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Chapter 712: 712 I Can’t Tell You

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Tan Ron glared at him and then went to the bathroom to wash her face. Her face was as red as an apple. If she didn’t wash her face and calm down, they would definitely find out later.

Zhuang Liu also squeezed in and stood behind Tan Rou. Then, he reached for the tap and said, “Let me help you wash your face.”

“Hmph, I don’t need you. Look at how you bit my lips. How am I supposed to go down and see them later?” Tan Rou said angrily.

“We were in the same room together. Even if we didn’t say anything, they would know what happened.” Zhuang Liu smiled.

Tan Rou blushed. “Stop talking!”

Zhuang Liu kissed her right cheek and muttered, “I really hope that you can graduate from university now. Once you graduate from university, we’ll get married and I can finally be with you openly. No matter what we do, we don’t have to worry about being seen by others.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Tan Rou said angrily. “What do you mean by not having to worry about being seen by others? Do we have to let others see everything in our lives?”

Zhuang Liu felt that he had said the wrong thing. “I said the wrong thing. I apologize to you. Don’t be angry, okay?”

“I’m not angry with you,” Tan Rou replied. She used a towel to dry her hands and face. “Stop talking. Let’s go down quickly. I don’t want them to deepen the misunderstanding.”

Zhuang Liu didn’t dare to provoke Tan Rou. He was afraid that Tan Rou would ignore him. Recently, his second uncle’s family had returned from abroad. The company was very chaotic. The university town was very far from the company and the Zhuang family’s old residence, so he could not come here every day. Most of the time, Zhuang Liu could only contact Tan Rou through his phone.

If he made Tan Rou angry, she might not pick up his call. Although this had never happened before, Zhuang Liu still had to be prevent it from happening.

The red mark on Tan Ron’s lips was still too obvious, so she decided to put on some lipstick to cover it up.

Zhuang Liu saw that Tan Rou was about to put on lipstick. He said, “Let me help you apply it. Just treat it as a practice for me.”

Tan Rou didn’t refuse. After she was done, she realized that Zhuang Liu’s lipstick skills were not bad, so she asked, “Have you practiced before?”

“I studied a little after 1 confirmed my relations.h.i.+p with you,” Zhuang Liu answered honestly.

Tan Rou was still quite happy. She pursed her lips slightly and let the lipstick smudge. The color of this lipstick was very suitable for bare-faced makeup. With the lipstick, the redness on her mouth was covered.

After everything was done, they walked out of the room one after the other and went downstairs to eat cake.

Li Li was still curious about where Zhuang Liu went. Usually, Zhuang Liu would definitely stay here to eat when he came over. However, he had disappeared in the blink of an eye today, and Tan Rou had also disappeared. Just as she was wondering if Zhuang Liu would come, Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu came downstairs.

Tian Tian was sitting at the table and dividing the cake. She saw Zhuang Liu and Tan Rou coming downstairs and asked curiously, “When did you go upstairs? Why didn’t we see it?”

Zhuang Liu smiled and said nothing.

Tan Rou touched her face to see if it was still hot. “When you were making the cake,” she said.

“I went up to get something.”

Tian Tian wanted to ask what she had taken but was stopped by Li Li.

“Rourou, did you go up to get lipstick?” Li Li asked with a knowing expression. “The color number of this lipstick today is so beautiful!”

Tan Rou suddenly felt a little guilty. “If you like it, I’ll buy you one next time.”

“No need. Only a beauty like you would look good with this color. I’m ugly, so I’d better not apply it. Come over and eat the cake quickly. Tiantian and 1 helped making it.” Li Li said.

Tian Tian was puzzled. Tan Rou rarely put on lipstick and basically did not put on much makeup. She had never seen her put on lipstick at home. More importantly, Aunt Zhou had also asked her to come down for cake. Since Tan Rou knew that she wanted to eat cake, why did she put on lipstick?

“Lili, why did Rourou put on lipstick just to have some cake?” Tian Tian couldn’t help but ask Li Li.

Li Li chuckled. “I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you!”

Since she couldn’t say it, Tian Tian couldn’t continue asking either. She just started eating the cake quietly..

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