black Heaven Race walked out first.

This person had no hair and wore a purple robe. After he appeared, he bowed to the Holy Wave Army and made a request.

They invited Xu Qing to come personally.

They wanted to meet Xu Qing.

As long as Xu Qing arrived, no matter what happened in the end, they would choose to surrender.

The Grand Duke Holy Wave was a little hesitant about this request. If it was in the past, this choice would be incomparably simple for him. It was just a Spirit Repository.

However, it was different now. He was aware of who had the final say in Fenghai County.

Hence, he sent the message to Old Master Seventh and Marquis Yao.

Very soon, Xu Qing, who was at the edge of the ma.s.sive region, received Old Master Seventh's voice transmission.

Holding the voice transmission gemstone slip, Xu Qing recalled the feeling of being summoned on the Forbidden Sea.

He stared into the depths of the Black Spirit Race and chose to head there.

Several days later, his figure appeared in front of the Holy Wave Army and outside the fog. Standing here, a strange feeling rose in Xu Qing's heart.

He knew that in the depths of the fog, he could sense… the power of his authority.

His appearance also caused the mist to churn. More than ten black celestial priests in purple robes walked out of the fog.

The instant they saw Xu Qing, they were clearly excited. After they bent down and bowed, the old man in the lead looked at Xu Qing and stated in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Lord Purple, please return to your position!"

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