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Chapter 1351: Undercurrents Rise Again

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Erniu had said before that when a person reached a certain height, the people they met would mostly be kind.

However… this wasn’t true kindness.

Instead, it was revealed after suppressing other thoughts.

The human race wasn’t all suns.h.i.+ne and rainbows.

Whether it was the actions of the Seventh Prince in the past, the proud and domineering att.i.tude of King Tian Lan, or the various forces surviving on the great s.h.i.+p of the human race for countless millennia…

They all had their own thoughts and interests.

Usually, it wasn’t rare for people to scheme against each other and fight in secret to seize power.

It was just that the overall direction was suppressed by the Human Emperor, which presented an appearance of prosperity and unity.

However, in reality, unity would only appear when the race faced a life-and-death crisis.

Or perhaps… when an expert like the Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether appeared. With the momentum of suppressing the ages, the evil was suppressed and turned into good, the complicated was suppressed and turned into simple.

Dissatisfaction was suppressed and turned into willingness!

Otherwise, just like how there was day and night, distracting thoughts, malice and self-interest would always be there.

Xu Qing understood this logic and the scene today allowed him to understand it even more deeply.

Hence, it wasn’t important what King Yuelan’s motive was.

Xu Qing’s expression was calm as he looked at King Zhen Yan.

King Zhen Yan also looked at Xu Qing. After a long time, he spoke softly.

w.a.n.ggu is like the night. You, me, and all living beings are actually in the darkness…”

Some have fallen deep into it. ?eW ?ovels upd?tes on nov?l/b(i)?(.)com

Some are still struggling…

Because what they yearn for is the light that definitely exists.

After saying that, King Zhen Yan sighed softly and turned to walk toward Xu Qing.

Just as Xu Qing was in deep thought, King Zhen Yan’s voice rang out in his ears.

There’s another reason why King Yueian attacked you. Her goal might be to a.s.sess my att.i.tude at this moment…”

A sharp glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes.

As for the Eldest Prince and the others, they also rushed over rapidly. All of them had terrified expressions, especially the Eldest Prince. His heart was filled with anger toward King Yueian.

Grand Tutor…”

The Eldest Prince was about to say something when Xu Qing shook his head.

This has nothing to do with you.”

With that, Xu Qing turned and took a step forward, disappearing from this place.

When he reappeared, he was already on the street not far from the Foreign Affairs Pavilion. As he moved, he recalled the scenes from before, focusing on King Zhen Yan’s words.

After a long time, when he returned to the high spiritual mansion, he suppressed this matter in his mind. It reminded him of a few things he had inadvertently been involved in when he first arrived in the capital.

Regardless of whether it was when he was attacked on the rainy night back then, the theft of rhe Sun of Dawn later, the big case of the Imperial Academy’s Divine Fusion School, or the figure he saw in the house

All of this appeared in Xu Qing’s mind.

The Human Emperor and the State Preceptor have a deal and are also playing a game…”

There’s also a third party…”

Xu Qing fell silent. Previously, he could only be a chess piece. Even if he obtained the Emperor Sword, as long as he was in the Grand Imperial Capital Region, he wouldn’t be able to escape the chessboard.

But now, whether it was his ident.i.ty or combat strength, he already had the possibility of becoming a chess player.

When he reached the entrance of the high spiritual mansion, Xu Qing raised his head and looked in the direction of the imperial palace.

He looked at the Ancient Sovereign Planet that was floating there in the hazy night.

His eyes revealed a deep light.

All undercurrents will probably erupt when the Human Emperor pays respects to the ancestor.”

In the dark night, lightning suddenly flashed and the sound of thunder echoed. As it rumbled in all directions, it also shook the black clouds.

The sky had changed.

The clouds shook and rain fell on the human world.

it grew larger and larger, continuing to fall endlessly.

Xu Qing pushed open the gate of the high spiritual mansion. The moment he entered, a figure ran over from afar.

Junior Brother, what’s going on? I was following a fellow suspected to be Master and almost left the city when I sensed the fluctuations of the Holy Heavenly Vine.”

Erniu’s appearance caused a smile to appear on Xu Qing’s gloomy face.

After seeing the complexity of the world, seeing that malice could appear for no reason, and then looking at Erniu, the simplicity and sincerity of the other party became even more precious.

Even if this simplicity and sincerity were only targeted at a few people.

Fortunately, Xu Qing was one of them.

Xu Qing was very happy.

It’s nothing important.

Xu Qing said.

Erniu was surprised. After looking at Xu Qing, he also laughed.

Then I’m relieved. However, Little Qing, in the past, it was always me who brought you to do big things. So, if you’re preparing to do something big, if you don’t call Eldest Senior Brother, 1’11 be angry!”

it had to be said that Erniu’s sense of smell was extremely sensitive.

Looking into the other party’s eyes, Xu Qing thought about it and nodded. He then entered the high spiritual mansion with Erniu.

In the main hall, Erniu was clearly still brooding over his stalking attempt earlier.

Let me tell you. Little Qing, I feel that 70% of that figure is that old geezer!

During this period, Old Master Seventh s term had changed many times in Erniu’s mouth. From Master to the old man, then to the old fellow, followed by the old kid, and now it had changed to old geezer.

