My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 646 The Person Behind The Scenes

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Chapter 646: Chapter 646 The Person Behind The Scenes

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“What else could I have done? Looking at you trembling in fear, I was afraid that something terrible would happen to you, so I had to knock you out.

“Besides, if you don’t scream, they won’t touch you before they kill us two.”

Gu Chenglin thought of his previous cowardly look and stammered, not knowing what to say.

“No, I must learn martial arts to protect myself in the future!”

“Of course. You can learn from your cousin or Lin Yitian when you go home during the holidays.”

“I understand.” Gu Chenglin nodded, and his stomach began to rumble.

Zhou Ying smiled and got up. “Let’s go eat something.”

After saying that, she brought him out of the house and pointed to the house opposite. “This house belongs to your cousin and me. If you need anything tonight, remember to come and find us.”

“I’ll sleep alone tonight?”

“What else? You’re already thirteen and not young anymore.”

“What? I’m just afraid that I’m wasting such a huge s.p.a.ce.”

Zhou Ying smiled at his sheepish appearance, but she did not expose him.

As soon as she went downstairs, Zhou Huaiming came over with a lunch box and said, “You came down just in time. We’ve booked this entire inn, so order whatever you want to eat for free.”

“Alright, you go ahead with your job.” Zhou Ying then brought Gu Chenglin to the kitchen.

The rice was served in the kitchen with two meat dishes and two vegetables.

It was chicken stewed with mushrooms, but there was very little chicken, and most of it was mushrooms.

The other meat dish was braised fish—about two pounds per fish. It was quite good.

The vegetable dishes were cold spinach, garlic, and cole.

“The two of you will each have a portion of rice, one meat, and one vegetable.” The manager, who had heard Zhou Huaiming’s words, reminded them.

“Since there’s only the two of us, we’ll have two servings of rice with a serving of each dish.”

“Wait a moment,” a shop a.s.sistant replied.

He took out two trays, prepared the plates and bowls, and quickly scooped them up.

Looking at the amount he scooped, Zhou Ying quickly thought of a school cafeteria. Usually, she wanted a spoonful of everything.

The two did not return to the house. Instead, they brought the food to the table at the side and started eating.

At this time, the manager also informed the people brought by King Rui that it was time for dinner.

After dinner, Zhou Ying brought Gu Chenglin out for a walk.

They rapidly returned since, aside from a few hawkers selling food, it was mostly taverns and restaurants, and food was not sold separately. Most of the items in the area were commodities that come and go in carts, too.

In the evening, King Rui finally woke up, and his fever had temporarily subsided.

Gu Chengrui handed him over to Doctor He, who accompanied them and returned to his room with his first-aid kit.

Zhou Ying waited for him to come in, let him shower in her inters.p.a.ce, and changed his bandages once he was done. Just as they were about to go out for a good meal, she heard someone knocking on the door.

After Zhou Ying helped Gu Chengrui put on his clothes, she went forward to open the door.

Seeing that it was Zhang Ping, she immediately welcomed him with a smile and poured him a gla.s.s of water. “General Zhang, it must be hard on you.”

“You’re too polite. I’m here to tell you that the person behind those bandits has been discovered. The Marquis of Ding’an’s elderly concubine bribed them to kill you.”

“Mrs. Lu?” Zhou Ying was stunned by the answer.

“Yes, her nanny personally bribed the bandits.”

“When did they come into contact?”

“Yesterday afternoon, she promised to give them 5,000 pounds of rice and 1,000 taels of silver.”

“Thank you, General Zhang. May I know where those bandits are now?” Gu Chengrui asked.

Regardless of whether there was someone behind the scenes, the couple had already made enemies with them, so these people could not be left alive..

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My Husband and I Brought Hundreds of Millions of Supplies to Farm Chapter 646 The Person Behind The Scenes summary

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