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1411 Evil Life Holy Land (2)


After appearing, they all rushed into the Corpse Forbidden.

This strange behavior caused the people from the Yinghuang Province and the various forces in the Nanhuang Continent, who were already paying attention to this place, to pay even more attention.

At the same time, they raised their vigilance to the peak. The Fenghai County army was mobilized and stationed in the Yinghuang Province.

But strangely, in the following month, this celestial mountain made no further moves. The cultivators within seemed to focus all their attention on the Corpse Forbidden.

They continued to gather all kinds of resources in the Corpse Forbidden Zone.

Seawater, anomalous substances, vegetation in the Corpse Forbidden, and even bizarre ent.i.ties and divine creatures were all within the range of their collection.

Xu Qing, who was practicing the divine authority of sound and was searching for the Golden Crow Dragon Carriage in the Forbidden Sea, had also heard of this matter from the information sent by various parties.

He got much more information from Huang Yan who had developed close ties with the human race during this period and had a deep understanding of ancient matters.

“Xu Qing, the information about the race within the holy land that has appeared at our doorstep has been found by the human race from ancient records. It must be said that your human race is quite adept at recording history.”

“This race is called the Evil Life Race. Although it wasn’t a large race during the era of Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether Era, due to the evil and peculiar nature of their existence, the early submission of their race’s emperor to Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether and the many contributions they made, they were able to survive and prosper to some extent.”

“And the reason this race is considered evil is because of their innate abilities. They are born extremely weak and, during their growth, they need to plunder the organs and bodies of other races to continuously replace their own, integrating them as part of themselves.”

“Just like hermit crabs using others’”

“So, most of this race’s members have different appearances. Before submitting to Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether, this race once traded the organs and bodies of various races throughout the entire w.a.n.ggu. If they weren’t so powerful, they would have been wiped out long ago.”

Xu Qing nodded in agreement. Although the human race had declined, they had a long history after all and had many ancient books. Although their records of history couldn’t compare to the Summer Immortal Palace, they still surpa.s.sed the other races by a large extent.

“As for the level of this holy land, it’s a yellow-level holy land. Generally speaking, there will be one to two mighty figures at the Ruler realm in such a holy land.”

“The person who stepped into the Corpse Forbidden that day should be the master of this holy land.”

“According to the investigations of your human race’s Empress, as well as the scattered attempts of various races to contact other holy lands during this period, and some of my own channels, I have come to a conclusion.”

“When those holy lands left, they did not have such strict distinction. They were mostly equal, with the Mystic Nether Holy Land being the highest, serving as the master of all the holy lands.”

“After that, something must have happened which divided them into four levels: Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow.”

Xu Qing moved forward in the Forbidden Sea as Huang Yan’s divine sense from the feather echoed in his mind.

“There are one to two Rulers in a yellow-level holy land, while a black-level holy land that is one level higher hasn’t descended yet, they should have a Quasi-Immortal Great Emperor existence.”

“As for the earth-level holy land… it’s impossible for them to have a Summer Immortal, so it is likely that the number of Quasi Immortals determines whether a holy land is earth-level or not!”

“And there seems to be only one heaven-level holy land… I suspect that there’s a high chance that they have a Summer Immortal.”

“According to the Empress’ a.n.a.lysis, the Mystic Nether Holy Land isn’t heaven-level. In that case, there’s a high chance that the Summer Immortal in the current heaven-level holy land isn’t Mystic Nether but… someone else!”

In the Forbidden Sea, Xu Qing stopped in his tracks.

“Summer Immortal…”

He mumbled inwardly as a sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

“All the holy lands have been doing the same thing ever since they arrived.”

Huang Yan continued transmitting his voice.

“That’s gathering resources!”

“However, no matter what, since the holy land has descended here, don’t stay in the Forbidden Sea for too long and return early.”

Huang Yan ended the voice transmission.

Xu Qing raised his head and stared at the top of the sea.

The wind stirred in the calm sea, gradually growing stronger, stirring up waves.

A storm was about to arrive as the sky darkened.

“I will search for another two months. If I still don’t find the Golden Crow Dragon Carriage by then, I will leave the Forbidden Sea and return to Fenghai County.”

