I Hijacked The Timeline Chapter 584: The Flag of Breaking Dawn Rises Again (1)

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Chapter 584: The Flag of Breaking Dawn Rises Again (1)

After reforging his flesh and blood, the combat timeline could finally be activated.

Before leaving the Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute, Feng Qi tested the use of innate abilities such as the Blood Source.

The test result was that he could use all the innate abilities that his other self had mastered. The only problem was that he could only use one at a time. There was no way to seamlessly switch innate abilities.

This would greatly reduce his combat strength.

However, even so, it was several times stronger than embedding the Demon

Dragon Rune Crystal.

After attending the last Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute Supreme Conference before leaving, Feng Qi returned to Star City Academy with his backpack.

He first went to Bai Fusheng’s office and explained the situation over the past year. He also showed him two cultivation techniques.

Bai Fusheng was very satisfied with the cultivation techniques.

After speaking with Bai Fusheng, he returned to the dormitory.

He had not returned to the dormitory for more than a year. The room was already covered in dust. He spent some time cleaning the dormitory.

Thereafter, he went to the sofa and sat down. Then, he took out a special glove from his backpack.

This glove was very light and felt no different from his skin. It was specially designed for him by the Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute.

There were three small, high-purity spiritual energy crystals in the glove that were used to draw spells.

Considering that he would not be able to absorb blood and Qi after his Blood Source form ended, the Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute specially designed this glove for him to absorb blood and Qi at any time outside and use it to reforge his flesh.

The gloves were also nicknamed “Resurrection Glove” by the higher-ups of the

Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute.

Feng Qi put the glove on his right hand.

He tried to clench his fist. There was no discomfort. He could not even feel the existence of the glove. It was as if it had fused with his skin.

In the future, he would need to wear this special glove at all times.

After the combat timeline was officially activated, could appear at any time. When he encountered a powerful enemy, he had to activate his trump card, the Blood Source ability.

The glove was his guarantee to win every battle.

in addition, there were three boxes of high-purity spiritual stones that matched the Resurrection Glove and a box of Stimulant Syringes in the special backpack.

The Scarlet Research Inst.i.tute’s tracker had already been implanted at the back

of his neck.

It was used by the Brain Squad to track his location.

After checking the items in his backpack, Feng Qi zipped it up and took out his phone to call Lin Ran.

After waiting for a while, the call went through. Lin Ran’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Brother Qi, haven’t you finished your research? When do you plan to come back?”

Hearing Lin Ran’s complaints, he smiled.

“I’ve already returned to the dormitory. I’ll call the seniors and cla.s.smates out

for a gathering later.”

“I’ll go organize it now. See you in an hour!

Hearing that he had returned, Lin Ran was very excited. He immediately promised and hung up.

8 p.m.

After dinner in the academy cafeteria, Feng Qi brought the students to the field

and sat down.

Looking at the puzzled expressions of everyone, he decided to confess the truth and officially start the combat timeline.

This was not the first time he had confessed to other students.

But this was the first time he confessed the truth to Mu Qing on the sacrifice timeline.

There would be many challenges in the combat timeline, so he felt that Mu

Qing needed to join.

He would only consider using force to solve all the problems on this sacrifice timeline. As for the future changes, they were no longer within his consideration.

At this thought, he turned to look at the monk and said.

“Monk, your real name is Hui Xu. You are the heir of the Prajna Domain Combat Team. You came to Star City Academy to investigate the Spiritual Energy Race’s traitor faction behind Le Ping’an. You followed the clues and found that the miracle item was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the traitor faction… Am I right?”

With that, Feng Qi smiled.

Upon hearing this, the monk’s expression turned serious for a moment. Then, he grinned and scratched his head.

“Brother Qi, what are you talking about? I don’t understand a word that you said.”

“Brother Qi, are you saying that Monk came to Star City Academy for a secret operation?” Lin Ran, who was sitting beside him, immediately frowned. Although he didn’t understand the words Spiritual Energy Race, traitor faction, and so on, Lin Ran understood the meaning behind Feng Qi’s words. The way he looked at the monk changed slightly.

“Brother Qi, where did you get the news? They’re nonsense.”

Faced with the monk’s explanation, Feng Qi did not explain.

After sweeping his gaze across everyone present, he slowly said.

“Next, I’ll tell you a secret about me. It might sound unbelievable, but please believe me.”

Looking at Feng Qi, everyone vaguely felt that what Feng Qi was about to say would be very shocking.

“Brother Qi, hurry up and say it. Stop beating about the bush” Xia Long said in a rough voice. Then, he glanced at Lu Yue, who was sitting not far away. Under their expectant expressions, Feng Qi pondered for a moment and organized his thoughts.

“I can travel between the future and reality at will.”

After a short silence, everyone’s expressions changed.

Mu Qing looked confused, Lin Ran fell into deep thought, and the monk’s eyes flickered…

“I know it’s hard for you to understand this concept. After all, I firmly believed in science before I obtained this ability, but some things are difficult to explain with current scientific knowledge, including the changes in my body…”

Under everyone’s complicated expressions, he began to tell them about his experience..

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