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Chapter 615: Unification, Th.o.r.n.y Road! 2


Translator: 549690339

Then, the problem came.

The person behind the scenes had tampered with so much real history. What shocking secret was he trying to hide? Why was it that so many people knew the true history, but there were no rumors in the outside world?

Looking at the black shadow behind Ji Ni, Li Yueming already had some guesses in his heart.

He did not waste any more time.

Even though Ji Ni’s condition had changed greatly compared to before, and her combat strength had also increased by a large margin.

But don’t forget that Li Yueming didn’t use his full strength.

He had only used less than 50% of his strength.

After discovering that Ji Ni had taken out his trump card, Li Yueming did not hide anymore. He activated the six human treasures on his body, and the spiritual energy in his body was also constantly circulating, raising Li Yueming’s condition to the peak at the fastest speed.

Li Yueming stretched his body and looked at his greenish-gray palm, as well as the ferocious bone spikes protruding from his palm. He revealed a self-deprecating or mocking smile and said indifferently,”You’re not the only one who’s a monster. I’m also a monster among monsters…Of course, the reason why I became like this is, in a sense, thanks to your gift!”

After he finished speaking.

Li Yueming didn’t dawdle anymore.

He exerted a little force under his feet and immediately disappeared from where he was.

In the next second, he appeared in front of Ji Ni like a jumping beam of light. It was still a simple and rough punch, but the energy contained in it was enough to distort s.p.a.ce!! !

More than ten years ago, when he was being chased by Ji Ni.

In order to protect himself, Li Yueming constantly squeezed out the energy in his body.

In the end, after the body’s energy was squeezed out, it would crazily squeeze out its potential.

However, this was not enough. After all, Ji Ni and him were separated by several major realms. As Qi Pract.i.tioners cultivated, the gap between realms would become larger.

In order to escape, Li Yueming was constantly adjusting his body structure through his Perfect Genetic Body while squeezing the potential of his body.

The goal was to evolve a body that was more suitable for escaping.

Because there was too little time, he could not constantly deduce the best option.

Although the Perfect Genetic Body allowed Li Yueming to evolve into an extremely powerful physical state, it also brought about an uncontrollable super-evolution to Li Yueming’s genes.

His current form was one of the ultimate battle forms that his perfect genetic body had evolved.

It was suitable for pursuit and escape.

It had a terrifying body that was so powerful that it made people speechless.

Therefore, it was only a single punch.

To Ji Ni, who had completed her mutation, it was as if she had b.u.mped into a huge mountain.

However, he was still sent flying thousands of meters away by Li Yueming’s punch. He flipped in the air countless times.

At this moment.

The battle between the two of them was not so much a fight between humans as it was an internal strife between monsters.

Whether it was Li Yueming or Ji Ni, they were no longer pure humans.

He finally stopped moving.

Looking at Li Yueming, who was not far away and had spread his wings and covered in greenish-gray scales, Ji Ni opened his mouth to speak, but just as he was about to speak, he couldn’t help but cough twice.

Ji Ni spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Cough cough cough..

Stinky blood gushed out from her throat, and she finally stopped coughing. Ji Ni was in a daze.”This… You, you’re a monster too? No, that’s not right… Haha, hahaha… No, you’re a human, and I’m the monster…”

Blood was still gus.h.i.+ng out of his mouth, but he was still laughing.

It looked a little terrifying.

However, Li Yueming’s eyes were still as calm as ever, as cold as a knife.

The Perfect Geno Body was a bright gold talent that was one level higher than the infinite gold talent.

Moreover, compared to the pure support talent of infinite deduction, the strength of a perfect genetic body was more reflected in the two aspects of combat and survival.

How could the bright golden battle form talent be undeserved?

The current Li Yueming had changed from a genetic level to something else.

Everything was in the service of battle.

It could even be said that it was purely born for battle.

Therefore, similar to fear, pity, arrogance… Li Yueming wouldn’t have any emotions that he shouldn’t have in a battle.

Kill the enemies that can be killed.

Or survive from an enemy that could not be killed.

Without deliberately controlling his emotions, Li Yueming would only make an absolutely rational choice between these two judgments.

Now, facing Ji Ni, whose combat strength was weaker than his, Li Yueming naturally would not show any mercy.

In a flash, Li Yueming appeared in front of Ji Ni again.

This time, he did not simply punch out. Instead, he first used his spiritual energy to block Ji Ni’s retreat before relying on his powerful physical fitness to fight Ji Ni in close combat again.

Ji Ni’s entire body was covered in black shadows. Although he was visibly weaker than Li Yueming in close combat, he could still barely hold on with the power of the black shadows.

However, the bone spurs on Li Yueming’s arm were extremely sharp. With the enhancement of the human treasure, their destructive power had reached a terrifying level..

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