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Chapter 584: Ambush


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

A spiritual essence fell into the Qianyuan Sword, causing it to tremble slightly. Since the last time it slew Ning Yanding in the Outer Sea, and today it slew Liu w.a.n.ggu, the Qianyuan Sword had absorbed a considerable amount of spiritual essence.

Initially positioned highly among the middle-grade spiritual treasures in the imperial city, the Qianyuan Sword had now approached the critical threshold of high-grade spiritual treasures after absorbing so much spiritual essence from cultivators in the mid-level Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

However, advancing the Qianyuan Sword to a superior-grade spiritual treasure was not an easy task. Chen Fei still needed to purchase some spiritual materials and meld them into the Qianyuan Sword to aid its advancement.

Compared to others who upgraded their middle-grade spiritual treasures to superior-grade ones or directly crafted superior-grade ones, the Qianyuan Sword’s advancement was relatively simpler, considering its solid foundation.

Nonetheless, there was no rush for this matter. Chen Fei decided to deal with today’s affairs first.

With a wave of his sword energy, Chen Fei reduced Liu w.a.n.ggu’s body to ashes. He then picked up the fine sword and the universe bag that had fallen to the ground.

Flas.h.i.+ng to where the two lying figures were, he examined their faces and recognized their ident.i.ties—they were members of two factions near the Primordial Sword Sect’s defense zone.

Chen Fei’s clone had been stationed in the Primordial Sword Sect recently, so he naturally had some understanding of the neighboring sects in the same defense zone. He had encountered these two individuals several times before.

These two sects were similar to the Primordial Sword Sect, each having only one cultivator in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. In fourth-tier forces like theirs, it was common to have one cultivator in the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm, and it was rare to have two cultivators in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm simultaneously.

From this, it could be inferred that the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, in its heyday, was indeed in an extremely prosperous state, boasting two cultivators in the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm simultaneously.

According to Tong Zhongqiu, Xin Zhiqing, who was killed by Jian Jinsheng back then, was a top-notch talent in terms of apt.i.tude and comprehension. Even compared to the geniuses in the current Thousand Feathers Alliance, he was only slightly inferior.

It was just that because Immortal Cloud City did not have a training environment as unique as the Boundless Sea, when breaking through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, the age of their talents was slightly older compared to the geniuses in the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

However, Xin Zhiqing had a great chance of breaking through to the mid Combined Aperture Tempering realm in the end. Otherwise, Tong Zhongqiu wouldn’t have thought of mobilizing the entire sect’s power to forge a middle-grade spiritual treasure for Xin Zhiqing.

But unfortunately, the end result was like fetching water with a bamboo basket.

Chen Fei looked at the two universe bags and the two low-grade spiritual treasures on the ground. Together, these items were estimated to be worth five to six hundred middle-grade elemental stones.

Chen Fei pondered for a moment and decided not to take these items.

These two individuals had rushed here in concern for their own sects, only to be dragged into the battle formation by Liu w.a.n.ggu and killed. As a result, these two fourth-tier forces plummeted directly to the position of fifth-tier forces.

More importantly, without someone from their own sects in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm occasionally protecting them in the future, it was uncertain how many people from these two sects would ultimately survive and return to the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

The middle-grade spiritual treasure wielded by Liu w.a.n.ggu, along with the contents of his universe bag, were already worth over three thousand middle-grade elemental stones. As for the belongings of these two individuals, they were not easy to sell, and their appearance was somewhat unsightly, so leaving them for their sect members would suffice.

Chen Fei wielded a sword element to erase all traces of his presence within the battle formation. Then, with a flash of his Heavenly Eye, he stepped out of the formation in an instant.

The concealment formation controlled by Liu w.a.n.ggu was actually of very little significance. Even if someone in the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm wanted to find a loophole, it would probably only take a few moves.

However, within the battle formation, facing Liu w.a.n.ggu’s watchful eyes, those in the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm had no time to break the formation with their attacks and could only die with resentment.

