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Chapter 1241 - 1241: I’m Waiting for Him to Pull the Carriage

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Several days later.

In the fifth inner region of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race, the sun was blazing.

The glaring sunlight fell upon an endless desert. Sand dunes stretched endlessly, like the back of a sleeping dragon.

Rising heat waves spread in all directions, scorching everything in their path, and the air was filled with a stifling heat.

In the distance, a sandstorm whirled on the horizon, with fierce winds howling. At its end lay an eternal illusion, concealing elusive hope, but more so… silence and death.

Just like at this moment, in the storm on the horizon, there was dead silence.

A huge blood-red carriage that was ten thousand feet long thundered out of the sandstorm.

The carriage resembled a gigantic dragon head with a spine that swayed like a dragon’s tail.

Indeed, it was a carriage crafted from dragon bones, with every inch of bone engraved with intricate markings, exuding a terrifying aura.

Floating atop the dragon carriage were over three hundred forbidden mountains, imposing and awe-inspiring.

As for the opulent interior of the skull, a young man reclined within.

He was a youth of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race.

Clad in a white robe embroidered with golden threads, he exuded an endless air of n.o.bility, though all of this seemed to pale in comparison to the youth himself.

With his exquisite facial features, eyes s.h.i.+ning like stars, and a high bridge of the nose, along with the aura emanating from his body, everything about him spoke of his n.o.ble status.

It was as though wherever he was, not only did the affiliated races have to kneel, but even the vast majority of Flame Moon cultivators had to lower their heads, let alone the races other than the Flame Moon.

With his ident.i.ty, he could annihilate an entire race with just a word.

And at the moment, he appeared content, with one hand propped against his forehead, while the other played with a jade slip. A curve formed at the corner of his mouth, and a hint of interest flashed in his eyes.

A while later, the youth lifted his head and looked ahead as he calmly spoke.

“The speed is a little slow.”

In front of this dragon carriage, there were hundreds of black iron chains, burning with flames that seemed to scorch both soul and flesh, as they blazed upon the chains. Each chain was pulled straight.

At their ends… were hundreds of human cultivators!

These cultivators, each ragged and emaciated, wore expressions of humiliation, yet they endured and pulled the dragon carriage.

Among them, the one at the forefront was taller than the rest, clad in tattered yellow robes, with blood at the corner of his mouth. Despite this, his gaze was resolute, gritting his teeth as he tugged on the iron chain attached to him, dragging himself forward.

With their combined effort, the dragon carriage surged forth through the storm, traversing under the blaze.

If there were any subordinates of the Human Emperor here, they would be able to recognize at a glance that these humans pulling the carriages were diplomats of the human race who had come to the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race.

The tall youth at the front was none other than… the Eldest Prince of the human race.

“Guyue, Zhonghui, your speed is still a little slow.”

The voice of the youth in the dragon carriage echoed. It was neither hurried nor slow but it revealed a hint of coldness.

“At such speed, when will you be able to pull my carriage to the Divine Mountain?”

“I promised you that as long as you guys pull my carriage all the way to the Divine Mountain, I’ll plead with my father, the king, to speak on your human race’s behalf.”

“However, I’m not satisfied with this speed.”

The hundreds of humans pulling the carriage at the front lowered their heads. The humiliation and helplessness in their hearts grew increasingly intense. As for the Eldest Prince at the front, he didn’t speak.

After a few breaths of silence, the Eldest Prince surged forward, allowing the iron chains to cut into his flesh as he increased his speed once again.

The others also gritted their teeth and exerted their strength at the same time. Hence, the speed of the dragon carriage increased a little.

But evidently, the torment brought by the iron chains and the pressure from the dragon carriage itself increased with speed, causing greater harm. However, those pulling the carriage had no choice but to continue.

The dragon carriage sped through the desert.

The heat became even more intense. When the high temperature landed on the Eldest Prince and the others, it seemed like it could burn all their pride.

“That’s more like it.”

The youth laughed.

“You have to know that from the moment you refused to abandon your ident.i.ty as a human, your maternal family had already given up on you. In the entire Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race, only I thought that you were interesting and gave you this chance.”

“So, Guyue Zhonghui, you have to grasp this opportunity well.”

The Eldest Prince and the other humans remained silent.

The youth spoke as he spun a jade slip between his fingers.

“Also, I heard that a human is partic.i.p.ating in the Grand Hunt. In a forbidden zone in the Eighth Inner Region, he killed quite a few partic.i.p.ants, seemingly with ruthless methods.”

“There were some of my people among them.”

The Eldest Prince was stunned, and so were the others. They didn’t know about this.

A smile appeared on the youth’s face. Fie lifted his hand slightly and the iron chains in front of the dragon carriage instantly transformed into hundreds of whips that swung down.

A rumbling sound echoed out as those iron chains lashed onto the humans pulling the carriage. Many of them spat out blood and the Eldest Prince suffered even more.

“No worries, for each person this individual killed, I’ll whip you guys a thousand times.”

“That will be more interesting.”

The sound of the whip rang out as the dragon carriage continued forward. Just like that, it shuttled through the desert. After it left the desert and the oasis entered its vision, the figures of some cultivators appeared on the horizon.