Master might have his own considerations. Eldest Senior Brother, you don’t have to look for him every day…”

Xu Qing hesitated for a moment before persuading.

That won’t do. That old bandit is cunning. If 1 find him a day later, we’ll have one less portion of fragmented-face’s flesh and blood.”

Erniu wasn’t willing.

Seeing that his eldest senior brother was so persistent, Xu Qing couldn’t say anything. However, in his mind, he didn’t think that their master wanted to monopolize the food. In his opinion, their master must have a reason for doing this.

As for Erniu, after complaining, he waved his hand and a puppet appeared in front of him.

This puppet… was very ugly. It was forcefully pieced together and many parts clearly didn’t match, so it could only maintain a rough figure.

Xu Qing swept his gaze over and could tell that this puppet would collapse with a single strike from a Spirit Repository cultivator.

It’s too difficult. This is my limit.

Erniu sighed and frowned.

If I had known this would happen, I would have spent some effort in my previous lives to learn puppet art.”

I now realize that puppets are actually quite fun and useful. 1 think Feng Lintao is quite proficient in using puppets.”

No, I have to think of a way to repair this thing. Looks like I have to find someone who is good at puppet art in the Grand Imperial Capital Region.”

As Erniu spoke, he thought hard.

Xu Qing fell silent. His gaze swept past the seams on the puppet and he thought of his experience today.

Eldest Senior Brother, maybe there’s someone who possesses the puppet technique.”

When Erniu heard this, he immediately looked at Xu Qing.

Fan s.h.i.+shuang.”

Xu Qing slowly spoke.

Erniu’s eyes lit up as he recalled.

I have some impression of him. He’s that sh*t s.h.i.+shuang who rushed out with a very powerful appearance outside the Divine Mountain back then and took out countless puppets with a raise of his hand, wanting to suppress you and turn you into his puppet?”

He indeed looks like he’s very good at puppet art, but we can t make another trip to the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race because of this, right?”

Erniu frowned. During this period of time, he was either studying puppets or staring at his Great Heavenly Dipper Armor. The rest of the time, he was tracking and searching for his master.

In addition, Fan s.h.i.+shuang was very cautious after he arrived, so Erniu clearly didn’t know about the other party’s arrival.

Xu Qing smiled.

He’s in the Imperial City!

Erniu’s eyes lit up.

Outside the high spiritual mansion, a huge bolt of lightning tore through the endless black clouds, illuminating the world. After that, a deafening thunder rumbled and exploded.

This thunder was too loud. Not only did it shake the world, but it also entered the ears of countless people and landed in their hearts.

Erniu and Xu Qing heard it.

Fan s.h.i.+shuang also heard it.

He was inexplicably shocked and the wine gla.s.s in his hand trembled slightly.

With his cultivation and willpower, it was naturally impossible for thunder to make him feel this way.

Just as he was feeling bewildered , music started spreading where he was. Amidst the laughter and chatting, a gentle voice rang out.

Fellow Daoist Fan, I heard that you’re leaving tomorrow. Today, I invited Third Sister to bid farewell to you together.”

Fan s.h.i.+shuang lifted his head.

He was in a large hall. There were dozens of people on both sides of the hall and all of them looked like heaven’s chosen of the human race. From the introductions earlier, he remembered that they seemed to be descendants of some n.o.ble family.

To him, these ident.i.ties were not worth mentioning. They were just a group of small fries.

Even if the people sitting beside him were the Third Princess and the Fourth Prince of the human race, he only took a few more glances at them and accepted their invitation to drink.

Of course, another reason why he agreed to the invitation was because he was leaving tomorrow. He thought that since the mission had been completed smoothly, Xu Qing wouldn’t find trouble with him.

In addition, after he came to the human race, he had holed himself up in his residence and refused to see anyone. Although the reason he mentioned was that he was cultivating in seclusion, he felt that his reputation had been damaged. After he returned to the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race, he might be mocked.

Hence, he came out today.

At that moment, looking at the Fourth Prince who had a smile on his face and a gentle tone, Fan s.h.i.+shuang suppressed the inexplicable palpitations in his heart and calmly acknowledged.

The Fourth Prince wasn’t surprised by this att.i.tude. In his opinion, the other party was a great heaven’s chosen of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven Race who was among the top of the race. Moreover, he had stepped into the Soul Acc.u.mulation realm at such a young age.

The moment he stepped in, he had become a peak expert in the Soul Acc.u.mulation’s one world stage.

Recently, he had been conferred the t.i.tle of king by the Flame Moon Mystic

Heaven Race.

It was only right for such a person to be arrogant. Hence, he looked at the Third Princess.

For some reason, the Third Princess had interacted more with the Fourth

Prince during this period of time. At this moment, although she was dissatisfied with the att.i.tude of this great heaven’s chosen, she still smiled and raised her wine cup to toast.

Fan s.h.i.+shuang remained aloof, lifting his gla.s.s as a gesture of acknowledgment.

This scene fell into the eyes of everyone below. Their expressions didn’t change much but they were filled with countless thoughts.

They were heaven’s chosens of the human race, but the pressure they felt right now wasn’t small. It looked like the hall was lively with singing and dancing, but in reality, every one of them was paying attention to Fan s.h.i.+shuang.

He was the guest of honor here..

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