Chen Fei leaped to the base of the city wall, and many people instinctively turned their heads. When they saw Chen Fei’s figure, the Primordial Sword Sect erupted in a deafening cheer.

The members of other forces, upon realizing that it wasn’t their own Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator, felt somewhat disappointed but also relieved.

The aura of the third-tier sea monster was already close by. Without a Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator to intercept it, with their strength, even with the protection of the formation, the slightly greater recoil force would be enough to injure them.

Chen Fei glanced at Qu Qingsheng and the others, nodding slightly. Then, with a flash, he directly rushed towards the distant third-tier sea monster.

The majority of sea monsters were currently gathered near the southern wall, attempting to break through it. Therefore, there weren’t many third-tier sea monsters in front of Chen Fei at the moment, and their cultivations were all in the early third tier.

Qu Qingsheng, seeing Chen Fei flying out alone, felt a bit nervous as he glanced at Chen Fei’s clone, but seeing the calm expression on its face, he felt slightly relieved.

“Don’t force it!” Qu Qingsheng couldn’t help but remind him.

“The Sect Master can rest a.s.sured,” Chen Fei’s clone smiled faintly.

Meanwhile, Chen Fei himself, after flying several miles, finally collided with the first sea monster.

It was a crab-like monster, its entire body encased in tough armor, with two large claws s.h.i.+mmering with sharp light.

However, when Chen Fei’s sword collided with it, it forcibly sent the monster flying, shattering the armor where it struck, leaving behind a gaping hole.

Just by demonstrating the combat power of the early Combined Aperture Tempering realm, Chen Fei was capable of slaying these early third-tier sea monsters.

Recently, he had been practicing with spiritual treasures, experiencing profound insights. Although he hadn’t yet found a suitable method for the Mountain Sea Realm cultivation techniques, Chen Fei had discovered a clever use of the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point.

That was to directly move the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point and suppress it onto the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, allowing him to directly control the intensity of elemental power released by the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Combined with the masking effect of the Slaughter Spirit Technique, no matter how Chen Fei acted, he wouldn’t display strength beyond the mid Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Compared to his previous restrained style of fighting, this approach felt more natural.

Previously, the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point couldn’t be moved, but the insights gained from the spiritual treasures suggested that the previous owner of the spiritual treasure had reached a new level of application with the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point.

That formidable individual back then, even without creating the Suppressing Dragon Elephant Soul Tempering portion, likely possessed similar techniques.

As long as Chen Fei continued to gain insights through spiritual treasures, the possibility of obtaining a Mountain Sea Realm cultivation technique would be extremely high. Even if it was a damaged technique, it would still possess unparalleled value.

The crab monster tumbled in mid-air several times, feeling the injuries on its carapace. It let out a furious roar, and its claws swung violently, stirring up the surrounding elemental energy.

The other third-tier sea monsters in the vicinity, sensing the situation, began to converge here. They intended to kill this human first before continuing their attack on Sea Dominion City.

Chen Fei paid no heed to the other third-tier sea monsters converging towards him and continued to charge towards the crab monster, intending to slay it first.

For one person to slay a sea monster of the same level was not considered excessive. According to the information available to others, Chen Fei’s talent and comprehension were already at the level of a genius.

It was just unfortunate that he wasn’t born into one of those top-tier forces. Therefore, Chen Fei’s actions of slaying these early third-tier sea monsters were completely in line with others’ impressions of him.

At the southern wall of Sea Dominion City,

As Gu Danying slashed out with the Mountain Sea Realm’s sword intent, the foremost turtle monster, which had been charging fiercely towards the city, stiffened in mid-air. Then, it silently split in half.

For a peak third-tier sea monster, the vitality of its flesh had reached a certain limit, making it extremely difficult to kill. However, as the turtle monster split in half, its majestic aura and vitality dissipated in an instant.

Even though the Mountain Sea Realm’s sword intent had been weakened several times, it was still something that a peak third-tier sea monster couldn’t withstand. This was simply two different tiers of life, and under a single strike, death was inevitable.


