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Chapter 706: Strength


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation     Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After months of refining, the Nirvana Fruit had naturally been absorbed.

However, because the Nirvana Fruit cleansed the demonic body, Nie Li now found it much smoother to refine the world’s aura, giving him a sensation of his bloodline being elevated.

Simply absorbing the world’s aura allowed him to subtly sense his own power constantly growing. Stimulated by this, Nie Li began to spend long periods on the island without going out.

Nie Li’s eyelids suddenly twitched, then he opened them and looked into the distance.

A faint resonance came from thousands of miles away.

“How dare you refine my essence blood!”

In an instant, Nie Li understood where this sensation came from, and a surge of anger spread.


The entire island trembled violently. Other monsters instinctively turned their heads to look, only to find the Monster King soaring into the sky, immediately bowing low to show respect.

Two columns of air spewed from Nie Li’s nostrils, his four limbs slightly flapping in mid-air, turning into a rainbow light and disappearing on the spot.

Thousands of miles away, Chen Fei was following the induction to find the direction when he suddenly felt the induction strengthen slightly.

Sensing is always a two-way street, but because monsters have rough control over their souls, their sensing is delayed.

However, as the distance between the two parties narrowed, even with weak control over the soul, they could already perceive each other vaguely.

A smile appeared on Chen Fei’s face as he flew towards the direction where the sensing had intensified.

As they approached each other, the thousand-mile distance was quickly shortened.

In less than a moment, Chen Fei could already faintly sense a majestic aura in the distance, with the world’s aura rolling fiercely and menacingly.

In another moment, when they were about thirty miles apart, both sides could clearly see each other.

“Human, let’s see how you escape this time!”

Seeing Chen Fei’s small figure, Monster King Nie Li let out a thunderous roar, his huge voice echoing in all directions, causing the sea below to sink tens of meters.

“I remember, last time it was you who fled!” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Chen Fei couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re asking for death!”

Nie Li’s face twisted instantly. Being beaten by a mere martial artist at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was the most humiliating thing for Nie Li.

But that was a despicable human taking advantage of its severe injury, which allowed him to act so recklessly.

Now that its injuries had fully healed, and compared to before, not only had its demonic power increased slightly, but its control over the world’s aura had also become much stronger.

This time, it wanted to see how this despicable human would fare against it!

The thirty-mile distance pa.s.sed in an instant, and the distance between the two sides had already narrowed to within a mile.

For a cultivator at the Mountain Sea Realm, this distance was no different from being face to face.

Nie Li looked at Chen Fei with eyes full of cruelty. Although it was strange for this human to appear alone here, Nie Li had already investigated and found no other humans nearby. Just this fact alone was sufficient.

Moreover, this human was still at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, just as before. So today, no matter what, Nie Li intended to capture this human.

Nie Li wouldn’t let this human die easily; he wanted to bring him back, prepare him properly, let him taste all the bitterness, and then devour him!

“It seems that the realm concealed by the Slaughter Spirit Technique has an effect on monsters!”

Watching Nie Li charge frantically, Chen Fei remained calm.

At this moment, what Chen Fei presented before Nie Li was only the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, just to test how effective the Slaughter Spirit Technique was.

The techniques beneath the Mountain Sea Realm could actually be driven by the power of the soul.

It’s just that the techniques beneath the Mountain Sea Realm have a limited capacity, causing only a small amount of soul power to be used, which directly maximizes the power of the techniques under the Mountain Sea Realm.

They cannot fully unleash the power that the Mountain Sea Realm should have, which naturally puts them at a disadvantage in battles between the Mountain Sea Realms.

Chen Fei was currently using the power of his soul to drive the Slaughter Spirit Technique and found that the effect was acceptable. However, he wasn’t sure if it could deceive humans or those with cunning intentions.

Nie Li’s huge eyes were fixed on Chen Fei. He knew that this human could teleport, but teleportation also had limitations. At this moment, Nie Li intentionally disrupted the world’s aura and used his innate talent to create a formation-like effect around him.

His aim was to interrupt the human’s teleportation and force him to withstand his attacks head-on.

Chen Fei sensed the strangeness of the world’s aura around him and instantly understood Nie Li’s intentions.

For those who were not proficient enough in controlling teleportation talent, it was indeed possible to restrict teleportation in such a situation. However, for Chen Fei, who had already perfected his teleportation talent to the fullest extent, this was useless.

Unless there was a real formation or restriction in place, it would be impossible to stop Chen Fei from leaving.

However, facing Nie Li’s onslaught, Chen Fei didn’t even consider dodging.

Without borrowing some of Monster King Nie Li’s power, Chen Fei would find it difficult to break through this tough turtle sh.e.l.l.

Seeing Chen Fei standing still in mid-air as if stunned, Nie Li felt somewhat puzzled.

But at this point, with the arrow already on the string, Nie Li couldn’t retract his attack.

Even if this human had many cunning tricks up his sleeve, Nie Li was determined to crush him with a single blow.

Chen Fei watched as the attack approached, extending his right hand to block Nie Li’s head.


