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Chapter 827: Chapter 827 Voice Transmission


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Zhou Ying waited for a moment, and after seeing that Lord Fang had fallen asleep, she immediately thought of Zhou Huaiming and went straight to Jigong Mountain.

Sure enough, she found Zhou Huaiming, who was still searching for the armory in the mountains.

Zhou Ying took a glance and quickly found the location of the weapons. After telling him, she also told him the whereabouts of the people sent by Lord Fang.

Zhou Huaiming was shocked when he heard the voice transmission. However, he quickly reacted. That solemn and loving voice was most likely the voice of Mother G.o.d. He immediately cupped his fists and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Mother G.o.d.”

The few people who followed him looked at his strange appearance and were stunned. For a moment, they could not understand what was going on.

Zhou Huaiming returned to his senses. He kicked each of them. “What are you looking at? I was receiving instructions from Mother G.o.d just now.”

He pointed at the two people who were best at hiding and said, “You two form a group and head south. When you encounter a cliff, see if there’s a cave below.

“That should be the place we’re looking for.”

“On a cliff? No wonder we couldn’t find it after wandering around for several days.” The two of them looked at each other and exclaimed.

“Don’t be so surprised. You just need to confirm it. After that, come to the foot of the mountain to find me.


“The rest of you follow me to stop the people who are going up the mountain.” Zhou Huaiming went down the mountain after he finished speaking.

After Zhou Ying confirmed that they acted on her advice, she withdrew and told Gu Chengrui the news.

“It looks like what Ling’er said is true,” Gu Chengrui said with a smile.

“Yup, I think we should start investigating the matters in the residence from the young master who was locked up in the side courtyard. He should know something.”

“I understand. It’s been hard on you. Sleep early.”

“You too.” Zhou Ying retreated to the s.p.a.ce and then hurriedly collected a batch of sweet potatoes and fed all the livestock.

Afterwards, she made some dried sweet potatoes for Guoguo.

Qianzhou Province.

The next morning, King Xian and his entourage entered the Qianzhou Province.

After greeting Lord Chen and Lord Fang, King Xian said, “You guys, go ahead with your work. I heard that today is the second round of the medical center’s examination. I’ll go and take a look.

“We’ll talk after you’re done with government affairs.”

“Do you need me to arrange a place for you to stay?” Magistrate Chen asked.

“No need. It’s fine for us to stay at the relay station.” After saying that, King Xian walked out.

“Alright, we’ll welcome Your Highness at night.” Lord Chen and Lord Fang looked at each other, then turned around and left.

Later, they informed someone to follow the father and son.

However, the father and son really only went to watch the exams.

The first step of the exam was to distinguish the authenticity of the medicine, then to weed out the fake medicine with similar shapes, and the last step was to diagnose illnesses.

After a day, the father and son watched with great interest.

When it was over, it was already half past midnight. The father and son returned to the relay station and waited for the people watching them to relax.

Yang Zeheng, the son of King Xian, brought two guards and quickly tied up three soldiers who were about to change s.h.i.+fts and go home.

After exchanging clothes with them, he swaggered out of the door and went straight to Hongyun Restaurant.

When he entered, he saw Gu Chengrui sitting in the lobby, eating roasted chicken.

However, it was obvious that people were watching him.

Yang Zeheng paused for a moment and deliberately shouted, “Waiter, give me a roast chicken, a plate of beef, two stir-fried vegetables, and two pots of wine.”

“Alright, wait a moment.” The waiter responded and was about to find a seat for them.

Yang Zeheng let the two guards sit down while he walked to Gu Chengrui’s table and asked, “Greetings, Marquis. My wrist is injured and hurts when I use force.. Can you help me take a look?”

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