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Chapter 520: The Spirit G.o.d a.s.sociation and the Primordial Holy Dragon Sect

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Yan stabilized himself again and turned around to lower his head. Divine General Pan had already returned to his normal size. He quickly fled and avoided Lin Yan.

The White Tiger Dominating the World specially targeted spiritual attacks, but it had actually scared a Divine General into fleeing in such a panic with just a simple brush?

Lin Yan felt that he had to reevaluate the deterrence and destructive power of the White Tiger Dominating the World.

The White Tiger Spirit Body beside Lin Yan stretched out a claw and placed it in front of him. It seemed to turn its claw happily, and a translucent spiritual power was extracted by it, turning into… a pale and thin young man?!

It did not look like Divine General Pan!

Perhaps it was because of the special perception of the Maha Infinity Body, Lin Yan could sense that the ground around Divine General Pan instantly cracked, and the spirituality in his body began to become irritable and anxious. “This is a method to enslave spirituality! You’re a demonic spiritualist!”

Lin Yan was extremely curious about this spiritual clone that had been formed with plundered spirituality.

It was because this spiritual clone was completely a human body. Looking at the Divine General, could this be an ability similar to the Black Tortoise Divine Armor?

“Where did this scoundrel come from? He actually dares to behave atrociously under the Holy Fan a.s.sociation’s Astral World! He even dares to use the methods of the demonic path openly? I low can he not know that the people of the demonic path enslave spirituality and are public enemies?!

“If you know what’s good for you, surrender obediently. Otherwise, don’t blame me for reporting this to Holy Fan a.s.sociation and making you turn into ashes!”

Although he said it threateningly, his tone clearly had a hint of fierceness.

Moreover, the Holy Fan a.s.sociation, the Astral World, and the methods of the demonic path were extremely novel, which piqued Lin Yan’s interest. He remembered that the last time he used the White Tiger Dominating the World to deal with the Snake Divine General, the guy didn’t divulge so much stuff.

From the looks of it, this Divine General Pan, who was ranked sixth, was not simple.

Hence, he carefully followed his words and said, “Report to the venerable? The spirituality of the world here has dissipated. 1 want to know how you will report to the venerable of Holy Fan a.s.sociation?!”

The spirituality around Divine General Pan fell into chaos again and he remained silent.

After a while, his voice suddenly became low and sinister. “Demon Dao brat, you’ve been here for more than a day or two, right?

“Previously, that stupid snake reported that someone summoned a thin tiger and plundered its spirituality. At that time, I thought that it was spouting nonsense in order to s.h.i.+rking the responsibility of the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother escaping.

“I didn’t expect that a demonic brat like you would really sneak in.”

Lin Yan was unmoved. He deliberately controlled the spiritual clone that had been stripped from Divine General Pan’s body and took two steps in front of him, causing the spiritual fluctuation on Divine General Pan’s body to become stronger again.

It was obvious that this spiritual avatar had an extraordinary and important deterrence ability.

“Why haven’t you reported it to the Venerable of the Holy Fan a.s.sociation?”

The spiritual fluctuations around Divine General Pan clearly became irritable again.

After a long while, he said coldly, “Since you’ve been here for a long time, you should naturally know that this place is occupied by a spirit. The spirituality of the world is forbidden, and even the wormhole pa.s.sages are sealed in a secret place.

“It’s naturally impossible for me to contact the outside world… Wait, the wormhole pa.s.sageways have already been sealed. How can you reach this planet!”

Divine General Pan instantly took a few steps back.

Lin Yan’s heart sank. Could it be that this person would discover his true background?

Unexpectedly, Divine General Pan’s originally flat face suddenly revealed a hint of vivid fear. “You crossed the starry sky! You’re a Dharma Realm senior!”

Lin Yan didn’t know what he was talking about and just remained silent, as if he was tacitly agreeing.

Divine General Pan was still imagining things. He muttered to himself, “The power of the Dharma Realm should be unfathomable. It represents the manifestation of the laws of the world. Even a shrunken corpse has endless wonders. Could it be…

“You were attacked by the Saint Fan a.s.sociation and were severely injured. You fled in a sorry state and accidentally escaped here!”

Lin Yan wasn’t sure if Divine General Pan was testing him or if he really thought so. He deliberately said coldly, “Why? Can’t I be a local?”

“Impossible!” Divine General Pan’s voice was already much more respectful. “Senior, you must be joking. The spirit tiger behind you and the divine dragon wrapped around your body are both Precious Techniques, right?

“This place sealed the spirituality of the world for the Spirit Race. Even the martial arts orthodoxy has been severed. How can anyone condense true spiritual power and use such a powerful Precious Technique?”

“This body of mine was created by devouring the Ten-Thousand-Buddha Monster. Can’t it be its own Precious Technique?”

“Senior, don’t test me again, alright?” Divine General Pan became even more respectful. “The Ten-Thousand-Buddha Monster you’re talking about is the dead arm, right? Although it was also a Dharma Realm Venerable before, it has been dead for a thousand years. How can it still have a Precious Technique?

“Also, the spiritual pattern array formation you used is a variation of the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array, right?

“On the entire planet, I’m the only one who knows the Heavenly Eight Dragons Array. I’ve only imparted it to a leader of the natives. Senior, don’t tell me you’re that leader?”

Lin Yan’s heart trembled slightly. The Heavenly Eight Dragons Array was established by the Emperor of the Ancient Fan Nation in the underground ruins, using many Saint Monks and Sons of Buddha. There was a high chance that this spiritual pattern array was also taught by the Emperor’s master.

In other words, there was a high chance that this Divine General Pan in front of him had a deep relations.h.i.+p with the master of the emperor, Old Qin?

In fact, he might be the master!

Furthermore, perhaps because he thought that Lin Yan had come from the starry sky, Divine General Pan did not have any respect for that G.o.d at all. He was also calling G.o.d a member of the Spirit Race, not G.o.d. It was not like the Wood Armor Divine General who called G.o.d “Mom.”

In other words, this Divine General Pan was very likely not controlled by G.o.d at all!

Looking at the white-faced young man in the White Tiger Spirit Body’s hand, who was completely different from Divine General Pan…

A thought instantly flashed across Lin Yan’s mind. He said happily, “You’re not a Divine General? You’re a subst.i.tute who occupied the body of a Divine General!”

Divine General Pan suddenly stopped in his tracks. His spirituality was chaotic and noisy, as if he was in a mess. It showed that he was not calm.

With a thought, Lin Yan slowly walked out with the White Tiger Spirit Body, and his aura enveloped Divine General Pan.

After a long while, a layer of dark light suddenly appeared on Divine General Pan’s body. His metal-like body shrank and melted inward, as if his clothes had been flipped over. One side of his body flipped inward, and the other side flipped out. Extremely strangely, a person who looked exactly like the young man in the White Tiger’s claw appeared where Divine General Pan was originally.

In the distance, Lin Mo, who had been hiding and waiting, suddenly narrowed his vertical pupil. Clearly, he had never seen Divine General Pan like this.

“Spirit G.o.d a.s.sociation’s Zhao Pan greets Senior.”

“This is your true form.”

“That’s right. I’m a disciple of the Spirit G.o.d a.s.sociation, one of the 72 Earth Fiends in the Primordial Holy Dragon Sect. I accidentally entered the forbidden land of the Spirit Race and had no choice but to change my ident.i.ty as a Spirit Favored.. However, my spiritual body has always been human and I’ve never been infected by the Spirit Race!”

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