The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 441: The Parliament, the Price, and the People's Hearts (2)

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Chapter 441: The Parliament, the Price, and the People’s Hearts (2)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

This time, concerning matters of safety and wealth, the council members quickly reached a consensus.

On an island on the outer edge of the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands, Ji Chen stood on a high ground, gazing at the islands arranged like a chessboard.

Behind him was a group of Ocean Crown’s heroes, and not far away, thousands of heavily armed troops stood like statues on the sea, waiting for the Lord’s command.

Soon enough, a figure appeared in the distance, speeding across the sea’s surface. When it reached the island’s edge, it leaped lightly, creating a few splashes as it landed gracefully and then walked over.

The masked woman removed her mask, revealing a face that could enchant the world.

This person was Alice.

After departing from the council hall in Stars.h.i.+ne City, she quickly returned to this place. Once she had regained her composure to some extent, she began to speak.

“Lord, they have refused.”

Ji Chen nodded slowly without the slightest surprise. Convincing the natives to part with one-tenth of their wealth all at once was clearly an ambitious goal, and he didn’t expect to persuade them in one go.

However, he had no worries about it because those council members would come to them voluntarily.

“Set up camp!”

“Well rest here for a while and wait for the show to begin!”

Council hall entrance.

Two scribes walked out, raising their hands to s.h.i.+eld their eyes from the somewhat dazzling sunlight.

After their eyes adjusted to the light, they lowered their hands.

Seeing that there was no one around, one of the scribes whispered.

“Who do you think that incredibly beautiful masked woman was just now? A native or a player?”

“Of course, she’s a native. Didn’t you see the transparent fins behind her ears? She’s probably some intelligent sea creature… Wait, how do you know she’s very beautiful when she was wearing a mask?” Another player asked in astonishment.

The former scribe patted his chest confidently and said.

“I guarantee, based on my ten years of experience at the Pleasure Palace, that woman is absolutely stunning!”

The Pleasure Palace was a legal red-light district in Stars.h.i.+ne City, offering all-in-one entertainment, dining, and leisure, comparable to heaven on earth.

It was a place that both players and natives loved.

“We’ve only been in this world for a few months, and you already have ten years of experience!?”

“Never mind, whether she’s beautiful or not doesn’t concern me, and she said she already has a master. She’s probably someone’s subordinate. She sounded so pa.s.sionate with full of wors.h.i.+p for her master… Gee, gee…”

Another player fell silent for a moment and muttered, “d.a.m.n, this accursed otherworld!”

“Do you think what she said is true? Is there really a native force that can help Stars.h.i.+ne Islands resist the Sea Beast Tide?”

“I don’t know, but the price they proposed is quite intimidating. It seems unlikely to reach a deal.”

“Sigh, if those council members really can’t come up with a way to fend off the Sea Beast Tide, then we’ll have to pack up and leave. Even though they offered a lot of money, our lives are more important.”

The latter nodded in agreement. Since losing their territory, they needed to rely on their experience on Earth to become scribes in Stars.h.i.+ne City. They thought that having such a stable job would allow them to live in peace. However, they hadn’t enjoyed the comforts for long before the Sea Beast Tide suddenly arrived.

Tomorrow and the unexpected, they didn’t know which one would come first… It was really a messed-up world.

At this moment, something crossed their minds. “Since that masked woman said she could help Stars.h.i.+ne Islands resist the Sea Beast Tide, why don’t we spread this news to other players? Maybe they’d be willing to contribute. Maybe we can persuade this native force.”

“That’s a good idea. At least it would help us keep our jobs. Other players probably don’t want to abandon their territories either… I remember she said she would be waiting on an island on the northern edge of Stars.h.i.+ne Islands, right?”

“Yes, that’s right…”

The two of them opened the forum and began to compile what they had seen and heard in the council hall.

Since they had integrated themselves among the scribes of Stars.h.i.+ne City, they gained certain insights into the council’s policies, catching the interest of many players on Stars.h.i.+ne Islands.

When a prominently featured proposal appeared on the forum, it quickly caught the attention of many players.

Forum information spread rapidly, and soon, players across Stars.h.i.+ne Islands became aware of the arrival of a native force that could help defend against the Sea Beast Tide.

Some players, half-believing, went to the northern edge island where the two had mentioned the native force was located. When they saw a rather intimidating army stationed there, they became excited and quickly shared the news on the forum.

“Wow, it’s real? But it’s just a few thousand troops. Can they really hold off millions of sea beasts?”

“Although it’s just a few thousand troops, I saw that they’re all at Tier 5.

Dealing with those low-tier sea beasts should be a piece of cake, like chopping vegetables, just slas.h.i.+ng away!”

“So, is this army made up of natives or players?”

“Of course, it must be natives! Players have only been here for a few months; how could they have such an awesome army? If it’s not true, I’ll abstain from going to the Pleasure Pavilion for a year!”

“Bro, you’re hardcore, I admire you!”

After receiving confirmation of the news, many players began to consider whether to contribute money and resources to enlist the help of this army.

Their territories were in Stars.h.i.+ne Islands, and they had already become deeply rooted here. They had a sense of belonging, and they couldn’t bear to abandon the land or their not-so-clever but very sincere subjects..

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The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 441: The Parliament, the Price, and the People's Hearts (2) summary

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