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Chapter 1165 No Need to Be Anxious With Zi Xuan by the Side

The time for the meeting was at dawn, which was just six hours from now.

To the human race, meeting the Human Emperor was the most solemn event. Moreover, the human race emphasized etiquette. Different occasions required different etiquette. It was even more so when entering the palace to meet the Emperor.

Hence, along with the imperial edict, there was also a set of court attire that was sent to Xu Qing.

This attire was exceedingly intricate, with numerous patterns embroidered with a five-clawed black dragon and various runic symbols. From head to toe, there were over a hundred pieces, and without understanding how to wear them properly, it would be difficult to put them on neatly.

Li Yunshan, Kong Xianglong, and the others were in a daze when their gazes landed on the attire.

They didn't know how to wear the court clothes and could only sense that it was extraordinary.

Even the captain, who had experienced many lives, widened his eyes in confusion when he saw the parts of the attire. However, he could sense that this attire contained treasure light that greatly surpa.s.sed the clothes of Nether Fairy.

Immortal qi lingered on them and they had a glossy look. When combined, it looked like a moving magic treasure.

"They're really rich!"

The captain licked his lips and was very envious. He thought to himself that he had to get a set too. Otherwise, his reputation as the eldest senior brother would be severely damaged.

As for Ning Yan, he couldn't wear regular court attire to face the emperor either. He had his own special clothing, and when it came to Xu Qing's attire, he scratched his head in confusion and shook his hand.

"I don't know how to wear this either. Why don't I send a voice transmission to Third Sister and ask her to come over for a while?"

"There's no need," Zi Xuan calmly said.

"People need etiquette to enlighten themselves. Spring is seen for audiences, while autumn is seen for paying respects. The former is in red, and the latter in black."

"The golden dragon represents the emperor, with five claws signifying respect. The black dragon represents the region, and the five claws also signify respect. This is the ancient custom attire for overseeing a territory."

"The Emperor has shown no disrespect in his decree and the bestowal of court attire, so we must reciprocate in kind."

"As for the method of wearing, it follows the ancient method of refinement, aligning with the principles of the five elements and the nine palaces, combined with the evolution of celestial stars, totaling forty-nine different methods. Each is suited for different occasions and ceremonies."

"Today, with the Emperor summoning, and Xu Qing representing the Holy Wave Large Region, it is appropriate to wear the ancient attire for paying respects. Since guarding a territory is meritorious, there is no need to kneel when paying respects. The Emperor will first nod three times, grant a seat, and then we will bow nine times as a sign of grat.i.tude."

As Zi Xuan's voice rang out, Ning Yan, the captain, Li Yunshan, and the others all looked at Zi Xuan. They didn't understand but they felt that it was impressive.

In their opinion, although Zi Xuan's understanding of this could be explained by reading a lot of books, they vaguely felt that it wasn't that simple...

While everyone was guessing, Zi Xuan glanced at the black court attire. She then lifted her right hand and gently waved it. Immediately, the hundred-odd pieces of the attire flew over and surrounded Xu Qing in all directions.

Xu Qing looked at those clothes. Due to his understanding since he was young, he didn't know much about these ancient etiquettes. However, his heart was calm.

This was because... in the Imperial Capital, there were probably not many people who understood the ancient sovereign better than Zi Xuan.

In fact, Xu Qing even felt that there was a certain possibility that Zi Xuan might have partic.i.p.ated in the customization method of the imperial uniform back then.

"Wait outside for a while." Zi Xuan's voice was cold. At that moment, her words seemed to contain some dignity. Li Yunshan and the others couldn't help but lower their heads and leave the main hall.

As for the captain and Ning Yan, who were originally afraid of Zi Xuan, they quickly left as well.

Very soon, only Xu Qing and Zi Xuan were left in the hall.

"It's very difficult to wear the court attire yourself. Close your eyes. I'll help you."

Zi Xuan's voice was gentle. When Xu Qing heard this, he took a deep breath and obediently closed his eyes.

At the next instant, as Zi Xuan waved her hand, the clothes on Xu Qing's body instantly separated. When Xu Qing's body trembled, the court clothes fell one after another. They were combined according to different combination methods and fit on Xu Qing's body.

While putting them on Xu Qing, Zi Xuan's voice echoed.

"The Heavenly Marquis court dress is mainly black, with a dignified and square shape, hence called 'xuanduan.' The accompanying headwear is called 'weimao,' and it was required in the past to be made from the bones of heaven devouring beasts for adornment."

"Nowadays, with the extinction of heaven devouring beasts, they are replaced with the black immortal jade. Because this court attire is composed of weimao and xuanduan, it is formally referred to as weiduan in ancient sovereign era."

Hearing Zi Xuan's voice, Xu Qing was even more certain of his guess. He could sense the cloth pieces being put on his body continuously. There seemed to be a lot but it was very comfortable on his body.

Even the cultivation base in his body circulated slightly faster. A sense of clarity rose within him, as though he had been blessed by laws and rules.

"Alright, you can open your eyes now."

A while later, Zi Xuan's voice rang out.

Xu Qing opened his eyes when he heard this. The first thing he saw was a hint of light and admiration in Zi Xuan's eyes.

After that, he raised his hand and waved it. A layer of mist rose and gathered into a mirror, reflecting his appearance.

