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Two of the three black-clad experts were instantly incapacitated.

The third black-clad expert quickly snapped out of his stupor and swiftly drew the soft sword from his waist and charged at Gu Jiao with a fierce attack.

When dealing with Gu Chengfeng, he didn't even make a move because there was no need to. However, as soon as this youth appeared, ‘he’ killed two of his companions right away.

He had to reluctantly admit that this youth, who was much younger than everyone present, gave him a strong sense of danger.

Even to the point where he resorted to using his weapon.

Gu Jiao remained unfazed, not reacting immediately as the enemy launched an attack at her. But the moment his soft sword was about to strangle her neck, she swiftly raised her left hand and shot out a long wire with a hook that entangled her opponent's soft sword

She then gave it a forceful tug and used the force to fling herself out, soaring into the air as if she had acquired some qinggong skills. She swiftly weaved through the falling snow, landing a foot on the opposite wall, and then proceeded to pull out the red-ta.s.seled spear with her bare hands.

With a swift turn, she flipped the red-ta.s.seled spear in her palm, aiming its tip at the last black-clad expert, and shot it at him mercilessly!

There were no fancy techniques, and it was hard to determine the specific martial arts style, but the killing was done in an instant.

Perhaps when Old Marquis taught her spear techniques, he never antic.i.p.ated she could turn every move into such a lethal strike.

The third black-clad expert didn't even have time to fight back before his entire body stiffened and he knelt on the ground.

Amidst the heavy snowfall, his head drooped, and he ceased to breathe.

Gu Jiao withdrew the long spear, making him completely collapse to the ground.

Chief Guard Liu and all the soldiers involuntarily took a big step back.

This youth was too terrifying!

To say that ‘his’ martial arts skills were exceptionally high wasn’t entirely accurate, but ‘his’ murderous intent was unmatched even by death warriors.

The strong feared the unreasonable, and the unreasonable feared those who were fearless of death. This youth happened to be one who wasn’t afraid of death!

Gu Jiao still wore the flamboyant peac.o.c.k feather mask on her face, which, coupled with her indomitable aura, had a strangely eerie and captivating effect on people.

For a moment, no one dared to approach her!

Gu Jiao walked towards Gu Chengfeng while holding the red-ta.s.seled spear in her arms. She looked down at him and asked, "Can you still walk?"

Gu Chengfeng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and replied, "Yes."

"Good." Gu Jiao nodded and extended her hand towards him.

Gu Chengfeng who felt there was something amiss: “...”

Hold on. Are you planning to leave me behind if I can't walk?

He took Gu Jiao's hand and stood up from the snowy ground.

Chief Guard Liu and the others watched Gu Jiao with an intense gaze, but they didn't dare to apprehend her. Instead, as Gu Jiao moved, the soldiers in her path retreated a few steps nervously.

This left Gu Jiao bewildered.

It wasn't until Gu Jiao returned to the wine cellar and carried out Old Marquis, who had fallen unconscious once again, that Chief Guard Liu finally reacted.

Fighting against Gu Jiao was a sure path to death, but letting her go would also lead to severe consequences!

Chief Guard Liu clenched his teeth, gathered his courage, and raised his sword, saying, "Are we all a bunch of cowards? Scared of a little brat who's still wet behind the ears? If we let them escape today, when the higher-ups come to investigate, none of us will survive! Among the three of them, two are already injured. That kid is even carrying one on his back. He can't defend himself against us! Let's attack together and cut them down!”

"Attack together! Cut them down!"

Some of the soldiers echoed enthusiastically.

Chief Guard Liu took the lead and charged out, and the rest of the soldiers, seeing this, were also inspired with a burning determination.

They believed that Gu Jiao, with her wounded companion on her back, was defenseless and wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Little did they know that Gu Jiao had securely tied Old Marquis to her back with a piece of cloth, freeing both of her hands. One held the long spear, and the other tossed her back basket to Gu Chengfeng.

Immediately after, she flung a black gunpowder ball with a wave of her hand, creating an explosive and b.l.o.o.d.y path through the soldiers!

The tremendous commotion shocked the entire Prefect's Mansion. Even the State of Chen's troops stationed outside the mansion were alarmed by this series of loud noises. However, Gu Jiao and Gu Chengfeng moved so fast that by the time a large contingent of soldiers arrived to besiege them, they had already climbed over the Prefect's Mansion’s walls and mounted two horses concealed nearby.

They had two horses in total. Gu Jiao rode one with Old Marquis while Gu Chengfeng rode the other alone.

The three of them swiftly vanished into the streets of Lingguan City.

"My Lord!"

Near the wine cellar, Chief Guard Liu, who had been severely injured by the explosion, knelt down and bowed before a man wearing a silver fox cloak.

The man appeared to be in his thirties, with a robust and tall physique, and a stern countenance with deep-set eyes. His every move and gesture carried an air of n.o.bility.

Although the man didn't seem visibly angry, everyone in his presence felt as if their throats were being squeezed, making it hard to breathe.

The man paid no attention to the kneeling Chief Guard Liu or the other injured soldiers who were knocked down by the explosion. He simply approached the residue of the black gunpowder ball, crouched down with his n.o.ble bearing, and used his long fingers to touch the debris on the ground. A hint of coldness and puzzlement flickered across his countenance.

"State of Yan’s people?" He muttered quietly.

Chief Guard Liu couldn't hear what he was saying, not because the man's voice was too low, but because Chief Guard Liu's ears were still ringing from the explosion. He asked, "My Lord, should we pursue them?"

"Chase." The man in the silver fox cloak replied calmly, "I want him alive."

"Ah…” That kid was so formidable that it was already difficult to kill him. But now they still needed to capture him alive. This was a bit——

Chief Guard Liu wanted to say that it was a bit too tough on these soldiers, but he also understood that the words spoken by this n.o.bleman were never taken back.

They either had to obey or die.

The cold wind howled and the snow fell heavily.

Gu Jiao and Gu Chengfeng rushed through the oncoming heavy snowfall in the darkness of the night. Their hands and feet had become numb from the cold, and their bodies were gradually losing sensation.

The snow had congealed into frost on Gu Jiao's long eyelashes.

However, thanks to the heavy snowfall, their tracks were concealed.

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