Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again Chapter 692: Wife, Aren't I the Best?

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Chapter 692: Wife, Aren’t I the Best?


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Without waiting for Liu s.h.i.+mei to speak, he added, “You like the Crown Prince, and you’re afraid I know, so you divert the topic to Liu Zhazha?”

Liu s.h.i.+mei was momentarily stunned.

The dog’s logic was on point!

She helplessly touched her forehead and said, “I’m not avoiding questions about the Crown Prince, but… Lingyao, why are you asking this? If you’re worried that I like the Crown Prince, it’s a bit unnecessary. If you just want to know my opinion of the Crown Prince, I can honestly tell you.”

“Oh, then what’s your opinion of the Crown Prince?” Huangfu Lingyao still wanted to know.

From her current att.i.tude, he could tell that she probably didn’t like the Crown Prince anymore.

She liked him, as evidenced by her jealousy today!

But now she didn’t like him anymore, even though she had liked him before, and this always made him uncomfortable.

He wanted to chase the Crown Prince out of her heart and leave no room for even a tiny needle hole!

After pondering for a moment, Liu s.h.i.+mei sincerely said, “The Crown Prince is acceptable as a person, and his academic achievements make him a qualified heir to the throne. If there are no unforeseen events in the future, he should make a decent Emperor. However, he has a rather dominant mother behind him, which might be a significant hidden danger. Besides, he doesn’t handle relations.h.i.+ps with women well, so…”

She shrugged and swallowed the words ‘he’ll be in trouble sooner or later’.

Forget it, it’s not good to speak ill of people behind their backs!

Why will Huangfu He be in trouble sooner or later?

Probably because of his incompetent teammates!

“Humph, so, his problem lies with women!” Huangfu Lingyao thought for a moment, clapped his hands, and said, “Wife is indeed clever. Look at the situation now. He hasn’t even married a Crown Princess, and these women are already in chaos!”

Saying this, he approached Liu s.h.i.+mei again, smiling cheekily, and said, “Wife, am I better than the Crown Prince?”

“Yes.” Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled, her eyes filled with laughter, giving him an affirmative answer. “Lingyao is better than most people!”

“Ah?” The foolish guy’s face immediately showed disappointment. “Aren’t I the best?”

Shu Yutong chuckled, “Why should you be the best? Look at you! You think you’re the best?”

“Why can’t I be the best?” Huangfu Lingyao couldn’t accept it. “Little Water Bucket, tell me, have I treated you badly?”

Shu Yutong smiled, “You’re good, yes. But have you ever thought about it? In Master’s grandfather’s family, with so many people, anyone picked randomly is better than you, right?”

An arrow struck Huangfu Lingyao’s heart!

Shu Yutong continued, “I can see that Ninth Senior Brother is much better than you! Handsome, skilled in martial arts, and smart. Your Highness, you can’t compare to him! If it weren’t for the engagement with Master, you could have married Ninth Senior Brother too. Adding more connections, you know!”

Ninth Senior Brother is, of course, Liang Yi.

I can’t even compare to Ninth Liang?

Huangfu Lingyao felt like he’d been shot by a thousand arrows!

Defiantly, he turned to look at his wife, a face full of unwillingness. “Wife, do you also think that Ninth Brother is better than me?”

Seeing his cute and pitiful appearance, Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled warmly. She reached out and pinched his cheek, saying, “Ninth Brother has his own merits, and you have your own merits. Don’t compare with others. In my eyes, Ninth Brother is my lifelong brother, but Lingyao is the one I’m going to marry.”

Jokingly, for a medical pract.i.tioner, talking about adding connections through marriage was nonsense!

Huangfu Lingyao was instantly cured!

With a self-satisfied look, he glanced at Shu Yutong and said, “See, the one to spend a lifetime with is me!”

Not content with saying it once, he repeated, “It’s me!”

Shu Yutong rolled her eyes, “Idiot!”

Back at the mansion, as expected by Liu s.h.i.+mei, someone from the Liu family came to invite her. It was instructed by Liu Fuyun..

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