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Chapter 498: Spiritual Realm Fragment (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

But now, he only relied on his strength and finger force to easily grab the bone wall and stabilize his body in midair.

Looking down, there was a bottomless abyss.

“I’ve reached the deepest part, the deepest part…”

Lin Yan clenched his fists and knocked twice on the bone wall above.

The huge force caused the surface of the bone wall to cave in slightly.

At the same time, a crisp sound was heard.

“This bone wall is not thick! There’s a lot of s.p.a.ce inside!”

According to the location, this was the gravitational conversion layer. At most, it was only the middle of the arm. There was an entire mountain range inside!

Lin Yan immediately reached out and pinched. Raging black flames instantly rose, as if they were burning through s.p.a.ce and the world. They distorted and transformed into a pitch-black shovel with a sharp tip.

As soon as it appeared, distorted black lightning shot out, leaving charred cracks on the indestructible bone walls around it.

“This power is more than ten times stronger than before, right?”

Furthermore, this was not the special effect of the Savage Flame of the Vermillion Bird Burning the Nine Heavens. Instead, it was the Savage Flame condensed from his own strength!

Through the process of Lin Yan’s advancement, the four special effects seemed to have fused with his strength. Moreover, their power increased by more than ten times.

This was still when the Spiritual Image Seed had yet to completely condense. Lin Yan had yet to successfully advance. Once he really advanced, there would definitely be a big one…

Thinking of this, Lin Yan flipped his hand and quickly dug up!

Crack crack crack crack!

Under the enhancement of Lin Yan’s immense strength, the pitch-black shovel cut off huge bone pieces on the bone wall above as if it was cutting tofu. The bone pieces cut out fell. When they pa.s.sed the gravity conversion point, they decelerated again. Then, they began to vibrate in a simple manner until they were stopped by the air resistance.

Not long after, the shovel in Lin Yan’s hand suddenly became lighter. He dug a small hole in the bone wall!

Almost at the moment the bone wall was dug through, a layer of spiritual energy that was similar to the Demon G.o.d’s spiritual corruption, only ten times richer, spewed out of the hole above and sprayed in Lin Yan’s face!

Compared to the spiritual pollution inside, it was simply the difference between a breeze and a typhoon. Moreover, it contained a terrifying power of decay and death, like the sound of destruction in the abyss.

However, the spiritual corruption that could completely turn the human demon general into a puppet in an instant brushed past his face and didn’t hurt him at all.


“No wonder that monk Gu Chuan said that no one can cross this forbidden area of life. I’m afraid even my Black Tortoise Divine Armor can’t stop such dense spiritual energy…”

Lin Yan immediately flipped his hand and sped up. He dug out a small hole above and dug it again, forming a hole that was enough for a person to pa.s.s through.

As a result, the terrifying spiritual pollution energy that spewed out became even richer, as if it had turned this not-so-small bone tunnel into a completely dead domain.


In the bag, Old Qin’s struggling speed suddenly increased.

“I almost forgot!”

Lin Yan hurriedly pinched off the Savage Flame shovel and reached into his bag to grab Old Qin.

“Hu hu! Dead, dead, all dead…”

Old Qin still looked like a lunatic. Previously, when it was in the bag, Lin Yan had opened a portion of the Black Tortoise Divine Armor to protect it. However, at this moment, the spiritual pollution energy increased tenfold. Even the Black Tortoise Divine Armor couldn’t stop it and it almost killed Old Qin.

Lin Yan had no choice but to grab Old Qin in his hand and wrap it in his palm. He used his body to block the spiritual energy for him.

However, Old Qin’s crazy and chaotic voices inevitably sounded at Lin Yan.

“Gu Xiang, Gu Chong, Gu Guo…”

Lin Yan reached out and grabbed the edge of the hole.

“Why is this happening? Why are you doing this…”

He pushed himself up and stood on the relatively flat bone wall.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault…”

“Shut up!”

