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Chapter 580: System Mission Completed, Demon Lord’s


Anger (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It seemed that Jiang Chengxuan’s actions had truly enraged the seven Demon Lords.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Jiang Chengxuan with a hint of worry. However, Jiang Chengxuan’s expression remained unchanged.

He spoke slowly, “Let’s go, we must not waste the time the Heavenly Lords have won for us.

Trust in them, just as they trust in us.

In this demonic calamity, our human race will prevail!”

With that one sentence, the spirits of all the Nascent Souls present were immediately uplifted.

The next moment, everyone including Su Qingchan resolutely echoed his words.

In this demonic calamity, our human race will prevail!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh—

Following their words, Jiang Chengxuan and the group of Perfected Lords immediately set off towards other areas where Nascent Soul demon cultivators were present.

In just a few months.

Jiang Chengxuan led everyone, continuously battling in dozens of crucial areas and consecutively slaying dozens more Nascent Soul demon cultivators.

At this moment.

News of Jiang Chengxuan’s fearsome reputation had spread throughout the entire Nova Waters.

Wherever they went, all demon cultivators fled in panic.

However, Jiang Chengxuan now seemed like a G.o.d of death incarnate.

Almost no demon cultivators, especially those of the Nascent Soul stage could escape from his hands.

Up to now, the number of Nascent Soul demon cultivators who had died in Jiang Chengxuan’s hand was close to a hundred.

But only Jiang Chengxuan knew that he was still four short of his goal.

Fortunately, filling these four slots was not a difficult task.

Because at this moment, they were once again facing five Nascent Soul demon cultivators.

Without any superfluous words.

Jiang Chengxuan immediately targeted four of them.

These four were clearly aware of Jiang Chengxuan’s terror.

So, as soon as they saw Jiang Chengxuan and his party, they had no intention of engaging them in combat.

Intense demonic qi rose from their bodies as they intended to flee.

However, how could Jiang Chengxuan let them escape at this time?

Suddenly, a huge Roc shadow swept across the sky.

The next moment, Jiang Chengxuan seemed to transform into a cold, unfeeling war machine.

With each flicker of his figure.

The body of a Nascent Soul demon cultivator in mid-air would explode into a cloud of blood mist.

After four consecutive flickers in the air, the four Nascent Soul demon cultivators had all fallen.


At the same time, a familiar electronic voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Chengxuan’s mind.

[Congratulations, host. You have killed a hundred Nascent Soul demonic cultivators. You have obtained a Level 6 Pure Yang True Treasure, the Demoncleaver Spirit Sword”, a Deduction Bead, and three opportunities to train in a special cultivation s.p.a.ce.]

Demoncleaver Spirit Sword. As the name suggested, this sword had an extremely powerful demon slaying attribute. When dealing with demonic cultivators or demonic creatures, it would have a huge increase in power. The effects of the Deduction Bead were self-explanatory.

But it was the special cultivation s.p.a.ce opportunity that piqued Jiang Chengxuan’s interest.

According to the system, this special cultivation s.p.a.ce was completely independent of the main world.

Training there not only provided enhancements in cultivation speed and comprehension.

But also, the flow of time in this s.p.a.ce was different from the main world.

No matter how long you cultivate inside.

Even if it’s for ten years, a hundred years, or a thousand years.

Only one day would have pa.s.sed in the outside world.

In theory, as long as your lifespan is sufficient, even training for ten thousand or a hundred thousand years in that s.p.a.ce is possible.

However, in practice, unless your cultivation level reaches that realm where you have that long lifespan.

Shutting yourself away for a thousand or ten thousand years is almost impossible.

Not to mention that the cultivation resources you brought were limited.

After breaking through a bottleneck, it was very difficult to cultivate to the next bottleneck without sufficient comprehension.

If you really cultivated to the next bottleneck, without the corresponding opportunity, no matter how long you cultivated, it would be meaningless. It would only be a waste of time.

Moreover, if one’s cultivation level was not at the Void Returning realm, they would not have such a long lifespan to cultivate in seclusion.

On Jiang Chengxuan’s end, just as he received the system reward, Shen Ruyan

had already killed the remaining Nascent Soul demon cultivator.

Thus, most of the Nascent Soul demon cultivators appearing in this demonic calamity were slain by Jiang Chengxuan and his group.

The remaining ones, frightened by Jiang Chengxuan’s terrifying strength, all went into hiding, daring not to show themselves.

This finally enraged the seven Demon Lords in the Nine Heavens Gangfeng Realm.

Wicked Moon, disregarding an attack from Heavenly Lord Purple Flame, launched a blood-colored lunar attack towards Jiang Chengxuan.

This strike was both swift and fierce, catching even Heavenly Lord Purple Flame and the others off guard.

By the time they reacted and attempted to intercept, it was already too late.

The seven Demon Lords united to block the Heavenly Lords, making it impossible for them to break through their blockade immediately. On the other side.

Just as Jiang Chengxuan and his companions finished clearing the battlefield they were shocked to see a ma.s.sive blood-colored moon, with an immensely’ terrifying and evil aura, cras.h.i.+ng down towards them, specifically targeting Jiang Chengxuan.

At that moment, Jiang Chengxuan could feel that the blood-colored moon had sealed off all his avenues of escape.

Even using the extreme speed of the Roc, he could not escape the pursuit of the blood-colored moon.

This was because the opponent was not using mere speed or strength, but something related to spatial rules, which Jiang Chengxuan did not possess.


His only option was to confront it head-on; there was no other way.

However, before he could act, several Nascent Soul cultivators suddenly displayed blood-colored lines on their skin, as if possessed by something extremely evil, turning their aura exceedingly sinister and their eyes blood-red.

“Oh no!”

When Su Qingchan, Perfected Lord Wind Cloud, Sword Lord Azure Blue and the others saw this, their expressions changed drastically.

‘■That’s the blood moon contamination of Demon Lord Wicked Moon. We must guard our minds and inner power, not letting any evil thoughts invade, or else our souls might be infiltrated.”


At the same time.

Jiang Chengxuan’s figure suddenly created dozens, even hundreds of afterimages, scattering in all directions.

However, the blood-colored moon, as if it could discern his true body, quickly pursued him as he flew away at the extreme speed of the Roc.

As it drew near, Jiang Chengxuan could clearly feel the s.p.a.ce around him solidifying, his range of movement shrinking.

He knew he couldn’t continue like this and had to act before the s.p.a.ce around

him was completely sealed off.

With this in mind, Jiang Chengxuan took a deep breath and swallowed another Tenfold Pill.

At the same time.

He took out the Level 6 Constellation Talisman again.


Instantly, countless stars’ light fell from the sky, forming a 360-degree barrier around Jiang Chengxuan.

Jiang Chengxuan then used the Five-colored Divine Light and activated the

Demon Slaying Talent to shoot the Trigram Divine Fire at the blood-colored full moon.

That was not all.

After this.

He also took out the Azure Emperor’s Heaven-Slaying Saber, the Demon Suppressing Fist Technique, the Five-colored Aurola, the Eternal Scorching Sun Furnace, and the Golden Void Sword..

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