The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 674: Lainekel Recovered His Mind

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Chapter 674: Lainekel Recovered His Mind


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation | Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The left chest was pierced, and one could even see through to the back.

Surprisingly, Lainekcl’s heart was gone, yet he hadn’t died. This scene shocked everyone profoundly.

Lainekel was also stunned, slowly getting up from the ground. He looked down at the gaping hole in his left chest, his eyes filled with bewilderment.

Then, as if he remembered something, he mumbled, “I recall now. Balzarna implanted a demon’s heart in this body to enhance its strength.”

He pointed to the right side of his chest, where there were traces of flesh sewn back together.

While the human heart had been destroyed, the demon’s heart was still functioning, explaining the brief loss of life earlier.

Upon hearing this explanation, Ji Chen’s expression eased a bit. “But it seems you have regained your senses now?”

Lainekel also noticed this and looked at his own hands in confusion. “I seem to possess a strange power within me now, which helps me suppress the murderous personality. Even Balzarna couldn’t control it.”

Ji Chen recalled the events that had just occurred, pondered for a moment, and then summoned a manifestation of oceanic power in his hand. “Is it this power?”

Lainekel’s eyes brightened, nodding repeatedly. “Exactly, it’s this power! Vast and majestic like the ocean, yet gentle and comforting like a mother. It reminds me of a powerful ocean deity I once encountered, though they perished in the divine war…”

Feeling the faint aura of oceanic power emanating from his body, Ji Chen contemplated. If he wished, this oceanic power could turn into the most deadly poison, instantly shattering Lainekel.

This situation was quite similar to the one where he had helped Elisya regain her consciousness in the frozen wilderness. Oceanic power not only possessed immense destructive capability but also had some form of miraculous healing and purifying effect.

“This is the power of the ocean.”

“Oceanic power!?” Lainekel’s face showed astonishment. “No wonder even Balzarna couldn’t suppress it. Oceanic power is the prerequisite for creating ocean deities and igniting the divine fire!”

As a witness to the divine war that had taken place tens of thousands of years ago, Lainekel clearly knew more undisclosed facts and secrets.

Ji Chen became intrigued, but now wasn’t the time to inquire further. Since oceanic power had successfully suppressed the murderous personality, there was no need to worry about him suddenly going berserk.

“Anina, you and your team go a.s.sist the Featherfolk and Ocean Pixies in resisting the corrupted creatures. Be prepared to lead the troops in a retreat if necessary!”

The heroes nodded and rejoined the battle.


The giant octopus, previously busy “whacking moles” and “playing badminton,” paused for a moment.

“Kraken, what do you need me to do?”

“Prepare yourself; we’re getting ready to use spatial traversal to leave this secret realm!”

“Got it!”

The corrupted creatures seemed almost endless, and it was clear that they would exhaust their last ounce of strength. Furthermore, n.o.body knew if the demons had any more tricks up their sleeves. Continuing to fight here didn’t make much sense.

Since they already had this highly credible “evidence” from Lainekel, there was no reason to stay any longer.

“Sir Lainekel.”

Lainekel turned around, his ugly face showing a hint of confusion and bewilderment. Coupled with his bald head, it was quite a comical sight.

Putting aside his terrifying inhuman appearance due to the modifications, this ancient human powerhouse who had endured numerous trials and tribulations still maintained an optimistic and positive att.i.tude. His spirit was not broken, nor had he succ.u.mbed to darkness. This made Ji Chen admire him.

“We’ll be leaving through Kraken’s spatial rift shortly, and we’ll undoubtedly face the most ferocious attacks from the corrupted creatures and demons. Please prepare to leave as well.”

Lainekel nodded. “That’s no problem. But can you lend me a weapon to kill a few corrupted creatures and alleviate some pressure on you guys? My sword was shattered by you earlier. It would be best if it’s a longsword.”

Ji Chen smiled and handed over the Sword of Warlords in his hand. “Of course, you can use this sword.”

Lainekel was taken aback. “Are you sure you want to lend me such a powerful and valuable sword?”

Ji Chen chuckled. “Why not? Just considering that you’ve endured the torment of the Dreadlord for tens of thousands of years and still maintain a sense of self, as well as your unwavering faith in humanity and order, that’s enough for me to admire.

A mere sword is nothing. Feel free to use it.”

Lainekel looked genuinely delighted and moved, as if his persistence had been recognized. His gaze towards Ji Chen softened as he accepted the sword.

He swung it a few times, creating a magnificent sword aura filled with sharpness and killing intent. “What a great sword! It’s much better than the one I used before!

You’re so young, and your strength is exceptional. I wonder where you’ve found so many high-tier treasures. Could it be that you come from a n.o.ble family or clan?”

Ji Chen replied calmly, “Certainly not. I’m just an ordinary human lord.”

Lainekel wore an expression that clearly said, “I don’t believe you.” It was hard to imagine how an ordinary person could command the loyalty of so many high-tier heroes, even a kingdom or a major n.o.ble family would find it difficult to have so many high-tier heroes..

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