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Chapter 920: 920 Changing their address


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

There weren’t many people at the banquet. Only the Tao family, the Zhuang family, and some of their more important relatives were there. They all tacitly didn’t mention what happened during the day.

Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu sat together. They were eating the cake that they had ordered for lunch. It seemed that they were not affected by what had happened during the day as well.

Tan Ron’s parents and Zhuang Liu’s parents watched them as they ate. They wanted to see if Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu were affected. After all, this was the engagement party that they had prepared for a long time.

Tan Rou sensed the gazes of both parents. She then quietly said to Zhuang Liu, who was beside her, “All Liu, our parents are struggling to decide. They must want to comfort us, but they’re afraid that they’ll make us sad.”

Zhuang Liu sighed. “I’m quite sad too. I wanted to give you an unforgettable engagement ceremony, but I didn’t expect it to cause such a consequence.”

Tan Rou chuckled. “It’s indeed unforgettable. However, I was still very curious about who released Liu Xing. Could it really be Xin? Does he care that much about Liu Xing?”

Zhuang Liu looked troubled. He wanted to tell Tan Rou the news he had just received, but he was afraid that she would be angry.

Tan Rou was very smart. When she saw that Zhuang Liu did not speak, she knew that Zhuang Liu must have some inside information. So she asked, “Do you know who let Liu Xing out?”

“It’s my second uncle,” Zhuang Liu said, rubbing his glabella.

Tan Rou was not surprised at all. There were only a few people who wanted her and Zhuang Liu’s lives. It was either Zhuang Su, Liu Xing, and Xin. However, Xin and the others did not have such great ability. After thinking about it, only Zhuang Su met the conditions.

“He is indeed quite capable. It’s hard to get out of a life sentence,” Tan Rou agreed. “I wonder how he got Liu Xing out?”

“Medical treatment. He bribed the people in the prison and arranged for Liu Xing to be released on bail for medical treatment. Then, he persuaded Liu Xing to escape. Since Liu Xing got the chance to go out, hse definitely wouldn’t return. Zhuang Su used this to make Liu Xing come to our engagement ceremony to cause trouble, and Liu Xing really came.”

“Oh.” Tan Rou gave a simple reply.

Zhuang Liu apologized. “I’m sorry. I didn’t take precautions. If I had taken precautions against Zhuang Su in advance, Liu Xing wouldn’t have ruined the engagement ceremony.”

Tan Rou comforted Zhuang Liu instead. “I don’t think this engagement ceremony has been ruined. We’ve already gone through all the procedures. Moreover, there was a gunfight at the end of the ceremony. Isn’t it very exciting and unforgettable?”

“Xiao Rou…” Zhuang Liu was very touched. He must have saved the earth in his previous life. Otherwise, why would he meet such a good girl like Tan Rou in this life?

Tan Rou smiled and stuffed a small piece of cake into Zhuang Liu’s mouth. “Don’t dwell on this matter anymore. Let’s eat cake together. Today is our engagement day. Be happy!”

Zhuang Liu took a bite of the cake. “It’s so sweet!”

Shen Jing and Zhuang Yan couldn’t help but come over to talk to Tan Rou. They looked at Tan Rou apologetically. “Rourou, we were negligent today. Please don’t be angry!”

“Auntie, why would I be angry?” Tan Rou replied.

“I chose the venue today. If there’s anything wrong, it should be my fault.”

Shen Jing quickly waved her hand. “No, no, no. It’s our fault.”

“Don’t blame yourself. We’re not wrong about this. Liu Xing is the one at fault. Xiao Liu, don’t mind this too much. Look at how optimistic Xiao Rou is!”

Zhuang Liu stood up and bowed deeply to the Tao family’s parents. “Uncle, Auntie, 1 swear that this will never happen again.”

“You’re already engaged, yet you still call us Uncle and Auntie?” Mrs. Tao chuckled.

Zhuang Liu was stunned and called out tentatively, “Mom and Dad?”

Mrs. Tao replied happily, “Ah, our good son-in-law.”

Mr. Tao also smiled slightly. “Don’t worry about it.”

Shen Jing looked at Tan Rou expectantly. She had long wanted Tan Rou to call her mom, but she was too embarra.s.sed to say it.

Tan Rou understood what Shen Jing meant. She changed her words. “Dad, Mom.”

Shen Jing was grinning from ear to ear, and even Zhuang Yan, who didn’t like to smile usually, was having a bright smile on his face..

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