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Chapter 594: Zhao Yu Makes His Move (2)


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

As these words were spoken, the whole place erupted in shock.

“d.a.m.n, someone’s got this kind of luck?!”

“This woman hasn’t even entered, how can it be like this?!”

Many who came later looked at Ji Wu Shuang with eyes filled with envy.

“d.a.m.n, why wasn’t I born a woman…”

“Why hasn’t any high-ups taken a liking to me?!”

“Then you should pray there’s a big shot inside who likes men…”

In Huo Zhen Su’s eyes, Lady having a chat with Ji Wu Shuang definitely couldn’t compare to being favored by a highups.

After all, both he and everyone else believed that being noticed by a leader of the camp was an honor.

For those inside their circle, not entering the camp meant death, and typically, only the Five Overlords had a higher chance to enter.


But that was limited to exchanging some resources, and they had to give up a large amount of zero coins.

The camp’s superior mindset had deeply rooted in everyone’s heart, with no one questioning this notion.

Even their own people, like Sun Jing looking at Ji Wu Shuang, felt envious and slightly jealous.

She thought if any high-ups from the camp took a liking to her, all her troubles would be effortlessly resolved.

Regarding the matter of sacrificing herself, she had been mentally prepared.

Since the third day she landed in this world, having thought about offering herself to Zhao Yu.

Before she could act on it, Zhao Yu already disappeared.

Then, she placed her hopes on Xiao Xiao Long, even creating the false impression to outsiders that she was Xiao Xiao Long’s girlfriend.

No matter how she seduced him, Xiao Xiao Long seemed to ignore her completely, not to mention sacrificing herself, even intimate gestures were absent.

This left Sun Jing frustrated by her failed attempts to find a suitable partner.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t understand Ji Wu Shuang.

If she was willing to depend on a man, she would have done so long ago, why wait until now?

The gaze of others in Ji Wu Shuang’s view was very dazzling, even somewhat insulting.

“Go back and tell your master, I won’t enter this camp!” Ji Wu Shuang said coldly.

By now, she had no good intention to show Huo Zhen Wu.

His character was truly vile, making her feel disgusted.

Ji Wus Suang actually refused?!

“Are you joking?!”

Huo Zhen Wu looked at her incredulously, disbelief in his voice: “Don’t you know how honorable it is to be favored by the Leader of the camp?!”

Ji Wu Shuang sneered, “If you want to sell yourself, go ahead!”

“Stop joking!”

Huo Zhen Wu, suppressing his impatience, tried to persuade her.

“Ji Wu Shuang, you might not have understood clearly.”

“Let me make it clear for you! When I talk about the leader of the camp, I mean the leader of all the leaders, you get it?!”

“OH MY G.o.d!”

Before Ji Wu Shuang voiced her own opinion again, the people around her gasped in astonishment.

“Is he talking about the owner of the camp?!”

“He didn’t refute, it’s very likely that the owner of the camp has taken a liking to Ji Wu Shuang…”

“I think, if it weren’t for the camp’s restriction that those above first-tier can’t return to the inner circle, maybe that owner would personally come out to invite her in?!”

“Heh, if I had the power, a woman who is both beautiful and also powerful…”

“Shh, shut up, do you want to die? If the owner of the camp hears you, forget about ever getting in…”

Suddenly, those who wanted to tease Ji Wu Shuang were frightened into silence.

Indeed, even though she now seems unwilling, almost like a victim, once Ji Wu Shuang were to enter the camp, she would become the king’s woman.

Killing them could just be a matter of words.

For a moment, those with loose tongues covered their mouths, afraid of saying something they shouldn’t.

“So what about it?!”

Ji Wu Shuang coldly said, “You should know who I am, so, Huo Zhen Wu, are you insulting me?!”

She relies on neither heaven nor earth, only her own two hands to conquer the world.

How could a mere man make her submit?!

After speaking, she took a deep breath and turned to leave.

Since the camp was not her destiny, staying here was pointless.

Moreover, seeing the reaction of others, clearly opposed to her thoughts, staying might lead to unpleasant incidents.

“Stop, Ji Wu Shuang, do you know what you’re doing?!”

Huo Zhen Wu flashed in front of Ji Wu Shuang, blocking her way, earnestly saying, “The owner of the camp has taken a liking to you. If you agree, you’ll be second to none, understand?!”

“How long have you been here, and when did this slave mentality get instilled in you?!”

“I don’t understand, when I looked after everyone, I didn’t treat you like slaves, did I?!”

If it were on someone else, like the Five Overlords, would be normal, as they’ve been here for a long time and naturally influenced by the camp.

But what about Huo Zhen Wu? He’s been here for less than a month, and when he was with them before, no one could bully him.

Almost everyone respected Huo Zhen Wu; how could he develop such a servile mindset?!

“Have you not adapted to this world yet?!”

Huo Zhen Wu, with a look of shock, couldn’t believe it, “I thought you understood that this world is not the world we once lived in.. Here, the strong are the one in charge of all, do you understand?!”

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