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Chapter 909: G.o.d’s descent (16)1


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The black-robed G.o.d’s lips twitched.

He had never met such a daring human.

He simply, simply…

He was at his wit’s end.

The young girl in front of him had already laid down and wrapped herself tightly in the soft dark red blanket, rolling herself into a small ball.

The black-robed G.o.d continued to talk to the ant in his eyes with great difficulty.

“My name is Hodell.”

The girl who was wrapped in a rope moved to show that she understood.

What kind of reaction was that?

The man’s long and narrow brows furrowed. He repeated what he had just said, ” I say my name is Hodel. Human, do you hear me? ”

The young girl rolled over and stood up, her face expressionless. “I heard you, so?”

Horde was speechless.

‘Audacious human.’

He didn’t have any reaction after hearing the name of a G.o.d, and he didn’t show any respect. It was ridiculous!

Fu Shang’s lips twitched, my Dear G.o.d, can you leave now? ”

The other party was about to explode from anger.

After knowing his ident.i.ty, this human still dared to chase him away?

Fu Shang’s eyes drooped as an unknown light flashed in his eyes.


Of course she knew what this name meant.

Hodel, the G.o.d of darkness.

Legend had it that he was the opposite of the G.o.ddess of light. His strength was extremely powerful and terrifying. At his peak, even the G.o.ddess of light did not have the ability to fight him.

However, due to Hodel’s strange and violent nature, and his love for killing, he was sealed by the G.o.ddess of light and other G.o.ds by chance…

At this point, the name of the dark G.o.d Hodell became a taboo on this continent. Black was also seen as an ominous and cursed symbol.

Wait a minute, since Hodel had already been sealed …

What was this person?

He escaped?

The young girl raised her head and stared at horde with suspicion. Her red lips moved and she said, “”You, weren’t you sealed?”

Horde was speechless.

Human, heh.

He had touched a sore spot.

Just as the beautiful G.o.d in black was about to speak, the girl in front of her retorted.

Oh, I know, ” Fu Shang mumbled to himself, ” you must be a liar who impersonated the dark G.o.d to scare me.

Veins popped out on the man’s forehead, and his slender fingers creaked from being pinched. He reached out and pointed in Fu Shang’s direction.

“..Shut up.”

Fu min wanted to say something, but he found himself unable to speak.

This person had muted her.

So what if you know magic!

Seeing that Fu min couldn’t say anything, holder smiled in satisfaction. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Fu min with interest.

“If it wasn’t for those B * stards plotting against me, I wouldn’t have been defeated by them,” the man said slowly.

now, I’ve found a way to resurrect myself. The key is you. You can help me.

These words clearly meant that he had a favor to ask of others, but this guy’s att.i.tude didn’t have the slightest intention of asking for help. Instead, he was so arrogant that it made people want to slap his face with their boots.

The black-robed man glanced at her.

“Human, you’re lucky to be able to help me. G.o.d will give you a corresponding reward.”

Fu Shang was speechless.

Sorry, she did not want to.

First of all, he didn’t like this guy’s arrogant att.i.tude, and then…

This person spoke like a multi-level marketing leader.

Fu Shang didn’t want to talk to this arrogant dog.

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Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 909: God's descent (16)1 summary

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