After seeing the dragon carriage, regardless of whether it was the cultivators of the affiliated races or the Flame Moon Race, they either knelt or bowed.

The youth’s smile remained as the dragon carriage moved past those who were greeting him.

“Guyue Zhonghui, do you think that kid from your human race will come looking for you after he finds out that you are pulling the carriage for me?”

“If he joins you, I might be able to head to the Divine Mountain a few days earlier.”

The Eldest Prince’s expression changed and the other humans’ breathing became hurried.

The lack of information made it difficult for them to guess who the human was. However, they could clearly sense the malice from the prince behind them.

As he spoke, the jade slip in the youth’s hand flickered. He then spread out his whereabouts.

After that, he stretched his back and waved his hand, continuing to whip.

This scene was seen by many Flame Moon cultivators on the way and the news was also leaked by the youth himself. More people knew about it and spread it.

Several days later, in the Sixth Region, Xu Qing’s figure holding the black spear walked out of a mountain range. It was obvious that there were even more vengeful spirits on the black spear.

The smell of blood also grew stronger on Xu Qing’s body.

The captain beside him had a smile on his face. From time to time, he would look at his storage bag. Clearly, he was very satisfied with his harvest.

As for Qiu Quezi, who was following behind them, he had long gone numb.

On his way here, he had a deeper understanding of the two humans in front of him. The person known as the captain was an abnormal person with bizarre spells. He liked to turn others into fruits and eat them.

Even he ate a few of the fruits transformed from the affiliated races. The taste… wasn’t bad.

As for the fruits transformed from his race, he rejected them.

In this world where G.o.ds existed, even though he was from the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race, he had seen similar things before. It wasn’t much. What really shocked him was Xu Qing.

He had encountered killers before, even he himself was one, but he was still shaken by Xu Qing’s killings.

Unless they encountered the Baize Race, Xu Qing rarely took the initiative to attack, nor would he attack anyone just because they had forbidden mountains.

There was no need.

This was because the hundreds of mountain peaks circling his head were enough to intimidate many cultivators. However, there were still some ferocious people who used various methods to try to kill him.

The outcome of these cultivators who provoked Xu Qing was that they became corpses. Their souls were devoured by countless red threads and their mountains became ownerless.

For example, just now, a similar scene had occurred in that mountain range.

On the way, there were more and more similar scenes. The number of forbidden mountains above Xu Qing’s head also rapidly increased.

They had become a vortex spinning with Xu Qing as the center.

As for the reason why the vortex had formed, Qiu Quezi had also found out. He had also told Xu Qing and the captain about the dissatisfaction of the Baize Race, as well as the attention drawn by their actions within the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven.

However, the captain didn’t care at all, and Xu Qing was as calm as ever.

At first, Qiu Quezi didn’t understand. Later on, after thinking about it and combining it with the current situation of the human race, he had an answer.

‘This person wants to fight for the qualifications to become a Mystic Heaven General. He wants to use this method to resolve the current danger of the human race!’

‘No wonder he killed so many people of the Baize Race. If the Si’e Race appeared, he would definitely kill them immediately as well.’

With such thoughts in mind, in order to avoid causing misunderstandings in the future, Qiu Quezi still told Xu Qing the information he had just obtained.

“Fellow Daoists, I… just received a piece of news about your human race’s Eldest Prince.”

Qiu Quezi looked at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing put away his black spear and looked at the hundreds of forbidden mountains above his head as he walked forward.


“The Eldest Prince and his followers were captured alive by the heir of King Mingnan. They seemed to have some deal, so the Eldest Prince and the others are pulling the dragon carriage for him… This matter has already spread throughout the Flame Moon’s territories.”

Qiu Quezi spoke in a low voice.

Xu Qing looked indifferent, and the captain wasn’t too surprised. Qiu Quezi had mentioned this before. Moreover, this transaction had nothing to do with them and they couldn’t interfere.

“Some of the cultivators you killed were under the command of the son of King Mingnan, so he announced that for every Flame Moon cultivator you killed, he would whip the humans pulling the carriage a thousand times. Moreover, he revealed his own whereabouts.”

Qiu Quezi hesitated but still told the truth.

Xu Qing stopped in his tracks and the captain raised his brows.

In that case, it would have something to do with them.

“He deliberately revealed his location?”

Xu Qing turned his head and looked at Qiu Quezi.

Facing Xu Qing’s gaze, Qiu Quezi felt a lot of pressure. After taking a deep breath, he nodded.

“He did it on purpose. Now that he’s in the Fourth Inner Region, he clearly wants to lure you over. This Prince Mingnan’s status is high in the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race. His father, King Mingnan, is the king of the Heavenly Cloud Great Priest’s Tent under the Sun Flame G.o.d. He is deeply valued by the department’s authority. His cultivation and authority are monstrous…”

“How many mountains does he have?”

Xu Qing asked.

“I heard that there are over 400 of them.”

Qiu Quezi looked at Xu Qing.

“Lead the way.”

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes as he calmly spoke.

At the side, the captain grinned.

Qiu Quezi’s heart trembled and he wanted to persuade him. However, when he saw the coldness in Xu Qing’s eyes, he chose to nod.

Three rainbows instantly rushed toward the Fourth Inner Region..

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