Xu Qing muttered to himself and continued forward.

Just like that, time flowed by.

A month pa.s.sed.

Three more holy lands descended on w.a.n.ggu.

Up until now, the number of holy lands that had descended had reached 33.

As for the Evil Life Holy Land on the Forbidden Sea, their excavation of the Corpse Forbidden seemed to be coming to an end. They began to arrange for their clansmen to head to the surrounding islands.

They didn’t commit any evil deeds. All the cultivators who headed to the surrounding islands were friendly.

They politely asked for some data about w.a.n.ggu, and even treated some people who had been seriously invaded by anomalous substances. Before they left, they even handed out some medicinal pills from the holy land.

This pill was very useful in expelling the anomalous substances in the body.

Although the various races were apprehensive, they could sense the goodwill of the holy land.

As all the information was gathered, three letters were sent out from the Evil Life Holy Land.

One was sent to the Nanhuang Continent’s Phoenix Forbidden and placed outside. This was a letter for the Flame Phoenix.

The second letter was sent to the Seven Blood Eyes. It was a letter to Old Master Seventh.

The third letter was sent to the Yinghuang Province. It was a letter to the lord of the Holy Wave Large Region.

The three letters were worded differently, but their meanings were consistent. They politely informed the three parties that their Evil Life Holy Land had descended to this place without malicious intent, coming only to seek resources and not wis.h.i.+ng to be enemies with anyone.

They hoped that they could get along peacefully with the three parties.

Regarding this, after communicating, Fenghai County, Nanhuang Continent, and the Seven Blood Eyes decided to maintain the same att.i.tude as the w.a.n.ggu’s races, continuing to observe the holy land.

They didn’t act rashly, but they were still vigilant and paid attention to the holy land’s actions at all times.

As stated in the letters, the Evil Life Holy Land pursued peace and didn’t do anything that might cause misunderstandings in the following month.

Although the range of their exploration had increased and they came into contact with more island races in the surroundings, their att.i.tudes were still gentle. They healed people and handed out medicinal pills.

Those medicinal pills were researched by the Seven Blood Eyes, and Huang Yan personally checked and confirmed that there were no hidden dangers.

As such, everything seemed to be progressing smoothly.

Only the storm on the Forbidden Sea seemed to have grown larger.

As for Xu Qing, from the start until now, more than half a year had pa.s.sed. In the past two months, he had used his divine authority of sound to investigate almost all the sea areas between the Yinghuang Province and the Nanhuang Continent.

There were many dangerous places inside, but Xu Qing didn’t go deep. What he wanted to find was still the Golden Crow Dragon Carriage.

But in the end, it was to no avail.

“There’s a high chance that the dragon vehicle and the giant might have gone to the outer sea.”

On the surface of the sea, Xu Qing stood on the corpse of a megalodon that was tens of thousands of feet long and covered in countless wounds.

The sea breeze blew over, and his purple hair fluttered in the wind.

His expression was calm and the surroundings were filled with countless resplendent spots of light.

These were the scattered divinity of the creature under his feet.

As he absorbed them, Xu Qing looked into the distance.

That place was the direction of the outer sea.

A long time later, Xu Qing shook his lead and retracted his gaze. It was clearly not suitable for him to go to the outer sea at this time.

He was prepared to give up for the time being. Just as he was about to end the search and lead to Fenghai County, his voice transmission jade slip vibrated.

Xu Qing’s divine sense swept over. At the next instant, Second Senior Sister’s voice echoed in his mind.

“Junior Brother, there’s something I need you to deal with…”

“Ancestor Xue Lianzi is currently on Dongyou Island. He… issued a request for help and specifically asked for you.”

Second Senior Sister’s voice carried a hint of resignation, evidently finding it somewhat ridiculous that the ancestor sought help from his grand disciple.

However… it made sense.

“The old man is getting older. These years, he rarely speaks up. Now that he has, he probably wants to show off in front of Esteemed Master Dongyou. You should go and check it out.”

Xu Qing was also stunned. His expression was solemn as he immediately replied.

“Second Senior Sister, I will immediately lead to Dongyou Island.”

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