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Chapter 986: Heart of the Strong 2


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“We can’t afford to offend such an existence. Hurry up… Eh…”

Halfway through his persuasion, the captain realized that the biondie’s team had already lowered their heads.

The yellow-haired guy and the others were just a little arrogant. They were not stupid. They knew what their strength was and what their strength was. Didn’t they see that the others around them had lowered their heads? Why would they be the ones to stand out?

If they didn’t have such soft waists, they wouldn’t have been able to advance to the seventh step after coming out of the academy for more than half a year. They would have long been slapped to death in some corner.

When the Berserk Lion adventurer team’s commander saw that everyone had lowered their heads, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. “Very good. It seems that none of you object. In that case, give them to me…”

“Who said no one objected? I object!”

Before the Mad Lion adventurer team could finish speaking, a cold voice interrupted them.

Immediately after, another group of people walked out.

The Mad Lion adventurer team’s commander’s expression changed when he saw the approaching team. At the same time, the captain beside Goldie gasped. “Big brother, who are they?” The blonde asked curiously.

“This is the Thunder adventurer team, one of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range’s top ten adventurer teams. The leader is the vice commander of the adventurer team. It’s said that he already has the strength of a peak Tier 9 expert, and his Origin is Epic quality.

His subordinates had brought their adventurer team’s Twelve Thunderbolts, and each of them was a Tier 9 legend-quality existence.

I didn’t think that this quest would actually alarm them. It seems that this quest has nothing to do with us or the Wild Lion adventurer team!”

It was just as the captain had said.

When the arrogant Mad Lion adventurer team’s commander saw the Thunder adventurer team, his expression immediately changed. “Captain Lei, it’s Captain Lei. I didn’t know that Captain Lei had taken a fancy to this mission. If I had known that you had taken a fancy to this mission, I wouldn’t have dared to be impudent in front of you even if you lent me a hundred guts…”

“Get lost!”

In the face of the Berserk Lion Legion’s commander, who had instantly become inferior, Thunderclap didn’t even spare him a glance. With a single word, he made the other party leave in fear.

After the Wild Lion Regiment’s leader was dismissed, the Thunder Regiment’s leader ignored the hundreds of people at the foot of the mountain and led the Twelve Thunder Generals towards the target mountain peak.

Meanwhile, the several hundred Divine Talisman Masters at the foot of the mountain didn’t even dare to say anything when facing the Mad Lion adventurer team, much less the Thunder adventurer team. They obediently parted ways to clear a path.

After the Thunder adventurer team reached the foot of the mountain, they suddenly stopped.

The vice captain of Thunder Adventurer Team waved his hand and called a 15-year-old boy to his side. He then pulled the boy and pointed at the hundreds of Divine Talisman Masters at the foot of the mountain.

“You came with me to broaden your horizons and learn something from me. Now, I’ll teach you the first lesson.

Look at their faces and remember their faces.

This was the appearance of the weak!

They weren’t weak just because of their level, the Origin they had carved, and the courage they had.

As a Divine Talisman Master, they no longer had the courage to draw their swords at the strong.

They’ve been holding back their anger when facing the Mad Lion adventurer team, but they’ve also been afraid of us.

Such a Divine Talisman Master would be trampled under the feet of others for the rest of his life!”

Although the vice commander was educating the little boy, he had no intention of holding back.

The hundreds of people present heard his words clearly. Everyone felt humiliated, but no one dared to say anything.

No one dared to draw their swords.

The performance of these Divine Talisman Masters made the deputy leader look even more disdainful.

“Remember, child, you must never live like them.

You have to cultivate your own heart of the strong, the heart of the brave!

Don’t let yourself become a shameful and cowardly person!”


The boy’s face was full of admiration as he nodded his head heavily.

The vice commander of Leiting was very satisfied. He patted the little boy’s head and turned around with the Twelve Thunder Generals, preparing to walk towards the mountain peak.

Coincidentally, at this moment!


A series of roars that sounded like dragons and elephants rang out. Immediately after, hundreds of Flying Elephant Cavalrymen, emitting terrifying auras, came from the direction of the Myriad Beast Mountain Range.

From afar, he could sense that the hundreds of cavalrymen were all legendary-quality cavalrymen.

Everyone’s expressions changed when they saw this, including the Thunder adventurer team’s vice commander.

Those were legend-quality cavaliers. In their adventurer team, there were less than 50 existences of that level. Yet, he actually saw hundreds of legend-quality cavaliers of the eighth rank flying towards him in an orderly formation.

Just these hundreds of legend-quality cavalrymen of the eighth step were enough to shock everyone.

What was even more shocking was that these hundreds of cavalrymen were all tied with thick iron chains. At one end of the iron chains was a huge and beautiful stone palace.

There were dozens of Warlocks standing in the palace!

Each of these Warlocks emitted a terrifying aura of lightning.

The Thunder adventurer team’s vice commander could tell at a glance that these Warlocks were all Epic Tier 9 existences.

Each of them was not weaker than him, and there were dozens of such existences in the palace in the sky.

They stood respectfully outside the palace, like ordinary soldiers!

Seeing this scene, everyone clearly knew that an extraordinary big shot had come to Myriad Beast Mountain Range.

As the Thunder adventurer team’s vice commander stared at the palace in the sky, a burly figure above the palace s.h.i.+fted his gaze to him and frowned.

The Thunder adventurer team’s vice commander, who had just been negotiating with his nephew to have the heart of a powerhouse and the courage to draw his sword against a powerhouse, instantly fell to his knees.

He knelt even more decisively than the group of weaklings at the foot of the mountain whom he had looked down upon earlier.

Not only did he kneel down, he even pulled his nephew, who had just cultivated the so-called ‘strong heart’ to kneel down together. He forcefully pressed his head down so that he would not look up at the sky, afraid that his gaze would collide with the n.o.ble in the sky.

He knew very well that if he offended such a powerful figure, he, and even the entire Thunder Adventurer Team, would be annihilated in an instant.

As the Thunder adventurer team knelt on the ground, Goldie and the others stared at the palace in the sky with wide eyes and mouths.

Wasn’t this the palace?

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