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Chapter 519: White Tiger’s Deterrence

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Like a huge bell exploding, it was m.u.f.fled like thunder. A snow-white wave of air shot out. Lin Mo felt the ground under his feet suddenly crack and collapse towards the spot where the Divine General was standing in the middle. His body swayed unsteadily.

After he stabilized himself, his vertical pupil widened. “General!”

Initially, he could only see the legs of the Divine General, but now, he was facing the head of the Divine General.

A pitch-black blade landed on Divine General Pan’s head, pressing his ten-meter-tall body into the ground!

However, no matter how the pitch-black blade pressed down, it could not break through Divine General Pan’s defense. It only caused a small arc on his head.

“Stay away.”

A crack appeared on his head that was like metal. Lin Mo’s expression changed and he quickly retreated. He did not look back and went as far away as possible.


However, his running speed was still a few beats slower. An abyssal crack appeared under his feet and pa.s.sed by him, causing the ground under his feet to turn over.

Fortunately, Lin Mo could still fly. He jumped up and pierced through the smoke and dust that was raised high. He flew for a thousand meters before daring to look back.

The ground had completely cracked, and a layer of land within a few kilometers had collapsed. It was a mess. Smoke and dust covered the sky and rose hundreds of meters high.

At this moment, the huge Buddhist slave retreated and jumped away to avoid the dust.

Amidst the dust that covered the sky, a terrifying black shadow as huge as a Buddhist slave slowly raised its cylindrical head. Two sharp and huge beams of light shot out from its head and shone on the Buddhist slave.

A huge Divine General that was hundreds of meters tall stood in the ruins!

Its entire body was s.h.i.+ning with a metallic l.u.s.ter. It was not made of flesh and blood at all. It raised one hand and grabbed a huge blade that could overturn the sky. The other end of the huge blade was grabbed by the huge Buddhist slave. The two of them were pulling each other as if they were fighting.

“It’s bigger…”

Lin Yan recalled that the Snake Divine General had suddenly become huge. It seemed that these Divine Generals all had the ability to enlarge themselves.

Or was this the Treasure Image of the Treasure Realm? Did Divine Generals also level up according to the realm of humans?


Divine General Pan flipped his palm and broke the Savage Flame saber.

“A mere servant dares to extend his saber to me… You’re courting death!”

The dust around Divine General Pan was stirred even though there was no wind. An extremely terrifying spiritual power surged out of his body like a tsunami and instantly drowned the True Buddha’s body.

“This is spiritual power… Back then, that Wood Armor Divine General used this power to destroy the sixteen-armed Holy Buddha…”

At that time, Lin Yan couldn’t sense this power at all. He could only see the Wood Armor Divine General move and the True Buddha’s body was destroyed.

Now, he could feel the terrifying destructive power contained in it. His artificial True Buddha body was still unable to withstand it!

However, in the next moment, the light on the surface of the True Buddha’s body suddenly distorted for a moment. It was the Black Tortoise Divine Armor!

Just like when he faced the 16-armed Holy Buddha back then, he used his spiritual power as a guide and borrowed the spiritual power of the True Buddha’s body to launch the Black Tortoise Divine Armor again!

Crack! Crack!

There seemed to be lightning sparks bursting out from all parts of the True Buddha’s body. This was the explosive phenomenon caused by the Divine General’s spiritual annihilation power coming into contact with the Black Tortoise Divine Armor.

However, that was all.

If it was before he advanced to the n.o.ble Realm, even if Lin Yan could use the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, he would definitely not be able to withstand such powerful annihilative power. But now, the Black Tortoise Divine Armor could defend against it without any ripples.

Divine General Pan did not have a face in the conventional sense, but his body had changed to a more vigilant action. It was obvious that he had sensed a threat.

“You’re not a Buddhist slave! Who are you?!”

Lin Yan didn’t answer. Among his original eight arms, his six arms slowly retracted. After all, he wasn’t good at controlling so many arms. Then, he stretched out his hand and beckoned. A huge Azure Dragon hundreds of meters long coiled out of his body, bringing with it wind and lightning as it surrounded his body. Coupled with the buns formed by countless Buddha statues on his head, he looked like a Dragon Vanquisher Venerable.