Nie Li’s st.u.r.dy head collided with Chen Fei’s right hand. Behind Chen Fei, the ma.s.sive body of a dragon and elephant suddenly appeared, revealing Chen Fei’s aura of the Mountain Sea Realm completely.

The violent power from Chen Fei’s palm directly penetrated his body. Inside his divine palace, the Domain Suppression faintly lit up.

With this blow, Nie Li directly broke through the original limit of Chen Fei’s body, causing even his Domain Suppression to begin absorbing the overflowing power.

This was no different from what happened when Wu Renxu and Zhang Chaoyun joined forces in the Thousand Geese Mountains.

From this, it could be seen that in a direct confrontation, the power of a Monster King far surpa.s.sed that of a human in the Mountain Sea Realm. Especially when a Monster King chose to awaken bloodline talents, they tended to lean towards enhancing their demonic bodies.

In this situation, the gap in physique between Monster Kings and those in the Mountain Sea Realm becomes even more apparent.

When facing Monster Kings, those in the Mountain Sea Realm have always employed guerrilla tactics. Direct confrontations like Chen Fei’s are not unheard of, but they are definitely rare. Only those with extremely powerful talents dare to do so.

Nie Li stared at Chen Fei, his demonic body going from extreme speed to extreme stillness in an instant.

Facing its onslaught, this human actually accepted it head-on, without even taking a step back.

Meanwhile, its attack disappeared without a trace, like a stone sinking into the ocean.

Nie Li sensed Chen Fei’s aura of the Mountain Sea Realm. The possibility that the other party had already reached the Mountain Sea Realm crossed Nie Li’s mind.

After all, if someone who had displayed such power couldn’t break through to the Mountain Sea Realm, how could there be so many humans at that level now?

Therefore, Nie Li was mentally prepared for Chen Fei to reveal the aura of the Mountain Sea Realm. However, he couldn’t accept the fact that Chen Fei was unscathed after taking his full force attack!

Nie Li wasn’t heavily injured; he was in his prime. Even some weaker Monster Kings wouldn’t dare to directly face a full-body demonic force impact, let alone a human.

Nie Li had faced opponents in the Mountain Sea Realm before, and every time he used such tactics, humans had to temporarily evade his edge and adopt other ways to counter him.

But today, a Mountain Sea Realm cultivator who had just recently broken through took its strongest attack without a scratch.

If even its strongest blow couldn’t harm the opponent, then what was the next move?

Should it burn its soul and essence and try again?

Before Nie Li could think clearly, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his head. Looking up, he saw the human tearing open his flesh and grabbing hold of his skull.

The unparalleled defense of his demonic body seemed like nothing in the grasp of this human’s hand.

Nie Li suddenly remembered that this human could borrow his power.

If this human were to refine the power of his full-force attack just now and then integrate it with his own power, how terrifying would that be?

Nie Li’s pupils trembled violently. He wanted to escape, but his skull was being held, and before he could exert any force, he suddenly felt everything spinning before him.


Chen Fei grabbed Nie Li’s skull with his right hand, flipped it, and smashed it fiercely onto the sea below.

When the force and speed were sufficient, the soft sea surface was no different from solid rock.

The entire sea surface emitted a booming sound as it sank hundreds of meters, leaving a huge depression several miles wide on the surface of the sea.

The terrifying force slammed into Nie Li’s entire demonic body, and he felt like his demonic body was being torn apart. His demonic power, consciousness, and soul were all dispersed by this blow.

In a daze, Nie Li didn’t even know where he was.

The rebound force pa.s.sed through Nie Li’s skull and into Chen Fei’s body. Chen Fei grabbed Nie Li’s skull, flipped it again, and smashed it onto another part of the sea surface.


Another ma.s.sive depression appeared on the Boundless Sea, almost identical to the previous one.

Nie Li, who had finally gathered a bit of strength, was once again brutally dispersed. Blood mist sprayed from his mouth, and not only his limbs but even the body within his turtle sh.e.l.l began to shatter and decay.

Even with the defense of his turtle sh.e.l.l, Nie Li couldn’t withstand this pure force shock.


There was no time for words, no time for further thought. A third huge explosion resounded through the heavens and earth.

Before coming here, Nie Li had considered many possibilities, but he never expected it to end up like this.

He was once again brutally beaten just like the first time he encountered this human. And this time, compared to the last time, the beating was even more excessive, even more violent.

If the last time both sides had a back-and-forth, this time it was purely Nie Li being hammered, without even a hint of resistance.

The pain in his body continued to spread, and Nie Li felt his body being lifted once again. Endless fear flooded Nie Li’s mind.

He would die. At most, he could endure three more times, and then he would die.

And because of the shock to his soul at this moment, Nie Li couldn’t even muster the strength to burn his soul.

In other words, even if he wanted to fight desperately, this human wouldn’t give him the chance.

“I surrender! I surrender!” Nie Li pleaded loudly for mercy.


Another deafening explosion rang out, and a fine crack appeared on Nie Li’s turtle sh.e.l.l, while his serpent tail had long since burst into a mist of blood.

Nie Li was dumbfounded. He had already surrendered, so why was he still being attacked?

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