I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop Chapter 735: Wake Up!

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Chapter 735: Wake Up!


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Then, Wei Wei called her father.

“h.e.l.lo? Captain Qin Yuan?”

His father’s deep voice came from the other end.

“It’s me! Daddy!”

Vivian smiled.

“Wei Wei? You’re back? Where did he go before? Why did he disappear for so many days? Do you know how worried I was about you?”

Hearing that it was Vivian, the old man raised his voice.

“Yes! Sorry, I went outside to play! My phone was stolen and I couldn’t contact you in time! It’s my fault!”

The old man did not know that Wei Wei was imprisoned. He just thought that his daughter had gone out to play for a few days.

“You stinky girl! How many times have I told you! He had to get rid of this rash habit! Look! This would cause big trouble!

Did you meet Captain Qin Yuan?”

“Fortunately, you’re lucky! Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer even if the human traffickers kidnap you!”

The old man had guessed it correctly. Vivian smiled bitterly.

“Okay, Dad. It’s my fault. I’m at a friend’s house now. Wait for me to buy a phone and then I’ll go home. Don’t worry! ”

Vivian lied.

“Come back quickly. The phone doesn’t matter. I just want to see you in person.

You have half a day to appear in front of me.”

The old man’s voice was very low and his tone was calm, as if there was no room for discussion.

Vivian looked troubled.

Her body was still recovering, so it was unrealistic for her to be discharged immediately. However, there was no suitable reason to avoid it.

She could only look at Qin Yuan with a troubled expression, asking him to help find a reason.

Qin Yuan understood what she meant. He pursed his lips slightly and reached out to take the phone from her. He said,

“Hey, Mr. Yang, I’m Qin Yuan.”

“Oh! Captain Qin! My daughter is by your side now. I’m relieved. Hurry up and let her come back! In case something happens again!”

When the old man heard Qin Yuan’s voice, his tone became gentler.

“Yes, Mr. Yang, listen to me.”

“Wei Wei, the case was reported today. She’s still in our police station for a statement.”

“Because there are more than ten people involved in the crime, the matter here won’t be resolved so quickly. It might take another three days. I would like to ask your daughter to stay here for two more days to cooperate with our work.

Is that okay?”

‘ We’ll help Wei Wei handle all her daily affairs for the next two days. You don’t have to worry about any problems. As long as she stays by my side, I promise you that she will return to you safe and sound.”

Qin Yuan’s words were sincere and he looked very sincere.

After hearing this, the other party fell silent for a moment.

After a long while, he slowly opened his mouth.

“Alright, Captain Qin Yuan, I believe you. After all, you’re also someone who saved my life.”

“I don’t trust anyone else to handle this matter, except you.” the old man said in relief.

“Okay, thank you for your understanding and trust, Mr. Yang. I will personally send Weiwei to your home in two days.”

Qin Yuan said.

‘ Alright, help me tell my naughty daughter not to cause any more trouble for the police!”

After saying that, the old man hung up.

“Alright, you can stay here and recuperate for the next two days. This is all I can help you with.”

Qin Yuan looked at Weiwei and said seriously.


Vivian replied gratefully and rolled her eyes.

“I’ll go and take a look at the other injured person.” Qin Yuan turned his head and said to Team Leader Jin.

“Sure, it’s in Room 202 next door.”

Team Leader Jin said.

Qin Yuan went out and went to the ward next door.

It was also a single room. It was not big, only about 20 square meters.

There was a woman lying quietly on the white hospital bed. On the bedside table, someone had come over to deliver a bouquet of lilies.

Qin Yuan frowned. Did someone know about this woman?

Moreover, she had come here to deliver flowers without anyone noticing.

There were a few police officers guarding this place every day. Anyone who entered or left had to be confirmed by their ident.i.ty and the consent of Team Leader Jin.

With doubt, Qin Yuan slowly walked to the bed.

The woman on the bed had changed into a white hospital gown. Her complexion was much better than before, and her face was much ruddy. At a glance, it could be seen that she was a beautiful woman.

She looked like she was only in her twenties, not much older than Vivian.

However, she was not awake yet, so it was not good for him to disturb her. Qin Yuan sighed. There was no other way. After all, her condition was important. Qin Yuan could only turn around and walk back.

Just as Qin Yuan turned around and took a few steps, a gentle voice suddenly came from behind.

“Is it Captain Qin Yuan?”

Qin Yuan was shocked and immediately turned his head to look.

The woman had already slowly moved a little closer to the head of the bed. Her neck was leaning on the pillow, and her expression was very calm as she looked at Qin Yuan.

“You’re awake?”

Qin Yuan said in surprise. ‘ Yeah, I didn’t fall asleep just now.” the woman said with a smile. “It’s good that you’re fine. Is it convenient to talk to me now?”

Qin Yuan asked with concern.

“Of course it’s convenient. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to talk to you.”

The woman smiled faintly.

” Then can you give me a rough description of your experience in the research inst.i.tute?”

Qin Yuan went straight to the point.

“You’re really impatient. I’ve been lying here for a day and haven’t even drunk a drop of water.”

The woman frowned.

Only then did Qin Yuan see that there was only a bouquet of lilies on the

bedside table beside her. There was really no cup for drinking water.

Qin Yuan hurriedly went to the water dispenser outside. He used a disposable cup to get a cup of warm water and handed it to her.

“Thank you.”

The woman picked up the cup and took a few sips.

She let out a sigh of relief.

Then, he slowly said.

“I was tricked by Lin Hai into coming to his territory since I was young.”

When Qin Yuan heard this, he was surprised.

This was completely different from what Vivian had described!

Wei Wei’s confession was that she only met Lin Hai after she became a medical worker and was tricked into joining the organization!

Whose confession was wrong?


Qin Yuan nodded and did not voice the doubts in his heart. He prompted her to continue.

“My name is Liu Rui. My parents have been abroad since I was young. I’ve always depended on my grandfather.”

“When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, I was given an exception and entered junior high school because of my outstanding results.”

‘ And my junior high chemistry teacher is Lin Hai.”

‘ My outstanding results slowly attracted his attention. He often used the excuse of nurturing top students to give me individual tutoring.”

“At that time, I was only a ten-year-old child. I didn’t know his sinister intentions. Moreover, he was very gentle on the surface and was very attentive to my tutoring. With his help, my grades rose steadily. It only took me a year to finish the third year of junior high school.”

“And I have always maintained a respectful att.i.tude towards him. Because of my outstanding performance, he was also rated as an outstanding teacher.”

“The school had already discussed that I would be given a special entrance examination in the second year of junior high school. Then, I would choose an excellent high school to continue my studies. However, an unexpected nightmare happened.”

‘ On a Sunday afternoon in the second year of junior high school, as usual, I went to Lin Hai’s office in school to review my chemistry homework.

“Originally, we were communicating and tutoring normally. During the learning process, I drank a mouthful of mineral water that I carried with me. I didn’t expect that Lin Hai would actually put knockout powder in the water. I immediately fell asleep.”

“When I woke up, I found myself in the hidden research inst.i.tute in the wilderness.”

At this point, Liu Rui’s face turned pale. It was obvious that this dark past had been lingering in her heart for more than ten years.

” Until now, because of the drug incident, every time I drink water, I have an inexplicable sense of fear.”

Liu Rui said sadly.

‘ For so many years, every time I drink water, I have to go through careful observation and testing before I dare to speak.

“However, I’m afraid that I’ll have to do something. I don’t know why, but when

I saw Captain Qin Yuan, I felt very relieved..”

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