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Chapter 1087: Chapter 1087 Opening the Secret Treasure

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Chaoter 1087 Opening the Secret Treasure

Despite seeing through the Xu family’s plan, Lu Yu allowed Ming Baixuan to continue leading them.

In Ming Baixuan’s mind, Lu Yu was walking straight into a trap. After all, a normal person wouldn’t willingly enter an enemy’s snare.

However, Lu Yu’s unwavering confidence sparked a flicker of doubt in Ming Baixuan’s heart.

Could Lu Yu’s strength truly be so immense that he could disregard a powerful family like the Xu family?

Following Ming Baixuan’s lead, the three ventured deep into the forest. A day’s travel later, as dusk approached, Lu Yu, unsure of the distance covered, approached Ming Baixuan.

“How much further?”

Ming Baixuan scanned his surroundings, his gaze sweeping over the towering mountains. “We’re nearing the location. Keep going, I’ll lead you there.” “Are the Xu family waiting for me at our destination?” Lu Yu pressed.

“No,” Ming Baixuan explained. “They’ll tail us part of the way, then follow us all the way there. Obviously, I wouldn’t reveal the exact location. Otherwise, they could ditch me, use the key, and I’d be left with nothing.”

“As long as I deliver you, they’ll follow, take care of you, and share the spoils with me as compensation. A perfect partners.h.i.+p, I thought.” He chuckled humorlessly.

“Unfortunately, that partners.h.i.+p’s dissolved. Now, it’s how you handle the Xu family.”

Ming Baixuan sighed, a hint of helplessness in his voice. “Honestly, fighting their entire family alone is a tough proposition. You’re outnumbered, an outsider, and frankly, I don’t see much promise in you.”

“You should reconsider. Engaging them could have serious consequences,” he warned, a touch of concern lacing his voice.

Lu Yu offered a faint smile. “That’s not your concern. Just lead the way. The rest is on me.”

“Alright, alright,” Ming Baixuan conceded. “I’ll get you there. But when things go south, don’t drag me into it.”

A sudden thought struck Lu Yu. “Can the Xu family hear our conversation here?”

Ming Baixuan pondered for a moment before shaking his head. “No, I confirmed that during our cooperation discussions yesterday.”

“They’ve planted a tracking device on me—a sensing stone, apparently. They’ll use it to follow us here.’

“I still have this little stone on me.”

“Then let’s move on,” Lu Yu declared, resuming his stride without further comment.

Ming Baixuan followed suit, a sense of unease settling in his gut. “Seems you’re truly set on a fight. You could order me to ditch the stone, keep it for yourself, and disappear.”

“They’re nothing more than a nuisance to me. No need for excessive caution. I can handle them however I see fit.’

Lu Yu’s words prompted Ming Baixuan to nod thoughtfully. “You seem quite confident in your abilities.”

“But you’re a foreigner,” Ming Baixuan countered. “Do you even know the Xu family’s strength?”

A confident smile played on Lu Yu’s lips. “Understanding them isn’t necessary. If they dare oppose me, they’ll face the consequences.”

Lu Yu’s unwavering self-a.s.surance left Ming Baixuan filled with grudging admiration.

“Impressive.” Ming Baixuan exclaimed, flas.h.i.+ng Lu Yu a thumbs up. “Alright, see that flat path ahead through the trees? If we follow it, we’ll reach some ruins similar to ancient ruins.”

He pointed ahead. “There’s a broken portal there. If you bring the key over, it’ll absorb the key’s energy and rebuild itself, opening the way into the secret vault.”

“There it is, the path! Let’s take a look at those ruins!” Ming Baixuan gestured excitedly toward the lush forest path lined with trees swaying gently in the mountain breeze.

Lu Yu turned, taking in the vast mountainous landscape he’d traversed. He wondered if the Xu family had followed, but decided it was a moot point now. They were here, and the treasure would be theirs first. The Xu family would surely reveal themselves after it was secured.

With purpose, Lu Yu began his trek down the forest path. Deeper within, he emerged into a clearing dominated by historical buildings, their surfaces etched with the pa.s.sage of time. Dilapidated stone structures held remnants of furniture, and mysterious runes adorned the surrounding pillars, radiating an aura of forgotten secrets.

“Such well-preserved ruins?” Lu Yu inquired, his voice filled with wonder. “No one’s ever stumbled upon these?”

A chuckle escaped Ming Baixuan’s lips. “Of course not. Pure coincidence on my part. This location is deep within the mountains, far from frequented paths. As for me,” he continued, a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt creeping into his voice. “Well, let’s just say a powerful beast chased me here during a hunting expedition. It seems these ruins possess some deterrent effect on creatures from the outside world.

The beast retreated in resentment after I stumbled upon this place.”

“I planned to rest here for a while before leaving,” Ming Baixuan explained. “That’s when I discovered the portal and the key indentation. You wouldn’t believe it, Lu Yu, but the key doesn’t actually fit into a hole. Instead, it needs to be placed within a groove, almost like a grinding tool used in the key’s creation.”

“Once the key is placed, the portal should activate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it with me at the time. All I could do was sketch its shape with pen and paper before heading out to search for it.” He shrugged helplessly. “And here we are, key found, but not exactly in my possession.”

Lu Yu patted Ming Baixuan on the shoulder. “Who knew a simple hunting trip could lead to the discovery of such relics? Not bad, Ming Baixuan, not bad at all.

A forced laugh escaped Ming Baixuan’s lips. Lu Yu’s praise felt hollow considering the precarious situation he was in, about to lose everything and potentially his life.

With renewed steps, Lu Yu ventured deeper into the ruins, his eyes fixed on the fragmented portal that promised untold treasures..

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