A deafening roar erupted from the mouths of the other peak third-tier sea monsters, as if only by doing so could they diminish their fear of the Mountain Sea Realm.

At the same time, these peak third-tier sea monsters subconsciously retreated, afraid that Gu Danying would unleash another slash, targeting any one of them.

With one slash killing one, there wasn’t even a chance to dodge; immediate death seemed too terrifying.

Not only these peak third-tier sea monsters, but other third-tier sea monsters also began to retreat. Even the ordinary sea monsters whose control had been dispelled by the Mountain Sea Realm’s sword intent involuntarily stopped.

The peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators around them looked with envy at the sword in Gu Danying’s hand. This was the direct disciple of the Mountain Sea Realm, directly sealing such a sword intent within a treasure. This one slash could kill a peak third-tier sea monster, naturally, it could also kill a peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator. There was no difference between the two.

It was this formidable power that made them all eager to obtain it. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t reach it.

Originally, that extraordinary incomplete spiritual treasure had given them a glimmer of hope. However, until now, they still didn’t know where that incomplete spiritual treasure had gone, leaving them frustrated and vexed.

Gu Danying held her sword and watched as the peak third-tier sea monsters retreated, refraining from attacking. Meanwhile, those peak third-tier sea monsters were hesitant to advance.

In all likelihood, Gu Danying’s sword only contained one Mountain Sea Realm’s sword intent. However, no one was willing to risk their life to verify whether this was true or not.

The consequences of such an attempt were simply too dire.

For a moment, the southern wall, which should have been the most tense, fell into a stalemate.

Several miles outside the eastern wall, Chen Fei’s figure flickered and dodged between the claws of the crab monster. The Qianyuan Sword in his hand struck the carapace of the crab monster.

As the Qianyuan Sword swept through, sparks flew from the carapace, which then shattered. The sword energy of the Profound Heavenly Sword surged into the body of the crab monster, wreaking havoc on its tissues, causing the crab monster to scream in pain.


Suddenly, a violent tremor emanated from within Sea Dominion City. The formation, which had been stabilizing, began to shake violently again, and another formation eye was destroyed.

Moreover, this destroyed formation eye was one of the main formation eyes. The effectiveness of Sea Dominion City’s formation instantly decreased by more than thirty percent and became extremely unstable.

Chen Fei turned his head in surprise and looked back at Sea Dominion City. The extent of the infiltration by the traitor seemed to be too severe.

Suddenly, Chen Fei’s expression changed slightly. The Qianyuan Sword in his hand blocked in front of him, and at the same time, his figure flickered as he retreated backwards.

“What a sensitive perception!”

A voice echoed softly in Chen Fei’s ears. His mental consciousness in the sea of knowledge suddenly trembled violently. Amidst the roar of the Suppressing Dragon Elephant, although Chen Fei had just suppressed the abnormality in his sea of knowledge, his speed inevitably faltered for a moment.

A sword tip thrust out from the void, aiming at Chen Fei.

The Heavenly Eye at the center of Chen Fei’s forehead emitted a dazzling light. In the black-and-white vision, the appearance and aura of the person behind the void were fully revealed to Chen Fei—an expert in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm!


The half of the sword tip struck the blade of the Qianyuan Sword, and Chen Fei’s figure, like a meteor, crashed forcefully into the seawater.

In the fading void, s.h.i.+ Yuanmin frowned slightly. From the feedback of the sword tip, he felt that something was off. This Chen Fei indeed had some issues.

s.h.i.+ Yuanmin was about to rush into the seawater to capture Chen Fei when suddenly, the jade stone in his arms vibrated, emitting a b.l.o.o.d.y light. s.h.i.+ Yuanmin’s face changed abruptly as he looked towards the direction of Sea Dominion City. A willpower that seemed to crush one’s mind swept across the surroundings.

s.h.i.+ Yuanmin’s figure flashed and disappeared on the spot.

On top of Sea Dominion City, Min Yanlu appeared seemingly out of nowhere, floating in mid-air, overlooking the entire city..

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