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Chapter 439: Depart, Divine Ruin, Masked Woman (2)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Just as the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands were feeling uneasy about the impending Sea Beast Tide…

Thousands of miles away, on the New Moon Islands.

Inside the Great Luminescent Sea Dragon King’s prison.

The leader of a thousand-person squad slowly regained consciousness as he awoke from his stupor. Upon seeing the unfamiliar ceiling above him, he hesitated for a moment, then quickly got up.

Memories flooded back to his mind like a tide. He remembered charging alone, and the last thing he recalled was being overwhelmed by the incoming Coral Palace troops.

Despite the pain coursing through his body, there was no doubt that he was still alive.

Muttering to himself, he pondered, “Why didn’t they kill me… But where am I now?”

Without dwelling on the question of why the Coral Palace hadn’t executed him, the leader of the thousand-person squad looked around at his surroundings in bewilderment. Soon, he realized that he was in the prison of the Dragon King’s Castle!

He had heard that Lord Diago was imprisoned here!

“Lord, are you here…”

As he reached the edge of the cell, intending to find Lord Diago, he witnessed a scene that shattered his world view.

“You idiotic piece of tras.h.!.+ If I were you, I would have smashed my head against the pillar and died long ago! Betraying the Dragon King’s Castle and still having the audacity to live?!”

“Do you even know whose hands the Dragon King’s Castle fell into? You’re just the Water Dragon King, and merely the last one at that. If the previous generations of Water Dragon Kings heard this news, they’d probably roll over in their graves!”

“You’re the one who led the way and not only allowed outsiders to breach the Dragon King’s Castle but also exposed the treasury. In terms of defying fate, you’re at the top!”

H 11

In the adjacent cell, the figure that he had once regarded with immense dignity and power, Lord Diago, was now engaged in a heated exchange of insults with a fish-like creature that had equally long horns.

Although he didn’t fully comprehend the odd use of auxiliary verbs at the end of sentences, the scene before him was undeniably real!

Diago also noticed the awakening leader of the thousand-person squad and, after a moment’s thought, furrowed his brow. “You look somewhat familiar. Have we met before?”

“…Lord Diago, I am the leader of the thousand-person squad you once gave a chance to redeem himself.”

After a brief moment of contemplation, Diago suddenly realized, “It’s you. So, you’re not dead yet.”

The leader of the thousand-person squad swallowed hard. “Thanks to your mercy, Lord Diago. After the Coral Palace captured me, they didn’t kill me but instead brought me here.”

“Is that so? Tell me everything about your experiences until now.”

Taking a deep breath, the squad leader recounted everything, from the defeat at the Dragon King’s Castle, the defense of Fishmouth Canyon, to his solo charge and being overwhelmed by the Coral Palace troops.

Diago was somewhat surprised and praised, “1 didn’t expect to have such a courageous leader among my ranks.

You’re at least a leader of a thousand-person squad; it’s not beneath you.”

“…Lord Diago, now that the Dragon King’s Castle’s army has been completely wiped out, there are no more thousand-person squads.”

“That’s true…”

“May I dare to ask, Lord Diago, who is the sea creature who bears a striking resemblance to you?”

“That idiot? Oh, he’s my younger brother.”

“Younger brother?” The leader of the thousand-person squad looked bewildered. Because he had left with his subordinates after the Dragon King’s Castle’s defeat, he didn’t witness the scene where Ji Chen used Diago to threaten Andar. Naturally, he didn’t know that Diago had a younger brother.

However, this was clearly a minor issue.

After looking around to ensure there were no guards or soldiers nearby, he spoke in a low voice.

“Lord Diago, 1 have something to report to you that may be related to whether the Dragon King’s Castle can rise again.”

Upon hearing this, Diago’s expression turned serious, and he finally regained a trace of his dominant aura.


“I previously defended Fishmouth Canyon with a thousand-person squad and several thousand residents. While exploring the canyon, 1 accidentally discovered a ruin deep within the canyon walls.

