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Chapter 841: World of martial arts (35)(1)


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qi chen sneered.

“don’t think about it. it’s impossible, he will never come to save you.”

obviously, qi chen had already imagined that fu shang was deeply in love with ji qinglin. there was an unknown fire burning in his heart.

her heart was filled with panic.

everything was going according to his plan, but why was he so upset?

Qi Chen thought so.


Wasn’t he just a toy?

So why did he suppress himself?

Qi Chen closed his eyes, and his long, curly eyelashes spread out like a fan. When he opened them again, the colors that he had suppressed with all his might appeared again.


He got up and leaned over. His slender body was on top of Fu Yao, and his fingers held her shoulders. A pleasant fragrance came from his body.

Fu Shang was a little drunk and looked a little drowsy.

However, deep in her eyes …

It was completely cold, without the slightest bit of emotion.

qi chen kissed her lips.

Subconsciously, Fu Shang reached for the dagger in his sleeve.

then, her fingers were caught.

The man’s voice was threatening. Gu youning, if you know what’s good for you, you should please me instead of resisting.

Fu Shang’s eyes darkened.



The lights in the carriage had been on, but unexpectedly, Qi Chen raised his hand and waved it casually.

The dim yellow light was turned off.

His vision instantly blurred and everything turned pitch black. In the darkness, his five senses were magnified and Fu Shang’s resistance paused.

Qi Chen bit Fu Shang’s shoulder. His sharp teeth hurt her a little, but it was more itchy.

her middle clothes were about to be ripped off.

.. She was about to lose her innocence!

Fu Shang made up his mind and made a cut on his own thigh with the dagger in his hand.

blood was dripping.

the strong smell of blood came.

Qi Chen’s movements paused. He was extremely sensitive to cold weapons. He had also noticed Fu Shang’s movements, but he had not been able to stop him in time.

the man raised his slender hand and pulled open the curtain of the carriage window.

Through the moonlight, he could clearly see Fu min’s injuries.

The wound was not shallow, and the bright red blood flowed down, staining Fu Shang’s white clothes red. It was a ghastly sight under the moonlight.

Qi Chen cursed in a low voice. He raised his slender fingers and quickly pressed a few acupuncture points on Fu Shang’s body.

Miraculously, the blood that was gus.h.i.+ng out stopped.

fu shang was speechless.

it can be played like this?

Qi Chen’s beautiful face darkened as he lit up the lamp again. Fie lowered his eyes and stared at Fu Shang’s wound. He closed his eyes and said with a complicated expression.

“It’s better for me to kill you directly to save …”

He didn’t finish the second half of the sentence.

kill me all you want! Fu minliang replied,” I’m a cripple, what’s the point of living anyway?”

Qi Chen didn’t speak.

He squatted down and took out a first aid kit from the drawer of the table. He took out bandages and medicine and threw them to Fu Tian.

“Bandage it yourself.”

Fu Shang glanced at the medicine and sneered. He had no intention of taking it.

Qi Chen was speechless.


Yu Yan, who was outside, was startled by the flickering light.

? ? ? meow meow meow meow?

what was going on?

When Yu Yan first heard some noise, she thought something was up. However, this was not even the time it took for an incense stick to burn ….

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