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Chapter 651: Corrupted Skeleton Lizard (2)


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Ji Chen suddenly looked towards the western direction. In his perception, it seemed that something was approaching them in large numbers.

’’Prepare for battle, enemies are coming from the west.’1

Several heroes, including Solidus, perked up, readying themselves for action.

Soon, a ma.s.sive swarm of giant lizard reptiles, each with only a pair of forelimbs and a st.u.r.dy tail occupying the rear half of their bodies, appeared rapidly swimming towards them. Their bone-covered heads were exposed, and their bodies looked as if they had rotted for months, with muddy decaying flesh revealing pale bones.

Their eyes were filled with madness and chaos.

[Corrupted Skeletal Lizard]

[Tier]: Fifth Tier, Seven Stars

[Indigenous reptiles tainted by some evil aura, driven to madness and chaosl

Excellent, our very first encounter upon entering are lively opponents that are Fifth Tier Seven Stars.

With a thought, Ji Chen ordered his Kraken to charge out. These corrupted skeletal lizards were not small, about seven to eight meters long, but compared to the colossal Kraken, they appeared rather pet.i.te.

The Kraken’s ma.s.sive tentacles seized several of the foremast corrupted skeletal lizards, flinging them hundreds of meters away with a sudden force. Other tentacles swung like electric fly swatters, shattering dozens of them into pieces, their bones sinking into the depths like mud.

However, what caught Ji Chen off guard was that even those shattered skeletal remains of the corrupted lizards still attempted to struggle and swim back. There was no pain or fear in their eye sockets, only madness.

It was as if something was driving them to recklessly pursue their objective, regardless of life or death.

In front of a Level 55 Epic-tier hero, a swarm of corrupted skeletal lizards, numbering a thousand, was quickly cleared, though many managed to got close while their companions were being attacked. However, the wounds they inflicted with their bites and claws wore negligible to the Kraken, healing in moments.

But Ji Chen’s expression didn’t show satisfaction; instead, it revealed a slight frown. He watched the corrupted skeletal lizards rot rapidly after death, and the prefix “corrupted” left him with an uneasy feeling.

An ominous premonition pervaded his mind, and his sense of unease grew stronger.

His tone became somewhat urgent.

“Sir Solidus, let’s quickly find the corpse of that Epic-tier Deep Sea Dragon Whale and obtain the high-level Dragon Whale bloodline. Then, wo should leave immediately.”

Solidus also sensed something unusual about this ocean and nodded, “The corpse of the Epic-tier Deep Sea Dragon Whale is not far ahead. Follow me.”

With that, he took the lead.

Ji Chen waved his hand, leading the heroes and the army to follow closely behind.

However, what they didn’t know was that those skeletal remains of the corrupted skeletal lizards, which had completely rotted away to nothing but bones, suddenly began to tremble after they had left. One by one, they struggled to climb up, their eye sockets ignited with a faint blue flame.

After a brief moment, they regrouped and headed in the opposite direction, as if driven by some unknown force.

Ji Chen and his group quickly arrived at their destination. They saw the remains of an epic-tier Deep Sea Dragon Whale, even though all that was left were its bones, which were a whopping sixty meters long. Looking down from above, the pale skeleton resembled a sunken s.h.i.+p resting quietly on the seabed. The s.p.a.ces within the ribcage were overgrown with underwater vegetation, adding to the sense of forgotten desolation.

The enormous skull slanted into the muddy seafloor, and within the skull, a suspended bead emitted an enchanting blood-red light, casting the surrounding seawater in a crimson hue.

This bead was the core of the epic-tier Deep Sea Dragon Whale, containing its bloodline, combat skills, experiences, and even a portion of its memories. This was why the Deep Sea Dragon Whale clan always strived to return to the Abyss of the Dragon Whales, whether heavily wounded, dying, or when their lifespans were nearing the end.

Only there could they pa.s.s on their acc.u.mulated combat experience, skills, and knowledge to their descendants through their bloodline memories, ensuring the continued growth and survival of their species.

This particular epic-tier Deep Sea Dragon Whale had likely suffered such severe injuries that it couldn’t muster the strength to return to the Abyss, resulting in its death in this place.

As Anina and Solidus gazed upon the lonely death of their fellow kin here, unable to find peace for their souls, a profound sadness filled their eyes, and an indescribable emotion welled up within them.

However, Ji Chen interrupted their thoughts, saying, “Anina.”

Anina snapped out of her reverie, turned towards Ji Chen, and saw him smiling gently while patting her head.

“Hurry, it’s time.”

Anina nodded solemnly, her expression becoming resolute. She swam towards the enormous skull with deep reverence and gently placed her hand on the blood-red bead.

A majestic and resounding whale song echoed in her ears, and she seemed to see a hundred-meter-long giant whale challenging a storm, roaring defiantly amidst thunderstorms, as if challenging a presence high above in the heavens.

She also witnessed the giant whale surrounded by countless enemies, showing no signs of retreat. With its colossal body, it turned the enemy formation into chaos, accompanied by a resounding battle cry filled with determination and fearlessness.

“Wo arc proud children of the sea, fearless and eager for battle and victory!”

At the same time, memories, combat experiences, and skills flowed into her mind like a surging river…

Seeing that Anina had started absorbing the memories without any issues, Ji Chen nodded in approval. He was about to say something when he received a warning from the Naga Guardians stationed on the outskirts..

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