When the saber slashed down just now, he had already sensed that Divine General Pan’s defense was extremely shocking. Moreover, after expanding, its strength was also extremely strong.

Not only did the Azure Dragon bring with it wind and lightning, but it also had endless power augmenting its body. As it sped up, Lin Yan felt the violent power surging out of his body and his legs bent slightly.

In the next moment, the ground instantly shattered. The huge mountain-like body had already forced itself in front of the Divine General!

He was so fast that even the Divine General could not react!


It was as if two tall mountains had collided, causing the surrounding air to distort for a moment. Before he could react, Divine General Pan was knocked by Lin Yan.

A pair of large hands with terrifying strength pressed down on its head and pressed it to the ground. It plowed a deep abyss tens of meters deep and thousands of meters away along the ruins and slammed into a mountain in the distance!

The huge force surged, and Divine General Pan’s head pierced through the mountain peak. Half of it drilled out from the other end of the mountain peak. Countless rocks and landslides made a loud bang. The entire mountain peak swayed and fell from the middle.

“d.a.m.n it!”


Divine General Pan did not choose to struggle with his head. Instead, he raised his foot and charged over like a huge rhinoceros hundreds of meters tall. His foot collided with Lin Yan’s chest and pushed him back.

Touching his chest, Lin Yan found that the Black Tortoise Divine Armor was still intact and undamaged. However, Divine General Pan’s body was not made of flesh and blood at all. It was an extremely strange metal material. Even the huge force augmented by Lin Yan and Azure Dragon could not leave any marks on his body. As for the pus.h.i.+ng all the way, it looked like a huge commotion, but the damage was actually zero.

“If it were the Snake Divine General from before, this attack would probably have injured it slightly… This Sixth Divine General’s defense is shocking!”

The mountains shattered again. Divine General Pan jumped out and imitated Lin Yan’s previous actions. The two terrifying giant monsters were like two hooligans fighting on the streets. They entangled and fought, causing the river, forest, and surrounding mountains to collapse and change paths.

Divine General Pan’s fists were very hard, and his body was even harder. However, with the enhancement of the Azure Dragon, Lin Yan was even faster than him. He also had the defense of the Black Tortoise Divine Armor. Not only was he not at a disadvantage, but he also suppressed Divine General Pan.

However, there was no point in fighting like this. He could not injure Divine General Pan at all. As Lin Yan pretended to fight Divine General Pan, he silently summoned the White Tiger Spirit Body!

At this moment, driven by spiritual power, the White Tiger Spirit Body finally stopped complaining that Lin Yan couldn’t let it release its power to its heart’s content. Although it still looked like a sickly tiger, the domineering aura it unintentionally emitted was like a cloud piercing through the sun, dominating the world.

Divine General Pan immediately sensed the danger, but Lin Yan directly locked his throat and hugged him tightly. No matter how the guy kept hitting him, he did not let go.

Back then, when he used the White Tiger Spirit Body at the Tough Realm, he could even injure a Divine General. Now, with his spiritual power that was a hundred times stronger and the sufficient spiritual power of the artificial True Buddha’s body, he wondered how much damage the White Tiger Spirit Body could cause to a Divine General.

“Let go of me!”

Of course not.

White Tiger, which was hundreds of meters tall, pounced out silently. Its two claws grabbed at Divine General Pan’s body as if there was nothing!

Divine General Pan clearly sensed the great danger. His entire body began to emit a dense black light and he almost broke free from Lin Yan’s restraints. However, the Azure Dragon beside Lin Yan suddenly followed and bit the guy’s body, firmly binding it.

The claws of the White Tiger Spirit Body were about to land on Divine General Pan’s body.

Suddenly, countless spiritual patterns lit up on Divine General Pan’s body. Then, he suddenly shrank!

He would rather retract his body than be touched by the claws of the White Tiger Spirit Body!

The two huge claws silently brushed past Divine General Pan’s body. They only touched a little, but it caused the spiritual patterns on his surface to distort and become chaotic. Lin Yan vaguely heard an extremely painful groan.

Then, his body lost its balance because he lost his binding target. He pounced forward a few steps..

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