That ruin was definitely not constructed by the Great Luminescent Sea’s sea creatures or humans. It exudes an aura of profound holiness and n.o.bility, as if… it was left behind by a deity.”

The Great Luminescent Sea had long been connected to the main world, or rather, there were traces of external civilizations there since the time when the people of the Mystic Realm were still weak.

As a result, concepts like deities had also made their way here and continued to be pa.s.sed down.

“I didn’t have the chance to explore that suspected divine ruin because of the intervention of the Coral Palace.”

The leader of the thousand-person squad seemed excited. “But since it might be a divine ruin, there could be some artifacts inside that could help us drive away the outsiders, overthrow the Coral Palace, and reclaim the Dragon King’s Castle!”

Diago also felt a twinge of interest. “Is this information reliable?”

“I swear on my life and honor!”

If they could truly obtain artifacts from that ruin, perhaps they could defeat Sonia, destroy the Coral Palace, and then he could break the Mystic Realm Gate, permanently severing the connection with the outside world. In that case, the Great Luminescent Sea would ultimately return to his control.

“In that case, we’ll need to plan our escape carefully…”

As the master and servant quietly discussed their plan, Sonia, who had been observing them from the shadows since the beginning, gradually lit up with antic.i.p.ation in her eyes.

Previously, the decision not to kill the leader of the thousand-person squad who had charged alone but to imprison him was initially to appreciate his talent. Being able to command a thousand-person squad to hold off several attacks from the Coral Palace was impressive, and he might be of use.

The arrangement of the cell next to Diago’s was just a casual choice to see if they had given up hope.

For this reason, she intentionally kept the prison guards and soldiers at a distance.

But little did she expect that such a casual decision would yield a pleasant surprise.

“A divine ruin…”

Sonia murmured to herself. This news needed to be told to Lord Ji Chen…

In the Stars.h.i.+ne City Council Hall.

The council members looked at the tall, masked woman before them. Even though most of her face was concealed by the mask, the remaining part revealed that she was exceptionally beautiful.

However, they had no time to appreciate this beauty. Just a moment ago, the guards reported that a masked woman wanted to see them, claiming she could help the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands withstand the Sea Beast Tide.

“Ma’am, may 1 ask for your name? We heard that you can help us defend against the Sea Beasts,” said Hadman, the chairman, in a serious tone.

The masked woman slightly parted her vermilion lips and spoke with an ethereal voice, “My master has sent me. If you are willing to pay the price, we can a.s.sist you in resisting the Sea Beast Tide.”

“Your master? Why doesn’t he come here in person to negotiate with us?

Furthermore, this time, there are hundreds of thousands of Sea Beasts flooding through the entire Stars.h.i.+ne Islands. Not just anyone can stop them. What confidence does your master have to block them?

If you’ve come here, you should be aware of the consequences of deceiving us!”

Faced with Hadman’s skeptical words, the masked woman showed no emotional fluctuations and simply replied, “Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you, but without us, the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands will be reduced to ashes in the clutches of the sea beasts.

My master is occupied with many matters and doesn’t particularly care about this place. However, upon pa.s.sing by and witnessing the calamity befalling the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands, he didn’t wish to see too many lives lost needlessly. That’s why he sent me here to inquire.

Moreover, the extent of my master’s power is beyond your imagination. All you need to know is that we can save your lives.”

Hadman, the chairman, had a changeable expression on his face. He found it difficult to gauge the truth in the words of this masked woman.

But they seemed to have few other choices. The Sea Beast Tide would arrive in two days at the earliest, and by then, even if they had to abandon much of their heritage and leave, they would still risk becoming the prey of the Sea Beasts if they stayed.

But if possible, they are unwilling to abandon the legacy and wealth pa.s.sed down through generations here.”

“…Perhaps we can discuss the price you mentioned.”

Behind the mask, the stunning woman raised a faint, delicate smile. “Very well, you’ve seized the opportunity to survive..”

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