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Chapter 842: World of martial arts (36)(1)


Translator: 549690339

Yu Yan even secretly thought about it.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. He couldn’t tell that Qi Chen, this devil, was only a superficial man. He looked good but was actually useless. He didn’t even have the time to burn an incense stick…

Gu youning was so pitiful!

However, the next moment, Yu Yan caught a whiff of the thick stench of blood.

? ? ? ? ?

Her period is here?

Yu Yan’s heart trembled when he heard the words “bandage” coming from the carriage.

Did something happen to that d * mn woman, Gu youning?

Yu Yan couldn’t care less about Qi Chen. She lifted the curtain and rushed in, then saw the situation inside.

Fu Shang sat on the soft couch and flipped over his clothes, revealing a long and fair leg. Qi Chen knelt on one knee on the blanket, holding a white bandage in his hands to help her bandage it.


Some of the bandages were already stained with blood, which was a ghastly sight.

If she hadn’t seen the blood-stained dagger that was thrown on the ground, Yu Yan, whose mind was filled with rubbish, would have subconsciously thought otherwise.

It wasn’t really crooked.

After all, Fu min was indeed disheveled.

Qi Chen’s face was gloomy, and his beautiful face was very devilish. Wait, Yu Yan finally realized that Qi Chen had actually taken off his mask.

Yu Yan:”!!!

So, why did he take off his mask?

Of course, it’s for convenience, hehehe ~

Yu Yan smacked his lips. This devil was really good-looking, even better looking than Ji qinglin. Qi Chen looked like a beautiful villain in a novel, the kind that could easily hook the readers ‘three views and follow their facial features.

It was also the kind that was easy to get lunch boxes!

What kind of luck did Gu youning have?

Yu Yan was extremely jealous.

If Fu min knew what this woman was thinking, she would definitely let out a long sigh.

Peach blossom luck my a.s.s.

It was clearly the peach blossom tribulation.

She almost lost her integrity!



Qi Chen left with a long face. Before he left, he looked deeply at Fu min and said slowly,” Gu youning, don’t even think about running away. Don’t even think about killing yourself. Even if you die, 1 won’t let you off.

Fu Shang chuckled.

Qi Chen was speechless.

He left in anger.

Yu Yan only dared to sit next to Fu min after Qi Chen had left. She looked at Fu min’s injured leg with a worried expression, but her words were still unforgiving.

“I just stayed outside for a while, how did you get crippled?”

Fu Shang,”get lost!” Which is more important, my legs or my innocence?”

Indeed, Overlord Qi Chen had not succeeded in forcing himself on her.

Yu Yan slowly raised his claws.

Fu Shang was speechless.

How could she have forgotten that Yu Yan was a modern woman!

Yu Yan mumbled,” besides, Qi Chen is so good-looking. You won’t lose anything. Just take it that you’re a duck. Alright, alright, I’m just farting.”

Fu Shang retracted his death stare from Yu Yan and looked at his bandaged leg.

Qi Chen was definitely not a soft-hearted person, so what he meant was … Had he fallen into the village of beauties?

Fu Shang was not embarra.s.sed to compare himself to the village of beauties.

However, she always felt that she had overlooked something very important.

She couldn’t think of anything at once.

Fu Shang was helpless.


The next day.

Fu Shang and Yu Yan “relied on each other” to sleep in the carriage for the whole night, and Ji qinglin didn’t come back for the whole night.

Yu Yan had once wondered if he had been taken away by a Wolf.

Fu Shang was suspicious again.

Qi Chen and Ji qinglin had never appeared at the same time …

Just as Fu min was deep in thought.

The corner of the red dress appeared in his sight, accompanied by a familiar clear voice.


Ji qinglin was calling her..

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Chapter 843: World of martial arts (37)(1)

Translator: 549690339

Ji qinglin was back.

His body was slightly wet from the dewdrops, and the smell of the gra.s.s deep in the forest in the early morning was fresh and pleasant.

He came with his sword.

It was the familiar red specter again.

Fu Shang’s eyes flickered but before he could say anything, Yu Yan, who was standing beside him, had already started to make sarcastic remarks.

“Young master Ji, you’re back. 1 thought you were taken away by the wolves.”

Ji qinglin was confused.

He hadn’t seen her for just one night, and this woman had become so eccentric?

Ji qinglin didn’t care.

Yu Yan: “@#%*?@#. Bah.”

Ji qinglin walked past Yu Yan and towards Fu min. He grabbed her sleeve with worry in his eyes.

“Are you alright? I was caught in a stumble yesterday and didn’t make it back in time.”

Ji qinglin’s eyes scanned Fu Shang up and down, and his gaze stopped on her torn clothes. It was a ghastly bloodstain.

“What’s wrong?”

The teenager’s pupils contracted, and he raised his finger, subconsciously wanting to touch it.

Fu Shang shook his head and took two steps back. He forced a smile and said,” it’s nothing serious. It’s all in the past. Don’t ask anymore …

Her eyelashes drooped slightly, and her red lips were a little paler than before, making them look even paler.

It was obvious that she didn’t want to talk about this.

Fu Shang’s appearance … Of course he was acting!

She wanted to see Ji qinglin’s reaction.

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