The black court dress exuded a sense of grandeur and solemnity, with the five-clawed black dragon embroidered on it appearing alive, seeming to move and roar faintly as the dress swayed around, as if it were roaming on Xu Qing's body.

The tips of the boots curved upward in the shape of three circles, while the black jade crown he was wearing was adorned with a jade cloud band, all the accessories including jade ornaments and ta.s.sels were meticulously arranged.

In addition, Xu Qing's appearance was extraordinary. Coupled with this, his aura became even more astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Pretty good. We'll greet the Human Emperor politely. If the current Human Emperor fails to comprehend, it's a testament to his limited knowledge, revealing his true caliber."

A proud smile appeared on Zi Xuan's face.

Xu Qing blinked, not knowing what to say.

After Zi Xuan sized him up, she walked closer and adjusted the details for him. In the end, she held Xu Qing's arm in satisfaction and brought him out of the main hall, appearing in front of everyone.

This was the first time everyone saw Xu Qing in such clothes, and their hearts immediately stirred.

Li Yunshan was in a daze. The first feeling Xu Qing gave him was pressure. This wasn't brought about by his cultivation but the meaning represented by the court dress.

The captain's breathing hastened slightly, and the desire for the court dress in his heart grew even stronger.

Kong Xianglong took a deep breath and lowered his head solemnly.

As for Ning Yan, he was also stunned for a moment. He sighed with emotion inwardly. He felt that when his boss walked out in this dress, it would definitely cause the hearts of all the female cultivators in the Imperial City to beat wildly. If his boss had designs on a certain female cultivator, even his sixth brother would probably have to admit defeat.

'Although cultivators don't value looks that much, but… but… why does he have such a devilish appearance? Is Boss really a human?'

Xu Qing didn't care about their reactions. He was sensing the active changes in his cultivation base under the effect of the court dress.

Although he had never worn such grand clothes before which made him a little uncomfortable, he had to admit that this set of court clothes was very comfortable.

Just like that, two hours later, after Ning Yan changed into the prince's attire, the group departed Ning Yan's residence and headed for the palace.

At that moment, dawn had yet to break. Because it was autumn, the night breeze carried a hint of chill, it was not bone-chilling.

And in the late-night streets, there were few pedestrians. It wasn't until half an hour later, as the faint light of dawn began to permeate the distant sky, that early risers gradually increased in number. By then, Xu Qing and his entourage had already pa.s.sed through the teleportation array and arrived at the rainbow bridge behind the statue of the Sword Holding Emperor.

This bridge could only be stepped on by qualified officials during the court meeting. Other than that, one had to be summoned by the Human Emperor to have the qualifications.

Hence, Zi Xuan and the others from Fenghai County couldn't accompany Xu Qing.

And this audience was a morning court a.s.sembly, so when Xu Qing and Ning Yan emerged on the Rainbow Bridge, their gaze fell upon the figures proceeding along the rainbow bridge.

Those figures were all adorned in court clothes. There were men and women and their expressions were dignified. The cultivation fluctuations emitted from their bodies were all extraordinary.

Most of the clothes were blue and occasionally red. As for black… Xu Qing only saw seven of them.

These seven people's cultivation levels were all at the fourth stage of Nihility. Some were alone and some were surrounded by others. From a visual perspective, they were quite conspicuous.

Xu Qing was observing others, and the others were also probing Xu Qing. His black court attire was equally conspicuous in the eyes of others.

However, they weren't familiar with each other. At most, they looked at each other and didn't chat.

Xu Qing's gaze landed further away. At the end of the rainbow bridge was a palace that seemed to be floating in the void.

It fused with the Ancient Sovereign Planet behind it in terms of aura. It was vast and boundless, and shone with golden light.

As Xu Qing stared, he flew on the rainbow bridge. Ning Yan followed closely behind Xu Qing. The closer he got to the palace, the more nervous he became. However, after sensing Xu Qing's calmness, his heart more or less calmed down.

As they approached, the palace became clearer, showcasing its carved beams and painted rafters, splendid towers and magnificent halls. Outside the main gate of the palace, two giant golden-armored figures stood guard, wielding large swords, their gaze sharp as they scanned everyone entering.

When Xu Qing and Ning Yan's figures emerged outside the palace gate, the two golden-armored giants fell upon them, but they made no move to stop them. They allowed the two to enter and walk across the Immortal Receiving Square. Xu Qing and Ning Yan gazed up at the magnificent grand building atop the wide and expansive staircase of ten thousand steps.

At that moment, hundreds of people were standing on the Immortal Receiving Square and waiting. Xu Qing and Ning Yan's arrival attracted the attention of the people here.

A while later, when the sun ascended in the distance, a dignified voice rang out from the top of the steps.

"Morning court begins!"

As soon as the voice rang out, the sky churned, and golden dragons emerged from the clouds, encircling in all directions, each emitting a resounding roar. Moreover, the statues from all over the imperial capital radiated auspicious lights, painting the sky and earth in myriad colors, creating a scene of tranquility and harmony.

On the Immortal Receiving Square, all the human cultivators ascended into the air one after another according to the color of their clothes and walked toward the main building.

Because the Heavenly Kings didn't need to attend the court meeting, black was the first to rise into the air, followed by red, then blue, green…

Seeing dozens of people in black court clothes soaring out, Xu Qing took a deep breath and his expression turned solemn. He also flew up and leaped over the steps, observing the open door of the main building and the Human Emperor sitting on the dragon chair in the distance!

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