Lin Yan subconsciously shouted. His mental fluctuation entered Old Qin’s body with the help of the Mind Connection Technique, and Old Qin’s voice immediately stopped.

Then, miraculously, the jade statue shook slowly. Old Qin had actually calmed down!

However, in the next moment, Lin Yan immediately sensed the reason. There were traces of very weak and hidden energy that kept probing his hand!

Their target was obviously Old Qin, but at this moment, because his palm was wrapped around Old Qin, they could not touch Old Qin, so Old Qin’s movements slowly calmed down.

“It’s still spiritual energy. It’s just that it targeted Old Qin previously. Moreover, my Black Tortoise Divine Armor shouldn’t be able to stop it. Otherwise, 1 would have discovered it previously…”

Gradually, Old Qin became more and more calm.

“Big Brother! 1,1 just…”

“You’ve fallen for it again.”

Old Qin curled up into a ball and hid in Lin Yan’s palm. “I sensed that those 2,783 people were buried here alive! They were neither alive nor dead. They were tortured…”

“2,783 people, just like the underground ruins outside Ding’an City. Was it your doing again?”

Old Qin trembled slightly. “That’s not me! That’s the devil, not me, not me…”

Lin Yan looked around. His gaze turned cold. “Buddha corpses created Buddha. Countless Sons of Buddha and Buddhist monks were sacrificed. Here, 2,783 people died.

“I think 1 understand what you were doing…

“Was it because you couldn’t make up your mind to be cruel that you cut off your weakness and other things?”

Old Qin’s body trembled again. “I-I can feel it. The guy who affected me isn’t far from here. He’s up there…”

Lin Yan also looked up. “Coincidentally, 1 want to go up and take a look too.”

The Spirit-s.n.a.t.c.hing Demonic Flame in his hand shone even brighter. With the help of the light, he could see that there was a gradually narrowing hole in the ground, like an abyss well. At the top of it was a faint hole that was very narrow. He was standing at the bottom of this well.

The rich pollutive spiritual power also spat out from the hole.

On both sides were bone walls. It was as if the interior had many jagged protrusions after the bone was pried open. Lin Yan grabbed Old Qin with one hand and quickly climbed up with the other.

“Big Brother, I can feel that I’m getting closer and closer to that guy…”

Old Qin’s voice was clearly trembling and hesitant.

The journey up was not long. Other than the fact that the power of spiritual corruption was a little heavier, there was no danger.

Soon, Lin Yan climbed to the cave entrance. The cave entrance wasn’t big, but it was just enough for Lin Yan to get out.

Lin Yan grabbed the hole and climbed up.

At this moment, the light changed, and the world was different. When Lin Yan stabilized himself and landed, he was shocked to discover that a scene that shouldn’t have appeared here had appeared in front of him!

There was a rather wide field, a low mountain peak, and a stretch of land that seemed like a dream. He could not react for a moment. There was a blue sky, white clouds, and a hot wind!

There was actually a peaceful wilderness inside the Demon G.o.d’s arm?!

However, in an instant, Lin Yan immediately reacted. This was not the place from before. Otherwise, it was impossible for him not to see any light at the bottom of the cave in such a bright place.

Looking at the white clouds in the sky above him, Lin Yan felt an illusory and chaotic feeling for no reason, as if it wasn’t real but a painting.

“It seems real and fake at the same time… This is… a fragment of the Spiritual Realm!!”

There was actually a Spiritual Realm fragment in the Demon G.o.d’s arm?!

The Turtle Spirit Holy Mother had once mentioned that there was a Spirit Domain world in the past. After the spirituality of the world dissipated, it dissipated and shattered, leaving only some desolate fragments!

And Lin Yan wasn’t making a bold guess.

Actually, it was because after entering this place, the Spiritual Image seed in his tailbone erupted with a strong devouring and sucking force and really extracted the spirituality of the world from the surrounding world!

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