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Chapter 614: Unification, Th.o.r.n.y Road! 1


Translator: 549690339

The battle had only lasted for a few rounds.

Ji Zu, who had broken through the Heavenly Tribulation realm for many years, had his right arm torn off by Li Yueming.

Dark red blood dyed the sky red.

The sudden pain in her body gave Ji Ni a fright.

He could not understand why Li Yueming was so much stronger than him. They were both Qi Pract.i.tioners of the same realm.

However, no matter how frightened and confused Ji Ni was.

The cruel reality was like a heavy mountain in front of him.

Regardless of whether he was willing to believe it or not, the gap between his and Li Yueming’s combat strength was so great that they were not on the same level at all!

After confirming that he was no match for them, and that he could not ask for help from the outside world, they were all stunned.

Ji Ni finally realized how dangerous the situation was.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His body suddenly swelled up. Even his arm, which was still spewing blood, quickly stopped and healed at an extremely fast speed!

When he opened his eyes again, a huge black shadow had appeared behind him.

Ji Ni stood high in the sky. The energy fluctuations in his body had already increased by more than a level in the few breaths that the black shadow had appeared !

Although he had already lost his right arm.

However, under the influence of the Enraged state, both his combat power and the pressure he felt were rising.

He stared at Li Yueming with bloodshot eyes and growled in an extremely hoa.r.s.e voice,””l’m very curious about who you are to be able to force me to use this move!”

Not far away, Li Yueming stopped.

He looked at Ji Ni, who was like a monster with a violent aura.

Li Yueming’s face was full of vigilance.

However, just this level was not enough to make Li Yueming feel fear.

The reason why he was vigilant was because he sensed the mysterious aura of the shadow behind Ji Ni.

After activating this state that Ji Ni called ‘mutation’.

Ji Yi no longer used her previous strategy of fighting and retreating to protect herself.

He took the initiative to fight Li Yueming.

In fact, Ji Ni’s combat strength had indeed increased by a large margin.

At least in the following contact, the black shadow behind him protected Ji Ni from harm and could even launch some simple attacks that could threaten Li Yueming.

Under the circ.u.mstances where Li Yueming didn’t use more power, he actually started to fight with Li Yueming. He could even occasionally defeat Li Yueming.

Li Yueming guessed that he would not be able to maintain this state forever, and he would most likely have to pay a price.

Otherwise, she would look like a supermodel.

In the air, the two of them fought again.

Li Yueming retreated dozens of meters.

Ji Ni was not feeling too well either. She staggered a few steps back.

After a round of battle, Li Ming had a rough estimation of his current combat strength, so he stopped and asked Ji Ni,”You should know a lot about the ancient Great Qian Dynasty and the so-called Human Emperor of the Tiandu Clan, right?”

Ji Ni was obviously a little surprised by his sudden doubt, but she quickly recovered and laughed.”lt seems that you are indeed more complicated than I thought. You actually know so many things without saying anything!” Li Yueming didn’t respond.

However, for some reason, Ji Ni did not seem to care about this and continued,”But you should know, right? Sometimes, the more you know, the better. On the contrary, you might even get yourself killed because of your curiosity..

” You’ve already investigated so deeply that you’re only one step away from the truth and death. Even if I can’t kill you, I can already see the day you disappear from the face of the earth!”

“If that day really comes, you will definitely regret not being killed by me today. Hahaha…”

As she laughed, she suddenly stopped. She looked at him and said with a ferocious expression, “Those who know the truth must die. Instead of dying in the hands of that thing, it’s better for me to kill them!” As she spoke, the shadow behind Ji Ni became more solid.

His aura soared again.

The black shadow seemed to have a life of its own as it fused with him.

It even repaired his torn right arm.

Ji Ni became even more ferocious and terrifying.

Previously, Li Yueming had also obtained some fragmented information from him.

However, some of those messages were fake.

Other than Ji Ni herself, no one knew how much of the information was true and how much was false. There were probably many smoke bombs that Ji Ni deliberately released to confuse Li Yueming.

Therefore, Li Yue Ming was not prepared to believe a single word.

But now, after smelling the terrifying difference between him and Li Yueming, the credibility of Ji Ni’s words increased a little.

After all, when a person was extremely nervous or excited, it was impossible to control their brain well. Even if they had already become a cultivator in the heavenly tribulation realm, as long as they did not leave the scope of human beings, this rule still applied.

Therefore, just a few words from him when he was in a state of madness had already given Li Yueming a lot of information.

At the very least, he could confirm one thing.

That was the so-called ‘reality’, which was perhaps not a secret among the circle of top-notch Qi Refiners in this world.

It was just that very few people could enter their circle..

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