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Chapter 828: Chapter 828 Information


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Gu Chengrui raised his head and smiled at him. He gestured for him to sit down. “Wait a moment. Well talk after I finish the chicken.”

After saying that, he ate his roast chicken.

Yang Zeheng could only sit down and watch him eat his dinner.

After he finished eating, Gu Chengrui wiped his hands before checking on him. He replied, “You overstretched your muscles, and it hasn’t been repaired properly. Prepare a bottle of ointment and apply it once every morning and evening.

“Don’t catch a cold or use too much strength. You’ll be fully recovered in a month.”

“Will safflower oil do?”

“Yes, it’s a small matter. Don’t worry.” After Gu Chengrui finished speaking, he stuffed a piece of paper into his hand, stood up to pay the bill, and left.

The people who were staring at him immediately followed him out.

Yang Zeheng quickly held his hands and hid the note in his sleeve. He returned to his seat and quickly finished his meal before leaving.

Finally, he found an empty alley and opened the note.


Just two sentences.

Ling’er, the fugitive slave of the Fang Residence, is now a servant girl in the casino.

Zhou Huaiming left Jigong Mountain and waited.

“Prince, what should we do now?” One of the guards asked.

“The person I’m pretending to be seems to be a widower who lives alone. Let’s go to the casino and bring Ling’er out to interrogate her.” Yang Zeheng replied.

After saying that, the three of them went straight to the casino.

However, they did not enter directly. Instead, they went to the back door in the name of the patrol team to ask for water.

It was still early. The casino workers were either resting or waiting in front. Only Ling’er, who was making the fire, happened to be here.

When she saw the three officers, she thought that they were there to arrest her and immediately ran out in fear.

Yang Zeheng grabbed her wrist and asked, “You’re Ling’er, right? Marquis An

Le wanted us to pick you up. Come with us.”

Ling’er was stunned after hearing that. Although she didn’t fully believe it, she didn’t dare to escape.

Yang Zeheng heaved a sigh of relief. The three men brought her directly into a small courtyard not far away.

After arriving at the small courtyard, Yang Zeheng immediately flashed his ident.i.ty token.

When Ling’er saw his ident.i.ty, she knew the person who could avenge her sister was here. She cried out loud.

Yang Zeheng was not in a hurry to interrogate her. Instead, he waited for her to stop crying before asking, “Tell me, what do you know? Don’t hide anything.”

“Yes.” Ling’er nodded and told him everything she knew.

It was the same as what she had told Gu Chengrui before, but more detailed.

Yang Zeheng went silent for a moment. “What about Mrs. Fang? Is there anything unusual about her?” he asked.

“Does it count if their relations.h.i.+p is very cold?”


“Yes, I heard that ever since Young Master was imprisoned, Madam and Master have never slept together again.”

“Think again; what else?”

“There really isn’t. My elder sister was eavesdropping and didn’t hear much clearly.”

Yang s.h.i.+heng nodded and left a guard to guard her. He quietly returned to the relay station with another guard.

Just as he changed his clothes, Lord Fang and Lord Chen arrived with a group of officials.

On the other hand, once they left, Lin Yifan let the servant girl, who was the original firekeeper, go back and used her family to threaten her to hide the matter.

At the foot of Jigong Mountain, Zhou Huaiming had figured out everything that had happened on the mountain after a round of interrogation.

They also found out a lot of Fang Tongpan’s private information that implicated Lord Chen.

After returning to the city at night, he sneaked into the relay station and told them about the situation on the mountain and what Fang Tongpan had done over the years.

After hearing this, King Xian felt a lingering fear. Qianzhou Province was nearly about to become an independent kingdom.

After that, he gave his gold medal to Zhou Huaiming. “We’re being watched too closely now. It’s not easy for us to leave. You go and mobilize the troops.

“Remember to investigate thoroughly. If there are spies, get rid of them as well..”

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