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Gu Chengfeng desperately wanted to ask Gu Jiao where they were heading, but his mouth had gone numb from the cold, rendering him unable to speak.

Just when all three of them were on the verge of turning into human icicles, Gu Jiao finally brought the horses to a stop.

As she tugged on the reins and pulled them upwards, her hand was in excruciating pain, as if it had been fractured.

"Ar...Are...we, we fine here?" Gu Chengfeng managed to mumble.

"Mm." Gu Jiao replied. She was no better off than Gu Chengfeng and also had difficulty speaking. She slowly released her stiff hand, but the reins were frozen to her palm.

The red-ta.s.seled spear hadn't frozen to her hand. It was just that she was gripping it tightly for so long that her stiff fingers were hard to open.

Both of them had to exert a significant amount of effort to dismount from their horses.

The horses were exhausted, panting heavily.

"Where are we?" Gu Chengfeng asked with a pale face.

"I don't know." Gu Jiao replied.

She wasn't familiar with the terrain of the borderlands. She was simply relying on her instincts to evade the pursuing forces of the remnants of the previous dynasty.

"Let's keep moving forward." She said.

She raised her hand, which had regained some sensation, and grabbed the horse's reins, while her other hand held the red-ta.s.seled spear.

Gu Chengfeng remembered that she had initially carried the red-ta.s.seled spear on her back. However, now that she was carrying their grandfather, she could only hold the red-ta.s.seled spear in her hand.

"Give it to me." He reached out and said.

"You can't carry it." Gu Jiao responded.

"How can I not carry it? I'm a man!" Feeling slighted, Gu Chengfeng reached for Gu Jiao's red-ta.s.seled spear.

Gu Jiao gave him a faint look and let go.


Gu Chengfeng knelt down with a thud, unable to hold back a curse.

What the heck was this red-ta.s.seled spear?!

Why was it so heavy?!

Also, he had been too focused on running for his life earlier and hadn't paid much attention. But now that he had taken a closer look, he nearly had a heart attack!

How could there be such an ugly red-ta.s.seled spear in the world?!

Were all these big red flowers on the spear shaft for real? And who on earth braided these red ta.s.sels into little pigtails?!

Gu Chengfeng almost cried at the sight of it!

Taking this red-ta.s.seled spear onto the battlefield would be enough to scare a batch of enemies to death just with its ugliness!

Thankfully, Gu Jiao had wrapped the red-ta.s.seled spear in cloth all along the journey, otherwise Gu Chengfeng seriously suspected that he might have been blinded by its ugliness halfway.

"I told you that you couldn't carry it." Gu Jiao said, ignoring Gu Chengfeng's look of disdain and astonishment as she picked up the red-ta.s.seled spear and led the horse forward.

"I can't carry it only because I'm injured." Gu Chengfeng decided to salvage a bit of his male pride, "Wait until I recover, and you'll see if I can carry it!"

Gu Jiao didn't turn back and waved her hand, saying, "Recover first, then we'll talk."

Gu Chengfeng scowled but led his horse and followed along.

The two of them seemed to have entered a deep forest, but they quickly emerged from the woods.

"There's a house over there." Gu Chengfeng said.

"Mm." Gu Jiao nodded. She had noticed it too. It was on the edge of the forest, and it didn't look like an ordinary villager's house but resembled the home of a forest guard or a hunter.

The two of them led their horses over.

Despite his injuries, Gu Chengfeng instinctively pulled Gu Jiao behind him before he raised his hand to knock on the door.

"No need to knock, there's no one there." Gu Jiao said.

Gu Chengfeng raised an eyebrow in an odd manner and asked, "Is it your hearing again?"

Did this girl have a dog’s ear or something?

Gu Jiao pushed the door open and walked into the two-room small wooden cabin. The living room was connected to the bedroom, and in the corner of the living room, there was a simple stove and cooking utensils.

There was a pot with some frozen leftovers in it.

In this climate, frozen leftovers wouldn't spoil for a month or two, so it was hard for Gu Jiao to determine how many days ago the food had been left.

However, judging from the layer of dust on the stove and the bedding, it seemed that someone had been living in the cabin within the past three days.

It was unclear whether the homeowner had gone out or been captured and taken into captivity by the State of Chen's army or the remnants of the previous dynasty.

Gu Jiao turned to Gu Chengfeng and said, "Let's stay here for the night."

Gu Chengfeng looked around and sighed, "I suppose that's the only option."

The borderlands were just too cold, and they would likely freeze to death if they stayed outside.

Two beds were arranged at a right angle, one against the inner wall and the other against the side wall. Gu Jiao placed Old Marquis on the bed against the inner wall.

She then pointed to the other bed and said to Gu Chengfeng, "Lie down."

"What for?" Gu Chengfeng asked.

Gu Jiao removed the basket from his back and replied, "Treatment."

"Oh." Gu Chengfeng responded and obediently lay down on the other bed. It wasn't that he didn't want to share a bed with his grandfather, but the beds here were all bamboo beds, and they were barely big enough for one person to turn over.

The cabin was too cold, so Gu Jiao first brought in a bundle of firewood and a charcoal basin.

Once the firewood was burning, both of them felt much warmer.

Gu Jiao then began to examine Gu Chengfeng's injuries.

To be honest, Gu Chengfeng was pretty seriously injured. If it were anyone else, they might have been incapacitated by now, but he was still up and about, showing that he was quite resilient.

He was a tough cookie indeed.

Gu Jiao used iodophor to clean the wounds on Gu Chengfeng's shoulder.

Suddenly, Gu Chengfeng asked, "Hey, what’s the matter with you earlier?"

"What do you mean?" Gu Jiao asked.

"It's just..." Gu Chengfeng paused, not sure where to begin. He didn't know whether to ask her where she learned her deadly combat skills or where she acquired her healing abilities.

When she fought, she seemed like a demon, but when she healed people, she appeared almost like a Buddha.

It was really a perplexing contradiction.

Gu Chengfeng's gaze rested on her earnest little face, and he finally opened his mouth to ask, "What did you do before? I mean before you came here pretending to be Gu Jiao?"

"Hmm…” She did a lot of jobs.

"Were you an" Gu Chengfeng inquired.

Or perhaps a physician too?

Gu Chengfeng thought to himself.

"More or less." Gu Jiao casually answered.

"What do you mean 'more or less'? It's either you were or you weren't." Gu Chengfeng muttered. Then he fell silent for a moment and said, "When we were at the Prefect's Mansion, I thought you... lost control of yourself."

When Gu Jiao had emerged from the wine cellar, her murderous intent had been overwhelming. Even now, as he recalled it, he still felt his heart racing in fright.

"I didn't lose control." Gu Jiao simply replied.

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