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Chapter 572: The War of the Human Race, A Warning (2)


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

With the fall of the five Nascent Soul demonic cultivators, the remaining demonic forces stood no chance against Jiang Chengxuan and his allies.

The demonic army quickly collapsed and was soon entirely annihilated.

As Jiang Chengxuan and Su Qingchan joined Perfected Lord Flowing Snow, Mo Tiancheng, and others inside the array, everyone greeted them with grat.i.tude.

“It’s all thanks to Fellow Daoist Jiang and Fairy Su this time.

If not for you, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to defend the array we’re in.”

Hearing this, Su Qingchan modestly waved her hand. “You flatter me. The real thanks should go to Fellow Daoist Jiang. Without him, not just you, but I too would have likely met a grim fate.”

Turning to Jiang Chengxuan, Su Qingchan’s expression was one of sincere grat.i.tude. “Fellow Daoist Jiang, thank you for your a.s.sistance in this matter.”

Jiang Chengxuan smiled and waved his hand.

“No need for thanks. In times of demonic calamity, it’s our duty to a.s.sist each other.”

Then, seeming to remember something, he turned to Su Qingchan and asked, “By the way, how is the overall situation of our human cultivators? Do you have any information?”

Perfected Lord Flowing Snow, Mo Tiancheng, Perfected Lord Star Sea, and the others also looked on with concern.

They had been focused on their respective battlefronts, lacking the means to learn about the broader war situation.

However, Su Qingchan was clearly not one of them.

As the First Elder of the Everlasting Palace and the personal disciple of Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain,

Even though the area she was in was also the frontline of this battle.

However, she had access to more detailed and extensive information.

A solemn expression appeared on Su Qingchan’s face.

She nodded at Jiang Chengxuan and everyone present.

“I do have some understanding of the current situation, and frankly, it’s not good.

My s.h.i.+fu and three other Soul Formation seniors are engaged in a great battle with six demon lords including Mad Dragon, Sinister Moon, and Blood Sea in the Nine Heavens Gangfeng Realm.

The details of the battle are beyond my knowledge, but I know that within the Nine Heavens Starfall Array, dozens of small and medium-sized array eyes, including the large Vermilion Bird Fire Array, have been breached. More than ten Nascent Soul cultivators have fallen.”


Mo Tiancheng, Zhou Wentai, and Perfected Lord Flowing Snow looked visibly shaken. Even Jiang Chengxuan’s expression turned extremely grave.

He understood that if the war continued in this manner, the human race would have a hard time lasting until the end of the demonic calamity.

Even if they did, they would be greatly weakened, potentially allowing the demonic cultivators to break through their defenses and invade the inland areas of the northern border, leading to widespread disaster.

At that time, people would really be plunged into misery and suffering.

“Then may I ask Fairy Su, do you have any good ways to deal with this?”

At this moment, Mo Tiancheng couldn’t help but speak.

Hearing his words, the others also looked at Su Qingchan.

However, Su Qingchan shook her head with a somewhat apologetic expression.

“As of now, our side doesn’t have any effective countermeasures.

We can only continue as before – if we learn of any critical array eyes in danger, myself and others will provide support to fight off the enemy.”

Jiang Chengxuan knew that Su Qingchan really meant it.

Throughout past demonic calamities, the human race had mostly resorted to this tactic, enduring until the rifts in heaven and earth were about to close.

At that time, those demonic cultivators would naturally retreat.

Otherwise, if they still stayed, the consequences would definitely not be what they wanted to see.

It was the same for those Soul Formation demonic cultivators.

However, if they waited until then, the human race and even the entire Nine Essences Immortal World would probably be destroyed beyond recognition.

The losses were not something they could bear.

At least in Jiang Chengxuan’s opinion, that would mean a defeat for the human race.

Furthermore, without significant changes, future outcomes would likely remain the same, resulting in perpetual defeats.

Until the will of the world in the Nine Essences Immortal World completely sank and was even wiped out.

The result would still remain the same.


To alter the course of the war and achieve victory in this demonic calamity, someone among them needed to be capable of reversing the situation.

This person would need to possess overwhelming strength to crush all Nascent Soul demonic cultivators, rendering them incapable of threatening the Nine Heavens Starfall Array.

In such a scenario, the four Heavenly Lords of the northern border might be able to combine the power of the Great Array with their own to pose a real lethal threat to the six demon lords. If managed well, this strategy might even lead to capturing a few of them.

Considering the current state of the northern border’s cultivation world, perhaps only he and Shen Ruyan, possessing a Zenith Nascent Soul and a Flawless Nascent Soul respectively, had such capabilities.

Especially if both of their cultivations reached the later stages of Nascent Soul.

Then this war, at least at the Nascent Soul level, would basically not have any problem.

Jiang Chengxuan was aware that revealing his true strength prematurely might attract attention and unforeseeable dangers, potentially adding tribulations to his path of cultivation.

However, without taking this step, the current demonic calamity would likely end no differently from past ones, with the human race facing defeat.

This would inevitably lead to a further decline in the amount of Qi in the world and weaken the will of heaven and earth.

At that time, unless Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan didn’t want to break through to Soul Formation,

Any attempt at breaking through to that level would likely be detected by an existence in the outer world.


Thus, even if not for the sake of the human race or the amount of Qi, but for their own sakes, they had to give their all in this battle. Otherwise, their cultivation would remain perpetually at Nascent Soul.

However, that was obviously unacceptable.

Therefore, Jiang Chengxuan turned to Su Qingchan and said, “Fairy Su, I believe we can find a better way.”


Not only Su Qingchan, but Mo Tiancheng and the others all looked at him in surprise.

Jiang Chengxuan didn’t keep them in suspense but shared his thoughts with them.

After hearing his idea, Su Qingchan and the others were initially shocked, then thoughtful.

After a long period of contemplation, Su Qingchan looked at Jiang Chengxuan with unprecedented seriousness.

“Daoist Jiang, how confident are you about this plan? And you must understand, this is extremely risky. If we fail, not only might we perish, but the war could also be plunged into an entirely unpredictable abyss.”

Mo Tiancheng, Zhou Wentai, and Perfected Lord Flowing Snow also looked extremely solemn.

Clearly, they knew very well that what Su Qingchan said was not an alarmist. It was something that was extremely likely to happen..

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