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Chapter 896: G.o.d’s descent (3)


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Fu Chen was in the arms of the man behind her. The man’s slender hand turned her over, and his fingers were clasping the back of her head.

He held her in his arms.

Fu Shang’s face was buried in the man’s broad and slightly cold chest. She could smell the clean and clear scent of pine snow on the other party. It was very familiar.

Fu min’s heart skipped a beat.

Was it him?

.. It should be.

Other than him, no one else could give her such a sense of security.

Fu min retracted his hand and the mist in his palm slowly dissipated. The world that had fallen apart returned to its original state and the twisted s.p.a.ce returned to normal.

“Master, you’re shocked.”

The man’s low magnetic and pleasant voice sounded like the sound of a harp. It was elegant, but also a little unnatural.

Fu Shang was confused.


What kind of embarra.s.sing t.i.tle was that?

What weird things did Jun Heng do this time?

The young girl’s thin body stiffened, and the smile on her face gradually faded.

Seeing that someone had come to ruin things.

The two drunk men were furious and cursed, ” “Where did this little brat come from? busybodies, how dare you ruin our business? You’re simply tired of living!”

Let’s go, man. Let him see what happens to those who mess with us.

Fu Shang’s head twitched but was stopped by the man’s long fingers. The man comforted him softly, ” master, don’t worry. Cyril will take care of everything.

Fu Shang, whose head was in the man’s arms, said,

The man wrapped one arm around Fu min’s waist and extended his other hand. His long, Jade-like fingers pointed in the direction of the two people opposite him.

There was a dazzling white light.

The two of them exploded like fireworks, not even having the time to let out a cry.

Unfortunately, Fu min didn’t see any of this.

Of course, if she could see it, she would definitely recognize it…

Wasn’t this the same as in the Western fantasy novels she had read before … Magic?


“Alright, it’s fine now.”

The man let go of Fu Shang’s head and said in a low and gentle voice.

Fu Shang took a step back and saw the face of the person in front of her.

A man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He had a head of golden hair that was as dazzling as the sun. His hair was combed back, revealing his fair forehead. His nose was high and straight, and his lips were as delicate as flower petals, with a light pink color.

Of course, the man’s most beautiful feature was his deep blue eyes. They were as cold as gla.s.s, but the way he looked at Fu min was full of gentleness and comfort.

This man was a typical young n.o.ble from the Middle Ages.

He was gentlemanly, elegant, and had a charming melancholy.

His handsomeness was like the snow on the other side of the mountain.

The elegant gentleman held the girl’s hand.

He bent down.

His petal-like thin lips landed on the back of her hand, and he gave it a very, very light kiss.

master was shocked. This is Cyril’s fault.

Fu min’s heart skipped a beat.

She subconsciously wanted to pull her hand back, but her hand was held by cylaire, and she couldn’t pull it out.

The man’s Blue eyes flashed with confusion.

He didn’t seem to understand why Fu min would avoid a simple kiss on the hand.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

Fu Shang was speechless.

She really wanted to say, “don’t call me master.

However, he did not receive any memories.

Fu min didn’t know what to say, so he just shook his head to show that he was fine.

Cylaire did not continue asking.

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Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 896: God's descent (3) summary

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