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Chapter 497: Spiritual Realm Fragment (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, at this stage, he could not stop.

Just like that, Lin Yan kept sucking and descending. The lower he went, the darker it became. There was only a hole above with a radius of more than ten meters. After descending to a hundred meters, it completely turned into a fist-sized hole.

A total of 40 hours!

Lin Yan had already reached an unknown depth below the bones. Looking up, he could no longer see any light. There were only light patterns the size of a pinp.r.i.c.k that were like stars, reminding him that he had entered a cylindrical bone and followed the bone marrow down.

Lin Yan was numb!

Along the way, the lower he went, the more white jade Buddha statues appeared. Lin Yan couldn’t remember how many white jade Buddha statues he had smashed. There were more than a thousand, almost two thousand!

In the beginning, he had to grab the white jade Buddha statue every time and smash it against the surrounding bone walls a few times before it shattered.

Later on, every time the white jade Buddha statue jumped up, he would punch it directly. The terrifying power shattered it and also triggered a huge explosion. The sound spread throughout his arm, causing Rakshasa’s Daughter and the other human demons outside to hear it.

In the end, he still threw a punch, but he controlled his strength steadily within the range. He only shattered the white jade Buddha statues without affecting his surroundings at all.

His strength was clearly increasing rapidly, causing him to be unable to control it. However, as he grew, he quickly familiarized himself with his strength and steadily controlled his body!

In the immortal seed s.p.a.ce, the original bayberry tree had already become an entire bayberry forest!

There were red jade b.a.l.l.s everywhere. Lin Yan had to spend some effort to find the Myriad Treasures Tree’s original body that was hiding in a corner.

However, even so, after more than a thousand, maybe two thousand white jade Buddha statues, his Spiritual Image seed was still not fully devoured!

There was even a lot of room!

“This is troublesome. At this rate, my Spiritual Image seed will definitely not be able to devour enough spirituality of the world…”

Continuing down, it was another long journey. The surroundings were already completely dark, but Lin Yan’s body’s perception had already transformed to an extremely sharp state. It didn’t matter if he looked with his eyes or not.

Suddenly, Lin Yan felt his balance change slightly, as if something was pus.h.i.+ng him from below.

“This is… the Gravity Transformation Layer!”

At this moment, he had already devoured more than 2,000 white jade Buddha statues, but his Spiritual Image seed had yet to be full!

He continued to devour. This time, he did not descend again. Instead, the ruby bone marrow below was rising. Because of the gravity conversion layer, he did not need to move. The bone marrow below kept falling.

However, this time, Lin Yan did not suck the marrow for long. He quickly sensed that his feet were empty and he was floating in midair. He was weightless!

Logically speaking, after pa.s.sing through the gravitational transformation layer, the bone marrow above and below would keep coming up. At this moment, weightlessness could only mean that… the liquid ruby bone marrow had been devoured!

Lin Yan gently spat out some force, causing his body to turn 180 degrees, upside down. Then, he twisted his finger and took out a little of the Spirit-s.n.a.t.c.hing Demonic Flame. He looked up.

“As expected…”

Above it was a solid bone wall about 2,000 meters long, the length of this arm’s bone marrow.

“That’s it…”

Lin Yan looked at the Spiritual Image seed in his tailbone.

Now, one could roughly tell that this was the appearance of a seed. The surrounding spatial wall was already densely covered in countless patterns. They were layered and even emitted a dense light. Countless spiritual patterns flickered on it. Those were spiritual pattern lives that had multiplied and grown in large numbers after being devoured by the spirituality of the world.

They were divided into four colors and intertwined harmoniously.

However… He was still a little short!

The Spiritual Image seed was still a little lacking. It had not completely condensed, nor had it completely fused with his tailbone!

“Although there’s a high chance that I can last for a period of time after devouring so much spirituality of the world, if I don’t replenish the spirituality of the world for too long, I’m afraid the Spiritual Image seed will solidify and stagnate, unable to completely form the second advancement, right?”

Lin Yan clenched his fists slightly.

Although he had not tested it yet, his body and strength had already reached an unbelievable level. Even he did not dare to imagine what he was capable of. There were all kinds of mysterious abilities acc.u.mulating.

However, if he could not increase his strength to the maximum, how could he face the Divine General and that G.o.d?

“That white jade Buddha statue, Gu Chuan, once said that if I step over their corpses and reach the deepest forbidden land of death in h.e.l.l, 1 will see the remains of the G.o.ddess Lake that once fell there…

“And now, I’ve already crossed their corpses and arrived at the deepest part.

But where is the forbidden land of death? Where is the remains of the G.o.ddess Lake?”

Lin Yan looked up at the bone wall that was more than ten meters in radius and was the size of a small lake. He suddenly had an idea.

At this moment, he was floating in the middle of the bone tunnel. He stretched out his hand and exerted force, forming a counterforce that pushed him to the bone wall at the side. Then, he kicked hard at the bone wall and overcame the gravity to jump into the air. He jumped under the bone wall and inserted his hand into the side wall to stabilize himself.

The bone wall was originally very firm. It was even st.u.r.dier than the rocks outside that belonged to flesh and blood. Previously, even when he used the Savage Flame Saber, he could only leave a shallow mark..

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